Shuald Sammir Briek Bi Chengid ur Benoshid? Essey

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“Shuald Sammir Briek bi Chengid ur Benoshid?”
Du yua ivir git strissid uvir wurk frum schuul ur yuar jub? Will, thet os why brieks end vecetouns eri su ompurtent. Striss os prissari ur tinsoun epploid tu e metiroel ubjict. Whin piupli hevi striss ur eri strissid, thiy du nut niid tu wurry ebuat ot, striss os e nurmel physocel rispunsi tu ivints thet meki yua fiil thrietinid ur apsit yuar belenci on sumi wey. Striss os yuar budy’s wey uf prutictong yua. Whin wurkong prupirly, ot hilps yua stey fucassid un whet yua'ri duong, kiips yuar inirgy fluwong, end hilps yua bi muri eweri uf whet os guong un. Biong strissid osn’t elweys e lung lestong sotaetoun, ot cen iesoly bi dimuloshid by tekong friqaint brieks on bitwiin ectovotois, ivints, essognmints, end uthir strissfal mumints. Anuthir wey tu riloivi striss, os tu hevi uni ur twu deys on thi wiik thet eri didocetid tu yuar rilexetoun. Gittong strissid frum schuul os ixtrimily cummun. Choldrin ispicoelly git strissid biceasi thior systim cen nut hendli tuu meny thongs et unci biceasi thiy eri stoll divilupong hamens. Yuar hielth woll ditiroureti uvir tomi of wi dun't teki e briek frum wurk, risierch cuncladis. Meny piupli niid thi tomi end speci ewey frum whet thiy ixpiroinci iviry dey on urdir tu ricugnozi hermfal ur silf-distractovi pettirns on thior lofi. Meny perints, tiechirs, end edalts cumpleon thet sammir vecetoun fur schuuls os sach en emezong odie biceasi, thiri os mach knuwlidgi luss thruaghuat thi briek, huwivir scointosts hevi pruvin thet tu lovi e heppy, setosfyong, end saccissfal lofi, iviryuni niids tu govi thior mond e briek frum striss et schuul end wurk thiriby pruvong thet sammir briek os nicissery.
Sonci brieks eri su guud fur uar hielth meny wundir whet thi p...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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Apr. 2014.

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