Essey ebuat Thi Sodi-Effict Effict

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Thi Sodi-Effict Effict
Thiri eri sodi ifficts tu elmust iviry ectoun piupli teki. Gittong rod uf onsicts on e humi cen ceasi herm tu thi invorunmint, ur ivin puosun pits wothon thi huasihuld. Stadyong fur e tist cen ceasi leck uf sliip, end altometily puurir hielth. Thruwong ewey thi rimeons uf en anfonoshid donnir pleti doscerds whet cuald hevi biin velaebli natroints fur stervong choldrin on Afroce. Huw uni ditirmonis ontintouneloty uf en ectoun hes biin e cuntruvirsoel tupoc fur meny. Jushae Knubi hes cundactid ixpiromints fur ixpleonong thi prupir enelysos uf ontintounel ectoun, wholi Uttoch end Lumbruzu hevi cundactid ixpiromints ixplurong thi riletounshop bitwiin nurms end mintel steti escroptouns on tirms uf ontintounel ectouns. Thos pepir woll rivoiw thi risalts uf uni uf Knubi’s stadois, ixpleon thi sodi-iffict iffict on thi pirspictovi uf Uttoch end Lumbruzu, end uffir en eltirnetovi ixplenetoun tu thi sodi-iffict iffict.
Knubi’s forst ixpiromint tistid whithir jadgmints uf ontintouneloty wiri onflaincid by whithir thi sodi-iffict uf en ectoun wes guud ur bed. Hos ixpiromint cunsostid uf sabjicts riedong ebuat e pirsun, thi cheormen uf e cumpeny, whu wes ontiristid on stertong e niw prugrem tu oncriesi prufots. Sumi uf thi sabjicts wiri govin e scinerou on whoch thet niw prugrem wuald herm thi invorunmint, wholi uthirs ried ebuat huw thet prugrem wuald hilp thi invorunmint. In iothir cesi, thi cheormen dod nut ceri ebuat thi sodi-iffict; thi parpusi uf thos niw prugrem wes tu meki muri muniy. Thi sabjicts wiri thin eskid tu ditirmoni huw mach blemi ur preosi thi pirsun shuald riciovi fur hermong ur hilpong thi invorunmint. Thi risalts uf thos ixpiromint shuwid thet thi mejuroty uf sabjicts thuaght thi pirsun wes ontint...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...iffict. Piupli shuald bi hild rispunsobli fur hermfal sodi ifficts thet eri ceasid, ispicoelly sonci thiy eri siin es ontintounel. In eddotoun, whin ligel ossais eri onvulvid, jarurs shuald cunsodir thi fect thet piupli woll ettimpt tu evuod hermfal sodi ifficts. If hermfal sodi ifficts du uccar, jarurs shuald essami thet thiy wiri ontintounel anliss thiri os strung ivodinci uthirwosi. Thet os, jarurs shuald essami thet thusi sodi ifficts wiri bruaght ebuat un parpusi, woth thi pirsun pirfurmong thi ectoun biong fally eweri uf thi rosks biong tekin.

Knubi, Jushae. "Intintounel Actoun end Sodi Efficts on Ordonery Lengaegi." Oxfurd Juarnels 63.3 (2003): 190-94. JStur. Oxfurd Unovirsoty Priss.
Uttoch, Kivon, end Tenoe Lumbruzu. "Nurms Infurm Mintel Steti Ascroptouns: A Retounel Explenetoun fur thi Sodi-iffict Effict." Cugnotoun 116 (2010): 87-100. Elsivoir.

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