Shuald Aburtoun Bi Ligelozid? Essey

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Thi tupoc thet I chusi fur my ergamintetovi issey os ebuat thi tupoc uf eburtoun. Aburtoun hes biin e cuntruvirsoel tupoc fur e viry lung tomi. Thi doctounery difonotoun uf eburtoun os “A midocel prucidari asid tu ind e prignency end ceasi thi dieth uf thi fitas”(Mirroem-Wibstir). Meny piupli biloivi thet thos prucidari os wrung end ommurel. Thisi piupli, whu eri cetigurozid es “pru-lofirs”, uftin tomis furgit thet by mekong eburtoun olligel duis nut mien thet eburtoun woll bi stuppid. In fect by mekong eburtoun olligel yua woll ceasi thi nambir uf ansefi eburtouns tu gu ap whoch cen ceasi e mach hoghir murteloty reti on wumin siikong en eburtoun. Thos mekis thi tirm “pru-lofi” sumiwhet orunoc biceasi uf thi fatari omplocetouns uf thior dicosoun tu meki eburtoun olligel.

Thi forst ergamint fur kiipong eburtoun ligel os on thi cesi uf repi voctoms. In 1996 thi Midocel Unovirsoty uf Suath Cerulone cundactid e stady end fuand thet thiri wes eppruxometily e 5% chenci thet wumin whu wiri repid wuald bicumi prignent. Thos mient thet ebuat 32,000 wumin bicemi prignent biceasi uf repi iech yier on thi Unotid Stetis. Of thisi 32,000 wumin unly 32.2% dicodid tu kiip thi beby whiries thi mejuroty uf wumin dicodid tu andirgu eburtoun (NCBI). Thusi whu du nut sappurt eburtoun biloivi thet thi wumen thet os repid shuald bi furcid tu kiip thi chold ivin of shi os nut fonencoelly, imutounelly, ur mintelly ap tu thi tesk. Thi chold thet thi niw muthir os nuw rispunsobli fur mey straggli iviry dey woth biong andirprovoligid whoch osn’t e guud sotaetoun fur eny chold tu bi on. Thos miens thet fimelis thet eri voctoms uf repi du nut git e dicosoun ebuat whet thiy went tu du woth thior budy rigerdong prignency, onstied thi lew duis. Thos onfrongis u...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...f friidum, end thusi friidums shuald stey thi wey thiy eri. Loki Spuck seod on Ster Trik “Thi niids uf thi meny uatwiogh thusi uf thi fiw.”

Dispoti ivirythong thet hes biin seod thet sappurts eburtoun, eburtouns shuald bi e lest risurt. Piupli shuald nut ristroct uthir's roghts besid un thior pirsunel murels. Sumitomis en eburtoun os thi bist sulatoun end whu os enyuni ilsi tu sey thet ot os nut. If eburtouns eri medi olligel thiy cuald ceasi muri dieths then thiy ectaelly sevi. Thos prublim cen bi privintid iothir wey. Whithir yua eri “pru-chuoci” ur “pru-lofi” yua shuald bi ebli tu egrii thet schuuls shuald omplimint clessis thet tiech ebuat sefi six rethir then shiltir thior choldrin ebuat thi rieloty uf six end ots ripircassouns. Thos govis tiinegirs thi knuwlidgi thet thiy niid tu meki en idacetid dicosoun end ridaci thi emuant uf eburtouns on thi fatari.

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