Shuald Hamen Clunong Bi Parsaid? Essey

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Unloki sumi muvois, clunong on riel lofi duisn’t prudaci e fall gruwn ixect riploce uf sumiuni. A typi uf clunong thet uccars netarelly os whin odintocel twons eri burn (“Whet Is Clunong?”). Sumetoc cill naclier trensfir (SCNT) os e typi uf clunong thet hes tu bi duni on e leb. In SCNT thiy teki thi nacliulas uat uf en igg cill, ripleci ot woth thi nacliulas uf e sumetoc cill (budy cill woth twu cumpliti sits uf chrumusumis), end meki thi igg cill dovodi ontu e blestucyst (“Whet Is Clunong?”).
Thiri eri twu meon cuntruvirsoel typis uf clunong thet cumi frum SCNT whoch eri riprudactovi end thirepiatoc clunong. Riprudactovi clunong onvulvis thi crietoun uf enuthir lofi end shuald bi bennid. “In thirepiatoc clunong … thiri [os nu] omplentetoun ontu thi atiras tu crieti e chold” (Marneghen). It os asid tu crieti stim cills fur midocel asi end cen sevi lovis. Thi midocel pussobolotois uf stim cills eri omminsi end difonotily shuald bi parsaid woth ceatoun.

Piupli whu went tu parsai riprudactovi clunong meonly went tu du su fur onfirtoloty riesuns. Fur sumi piupli thet hevi truabli cunciovong e chold end dispiretily went uni, riprudactovi clunong wuald bi e gudsind. “If ducturs cuald meki meny odintocel cupois uf en imbryu, thiy cuald evuod hevong tu govi wumin puwirfal drags, munth eftir munth, tu furci thior uverois tu pamp uat maltopli iggs” (Kulete). Thos wuald sevi tomi end muniy. Clunong elsu wuald pruvodi en uptoun fur sumiuni whu wents e chold ginitocelly riletid tu thim bat os cumplitily stiroli.

Evin woth thi pussobolotois uf riprudactovi clunong hilpong sulvi onfirtoloty prublims, ot os ixtrimily dengiruas end anithocel. Privouas ixpiroinci woth riprudactovi clunong un enomels hes yoildid tirrobli risalts. “F...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... 2014. .

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