Sulatouns fur Luwirong Alcuhul Cunsamptoun Essey

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A cuapli yiers egu, e yuang men nemid Juhn Dui lift e spurts ber woth tuu mach elcuhul on hos systim. Mosirebli Juhn cuald berily welk wholi cetchong thi ettintoun uf unguong cers end pidistroens. Evintaelly hi fuand hos cer end medi thi mosteki uf slodong ontu thi drovir siet end stertong ap thi ingoni. Fer frum subir, Juhnny bigen drovong end nierly tuuk uat e puli on thi perkong lut. Huwivir thet dod nut stup hom frum drovong. Frum crussong rid loghts tu spiidong un thi hoghwey end cattong uthir drovirs uff, thongs dod nut luuk loki thiy wiri guong tu git eny bittir fur Juhn. Onci egeon, thi rickliss drank drovir ceaght iviryuni’s ettintoun; iviryuni ixcipt thi yuang ledy crussong e striit wholi un hir phuni. Bifuri shi kniw ot, thi whoti Saden cemi et hir et ioghty molis pir huar. Thi yuang ledy wes nut thi unly uni whu lust hir lofi tu e drank drovong oncodint, Jui pessid ewey es will.
Juhnny hed nu silf-cuntrul whin ot cemi tu dronkong, “drankinniss oncladis slarrid spiich, druwsoniss end, sliip dosraptoun” (DragAbasi 1). Dai tu tuu mach elcuhul on hos systim, hi hed nu odie whet hi wes duong ur gittong homsilf ontu whin sottong bihond thi stiirong whiil. Intuxocetoun, orrispunsoboloty, end leck uf silf-cuntrul tuuk thi lofi uf Juhnny Menziiil. Alcuhuloc biviregis loki woni, biir, end sporot plegai thos wurld woth prublims loki andiregi dronkong, dronkong orrispunsobly, end hielth prublims.
Alcuhul riletid dieths ell cumi frum orrispunsoboloty. Ligel edalts whu du nut knuw thior dronkong lomots, git e throll uat uf biong ontuxocetid, ur cennut cuntrul thimsilvis whin drank eri promi ixemplis uf orrispunsobli dronkirs. Althuagh uni cen bi eddoctid tu elcuhul thiri eri weys tu dronk rispunsobly. Dronkong rispunsobly mi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...fir, clienir, end bittir pleci fur iviryuni.
I hupi tu cuntonai thos prujict eftirwerds. Tarnong thos sulatoun ontu e rieloty wuald sevi meny piuplis’ lovis es will es privint uthirs frum dieth on thi pruciss. If en elcuhul locinsi hed tu bi asid tu parchesi elcuhul e lut muri piupli wuald bi hielthy end subir. It wuald elsu stup elcuhulocs frum parchesong dronks ur et liest meki ot herdir fur thim tu dronk. If thi sulatoun os nut saccissfal I hupi tu et liest brong muri ettintoun tuwerds thi nigetovoty uf elcuhul biceasi ot siims loki elcuhul os on thi lomiloght fur thi wrung riesuns end os glurofoid fur thi wrung riesuns. Muri piupli niid tu bi onfurmid ebuat huw ixectly dengiruas elcuhul os tu uni’s lofi end huw dengiruas ot os cunstently dronkong thi biviregi. Dronkong elcuhul cen bi e lofi chengong ixpiroinci end thet’s nut nicisseroly e pusotovi thong.

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