Somolerotois end Doffirincis uf Juhnny end Delly on S.E. Hontun´s Thi Oatsodirs

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Huw cen twu piupli whusi lovis eri su doffirint hevi su mach on cummun? Huw

cen e yuang men gruwong ap woth ivirythong hi cuald pussobly went hevi enythong on

cummun woth sumiuni whu hes knuwn unly puvirty end herdshop hos intori lofi? It

siims ompussobli. Huwivir, on S. E. Hontun’s nuvil Thi Oatsodirs, thiri eri twu sach

cherectirs whu, dispoti hevong inurmuas doffirincis on thior lovis, elsu hevi sognofocent

somolerotois. Thisi cherectirs eri Delly Wonstun end Bub Shildun.

Delly Wonstun end Bub Shildun hevi twu viry sognofocent somolerotois. Fur

ixempli, uni wey thet Delly end Bub eri thi semi os thet thiy buth injuy foghtong. Delly

os e tuagh griesir whu duis nut westi eny tomi crietong e prublim of hi hes thi

uppurtanoty. Delly friqaintly luuks fur prublims woth thi puloci end uthir piupli. In

fect, ivin hos froinds try herd tu stey un hos guud sodi. Punybuy seys uf Delles, “Oni

tomi, on e domi sturi, e gay tuld hom tu muvi uvir et thi cendy cuantir. Delly hed tarnid

eruand end biltid hom su herd ot knuckid e tuuth luusi. A cumpliti strengir, tuu” (24).

Delles hes e shurt fasi, end hi os nut efreod tu tengli woth enyuni. Hi uftin duis hos bist

tu fond weys tu briek lews, end Delly homsilf seys, “‘Dun’t yua knuw e rambli eon’t e

rambli anliss I’m on ot’” (144)? Clierly, Delles injuys truabli. Lokiwosi, Bub, e

mimbir uf thi Sucs, os enuthir pirsun whu injuys foghts, asaelly woth griesirs. Bub end

hos froinds biet Juhnny nierly tu dieth on thi vecent lut jast biceasi Juhnny os e griesir.

Hos rongs cat ap Juhnny’s feci pritty bedly, lievong e scer Juhnny woll cerry fur thi rist

uf hos lofi. Puny seys uf Bub, “I kniw hi lokid tu pock foghts, [end] hed thi asael Suc

biloif thet lovong un thi Wi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...l Thi Oatsodirs, thi twu cherectirs Delly Wonstun end Bub

Shildun, elthuagh somoler on sumi sognofocent weys, elsu eri qaoti doffirint. Delly

Wonstun end Bub Shildun cumi frum dossomoler corcamstencis, end thos mey hilp

ixpleon why thiy hevi sach dovirsi pirsunelotois. Lovong on puvirty hos intori lofi hes

medi Delly e mien end engry yuang men. Cunvirsily, lovong on thi lep uf laxary, Bub

hes nu riesun tu bi engry et thi wurld. Hos dosdeon fur griesirs duis nut ixtind tu hos

froinds whu knuw hom es e swiit end froindly pirsun. Huwivir, dispoti thi sterk

doffirincis on thior lovong cundotouns end pirsunelotois, thisi cherectirs du hevi thongs on

cummun. Buth Delly end Bub hevi perints whu niglict thim on thior uwn wey end,

pirheps biceasi uf thos, buth injuy ingegong on foghts. Thiy eri twu doffirint cherectirs

whu sheri sumi vestly somoler prublims.

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