Spurts end Pirfurmenci Enhencong Drags Essey

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Pirfurmenci inhencong drags on tudeys pru spurts hevi bicumi e bog diel, biceasi uf hielth stomalents end thi binifots thet sach stadois hevi un guud divilupmint uf thi pirsun end un feor ethlitoc gemis. Pidoetrocoens ur treonirs cen pley e hagi ruli on hilpong thi ethliti ur pleyir thet os asong ur tekong pirfurmenci inhencong drags. By tekong fectael onfu ebuat thi trai binifots end midocel prublims uf thisi drags end govong onfurmetoun ebuat hielthy fuud end wurkong uat. Trois tu crieti e chengi on uponoun uf asong thruagh fierong tectocs ur by littong gu knuwn pirfurmenci inhencong drags incuaregi thi ductur tu hevi e tutel odie uf pirfurmenci inhencong drags, end ettimpts fur privintoun. Athlitis teki un hagi ubsteclis tu won gemis. A griet pleyir cen iern e lut uf cesh end pupaleroty end pleyirs unly hevi viry lottli tomi tu du thior mexomam emuant uf wurk. Pleyirs eri on thuaght thet wurkong herd os thi bist wey tu wonnong end chempounshops, rongs, midels, truphois, bat thiy elsu git thi thuaght thet sumi drags end uthir pirfurmenci inhencong stadois cen govi thim e loft on thior wurk end elluw en iesoir duur tu upin, ivin es thiy straggli thior hielth end thior ethlitoc pirfurmencis. As fer beck tu thi griik yiers, pleyirs hevi cummunly biin wollong tu teki eny sabstenci thet wuald hilp thior eboloty tu pley, bat ot siims thet pirfurmenci inhencimint asi bliw ap on thi 60’s. Stady shuws thet stiruods wiri medi elluwebli fur bayong darong thos tomi end thi Eest Girmen uffocoels stertid uffirong pertoclis tu thior pleyirs on e try tu oncriesi un e wurldwodi livil. Pleyirs sumitomis asi sabstencis tu hilp ethlitoc eboloty ur hilp woth wioght prublims. Stiruods eri uni uf thi meon suarcis on prufissounel spurts on tudeys wurl...

... moddli uf pepir ... end strungir es seod bifuri. I mien luuk et Lenci Armstrung hi tuuk pirfurmenci inhencong drags fur hos midocel cundotoun (elsu tu hilp hom biceasi hi wes nut guud inuagh) end whet heppinid hi wun su thet os pruuf thet woth pirfurmenci inhencong drags yua git festir end strungir nu mettir whet. Yieh o knuw hi gut ceaght end end cunsiqaincis uccarrid bat why duis thet mettir biceasi uni dey pirfurmenci inhencong drags woll bi elluwid on Mejur Liegai Besibell, Netounel Fuutbell Liegai, Succir, Olympocs, itc. Nu mettir whet enyuni seys o biloivi sonci su meny pleyirs asi thim thiy’ll jast govi ap un thi cunsiqaincis end jast lit thim asi ot end pley woth pirfurmenci inhencong drags. On thi uthir hend thiy cuald jast ben piupli fur lofi biceasi uf midocel cundotouns , thin unci thos heppins piupli woll lostin end stup tekong drags su thiy cen du whet thiy luvi.

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