Sexual Behavior in the Elderly Essay

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Study of sex in the old age remains unresolved the world over. Sexuality among the elderly has

been a subject that has confused many especially that the elderly are a group of neglected people

in most parts of the world. Fascination affects many who find it hard to imagine the elderly

remaining sexually active at their age. Elders also have fears of remaining sexually active in

their old age and whether or not they can maintain their prowess. Older women at times fear to

express their sexual desire because they fear such behavior regarded as a disgrace. Elders view

sexuality as an expression of affection, loyalty and a sense of renewed romance. Aging can

affect physiological, behavioral and even psychosocial change in the elderly individual. Sexual

satisfaction among the elderly is most influenced not by age, but by one`s general health, one`s

attitude towards sex, and availability of a sexual partner (Sigelman and Rider, 2009).

General health has been found to be a major determinant for the quality and quantity of sexual

behavior for the elderly. Medical professionals usually ignore the sexual aspect of the elderly

who find discussions on sexuality difficult. Psychiatric training needs to pay more attention

to the topic of sexuality among the elderly. Life expectancy in the world has increased,

therefore, many people live beyond the age of sixty five, forming a bigger percentage of a given

population. Little attention has been paid to the seniors until the problem of sexual dysfunction

became rampant ( Sigelman and Rider, 2009). Older people have often viewed as having lost

desire for sex and that such a topic can be related to them. Studies are done in view of this...

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...t of elderly

patients suffering from dementia. Treating the inappropriate sexual urges a clinician needs

to institute non pharmacologic interventions. Caregivers of these elderly patients need to be

informed what is acceptable and what needs to be termed as inappropriate; helping them in

determining the boundaries (Calasanti and Slevin, 2001).

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