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Soil of Our Souls

When considering planting a garden, there are many things to contemplate. One must take time to plan space, time, and commitment. What kind of garden are you going to plant? Will it contain vegetables only, perhaps flowers, or will you make it a combination of both? Are you going to start seedlings, or buy established green-house plants, and will the plants you choose flourish in your zone? What type of soil does your garden space have? Do you need to add fertilizer, nutrients, or anything else to it to make it healthy soil for growth?

It is curious to me that we as humans in this society, tend to put more effort into the terrain of our yards than in the landscapes of our spirits. We will spend hundreds of dollars on soil enhancers, plant food, and premium potting soil, not to mention the cost of the plants in order to have a nice, attractive yard. A personal oasis, for some, a necessity for others. The method doesn’t really matter, as long as we achieve our desired expectations.

What about our souls? What does it take to nourish the inner parts of us? We can’t just go to the corner Soul and Spirit Store and pick up a different model, color, or new and improved version of ourselves. We have no special seeds or fertilizer we can purchase to increase the beauty of the blossoms our souls hold, or to wrestle the words from our mouths in a loving way, and to help others grow strong in them as flowers grow in the sunlight

As humans we have emotions, feelings of jealousy, compassion and a thirst for power. We humans have an innate ability to screw things up. In the animal kingdom, animals respect their hierarchy/position in their societies. They follow one leader and have the capability of survival outside...

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...e as ever, has amended and hacked their beginning to death, so that it barely resembles the principles this country was founded on. Our nation is in disaster mode, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Change is inevitable, but detrimental change is catastrophic, and it could be too late to go back.

So now, another day has come, and the soil of our souls still need to be tilled. Will today will be the day that we begin to stir the long buried nutrients in our storyteller roots, perhaps stimulating fresh growth? Or will it be just another day, where we all wish and want for change, but few have the tenacity to make anything different. Seeds that are ready to be planted are everywhere. Wildfires are on the horizon of our spirits, waiting to burn the dead and dying brush from our landscape, making way for new growth to come. What are we waiting for?

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