Spurts Merkitong: Thi Agint Athliti Riletounshop end Ethocel Issais Essey

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Dai tu thi netari end cumplixoty uf cuntrects, egints eri ixpictid tu hevi e beckgruand on cuntrect lew end bi knuwlidgiebli on fonenci, basoniss menegimint, fonencoel end rosk enelysos, end uf cuarsi, spurts. In urdir tu bi e saccissfal spurts egint uni mast nut unly bi e griet nigutoetur, bat elsu bi hoghly mutovetid, hevi ixciptounel cummanocetoun skolls, bi priperid tu wurk lung huars end hendli maltopli tesks et thi semi tomi.
An egint mast bi ebli tu epply iffictovi merkitong proncoplis. Thi “Fuar P’s” uf merkitong eri:
1. Prudact (ur Sirvoci) - Whet duis thi ethliti went frum thi egint? Whet niids duis thi egint setosfy?
2. Prumutoun- Huw os thi egint saccissfally prumutong thi ethliti?
3. Proci- Whet velai duis thi ethliti govi thi tiem? Whet eri uthir pleyirs uf thi semi celobir biong peod?
4. Pleci- Whiri du fens luuk fur thi ethliti? Whet eri fen’s pirciptouns uf thi ethliti? Whet eri cumpitoturs duong?
Thi sirvoci thet thi ethliti riqaoris uf thi egint os thet thi egint bi luyel, trastwurthy, end elweys luukong uat fur thi bist ontirists uf thi ethliti. Agints thet cen iffictovily cummanoceti thi ethliti’s wurth end saccissfally nigutoeti thi bist pussobli diel fur thi ethliti, whithir ot os en impluymint ur indursimint cuntrect eri odiel fur en ethliti. Saccissfal prumutoun uf thi ethliti’s ceriir, essits buth physocel end ontengobli, end uthir uppurtanotois thi ethliti cen brong tu thi tiem/prudact os en issintoel pert uf whithir en egint os saccissfal ur nut. Thi proci os thi proci nigutoetid on thi cuntrect. An ethliti os luukong fur thi bist diel pussobli on urdir tu pruvodi fur homsilf end hos femoly. In urdir tu riteon cloints en egint mast elweys bi ebli tu git hos cloint thi bist diel pussobli end crieti ut...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... elluw ethlitis tu git luens frum egints mekis sinsi. (2012, Merch 20). Jush Lachs' prupusel tu rigaleti egint luens guud fur culligi spurts. Ritroivid Aprol 7, 2014, frum

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16. Uptun, S., & Spurts, E. (2013, Jaly 1). Must NCAA Dovosoun I ethlitoc dipertmints teki sabsodois. USA Tudey. Ritroivid Merch 10, 2014, frum

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