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Purpose my demonstration speech:

I want to demonstrate how to prepare for final exams

Central Demonstration speech Topic Idea:

It is important to be stress free during final exams and this demo is the best way to do that.


What you are going to teach:

1) I am going tell few parameters that determine your final exam result.
2) Few things that keeps things simple
3) Productive ways
4) Smart work

Why this demo:

The reason I choose this topic is I personally have experienced few times.9p=-/I felt good
during some exams and some not. I used to see my brother going through this and
few of my friends. So I came up with some thoughts which will make that process easy

Why listeners should know:

How many of believe that you are a student all your life. And you often come up with
exams of different kinds all your life. These principles can be applied to any
kind of contest/exam/game/job to name some every walk of life

Once after this demo you pretty much can apply these instructions immediately and you
will see the best results.

Demo Speech Outline:

1) Smart Work:

a) Reviews: Go through the mistakes you have done in the previous exams (mids)
b) Get help. Ask a teacher or try comparing notes with a classmate. That way, if you didn't get the information from the lecture, you can get it from each other during participation.

2) Parameters:
a) Stress free : How relaxed are you
b) Preparation: How good are you prepared, Being proactive
How many of believe that preparation is the separation. Health. How is your health condition (right food, ill free)

3) Productive ways:
a) It's important not to cram. Cramming isn't a productive way to study because it's hard to learn so much information in a short time. Study ahead of time, because you can put only so much more in your brain.
b) Have a note-taking system that works for you. Take notes as if you had to rely on them to pass the course.
c) Start making a pre-test. Collect questions, problems, essay topics, etc. from past exams and homework assignments. Take the test a week or two before the final exam to see where you need to focus your studies. Decide where the test questions come from -- the textbook, the lecture or both.

I believe in

Preparation -----> demo/exam ------> review/changes------> exam

What I mean by this is I prepare for the exams and put myself in an exam environment and do it. Then I come up with the personal review of my performance.

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Now the vital part is the changes I should make to better me, this is where rubber meets the road. This way we win the battle even before we are in the ring (boxing).
d) Stay organized and focused. One way to do this is to make a schedule breaking down each hour in each day of finals week. Be realistic about how long you can study and set study goals.

4) Keeping things simple (Ground Work)
a) According to educational psychologists, students can talk to someone about their worries and start thinking positive. But don't be too relaxed, because stress over exams makes students work hard for them.
b) It is important to get psyched up, but not to the point where one becomes overconfident. Be nice to yourself. You should also exercise because it will help you work well and relieve stress.
c) Always get enough sleep and eat well, especially during exam time.

d) Eliminate interference when you study. Find a spot away from people and noise. Keep snacks or drinks close by, so you don't have to take unnecessary breaks.

a) Summary - Today, I have shared with you, some of the ideas, of how to prepare for final exams, and how to benefit using them.
b) Concluding - I mentioned in the beginning that you will be successful in exam when prepare in a right way. So do practice in how to use the ideas of learning when you have a chance. Next time you are writing an exam, you will appreciate the real ideas and practice.

Thank you,

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