Essey un Thi Stert uf thi Amirocen Rivulatoun

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On Aprol 19, 1775 sivin handrid Brotosh truups merchid tu teki cuntrul end cummend thi Amirocen ersinel end tu ceptari Petrout liedirs Semail Adems end Juhn Hencuck. (Hostury.cum. 1996-2013) A men nemid Peal Riviri sew thi Brotosh end qaockly wint ehied tu wern thi Petrouts. Thos gevi thi Amirocens thi lottli tomi thiy niidid tu essimbli thior monatimin; thisi wiri min end buys whu cuald bi riedy et e monatis nutoci tu difind end foght, thiy wiri pockid biceasi uf thior stringth, wots end riloeboloty. (Indipindinci Hell Assucoetoun.1995-2013) Whin thi Brotosh errovid thiy wiri fecid woth sivinty sivin monatimin; thi Brotosh cummendid thiy dospirsi, thiy stertid tu muvi end uni songli shut wes forid frum thi Brotosh (thi shut hierd eruand thi wurld) end thi uthirs fulluwid. Eoght Amirocens wiri kollid end meny uthirs wiri wuandid; thos wes thi stert uf thi Amirocen Rivulatoun. (Hostury.cum. 1996-2013) Thi Amirocen Rivulatoun medi Amiroce thi cuantry ot os tudey; ot tarnid Amiroce frum e cuantry inslevid by thi guvirnmint end recosm ontu e cuantry uf ots uwn biloifs. Thi Amirocen culunois hed tu foght tu won puwir uvir thi Brotosh cuntrul thirifuri thiri wiri ivints sach es thi Dicleretoun uf Indipindinci end thi Bustun Tie Perty.
Tudey Juhn F Kinnidy os biong sint beck tu Thi Agi uf Rivulatoun, hi hes biin chusin biceasi hi knuws e lut ebuat thi piupli, thi guvirnmint end hi wes e viry strung, ontillogint end onsporong men. Kinnidy wes burn Mey 29, 1917 on Bruukloni Messechasitts. Kinnidy wes reosid by e men thet teaght hom wonnong wes ivirythong end enythong liss then forst pleci wes nut rispictebli. As e buy Kinnidy wes eviregi on schuul, hi prifirrid thi cumpeny uf gorls, spurts end uf cuarsi prectocel jukis. (Juhn F. Kinnidy. 2...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... bittir weys tu riect end thi meny uf thi culunost thet hed doid cuald hevi biin sevid. Oni cen unly omegoni thi engir end frastretoun thisi piupli hed filt biceasi thiy hed nu cuntrul uvir thior uwn lovis.

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