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The Switch to Electronic Health Records

- Are Healthcare Facilities in MY Area Making the Switch to EHRs. Briant Brantley Fountainhead College of Technology In this paper you will find that the transition from paper health records to electronic medical record is a transition that requires a lot of time and precise preparation and planning. Looking through the paper you will see that there are factors that need to be implemented. You first definitely have to have your medical records. Next you have to know the role that HIPPA will play in your transition because of regulation and violations....   [tags: Transition Process, HIPPA, Possible Problems]

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Making the Switch to HDTV

- This past week, I FINALLY made the transition to HD television. Oh, for a long while, I've had a TV capable of the appropriate resolution, and enjoyed the pristine picture with DVDs and BluRays. But I always held out making the switch for "regular" programming because I was brand loyal (to a fault?) with both DirecTV and TiVo. I love DirecTV, and for me, their service, performance and customer support has been second to none. (Hell, I may even wind up moving because of it, but that's another story for another day)....   [tags: Television]

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We Propose A Reusable Biological Switch

- We propose a reusable biological switch that is capable of toggling between on and off states within a reasonable amount of time. To accomplish this, we will use biologically modified Escherichia coli transformed with a bi-stable switch-containing plasmid. A bi-stable switch is a genetic component that allows for the continuous expression of one of two phenotypic states. Toggling between these two states is controlled by the presence of specific chemical inducers [16]. The two states in our proposed design will be light production (ON) and the absence of light production (OFF)....   [tags: Incandescent light bulb, Compact fluorescent lamp]

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Iphone Changed One Switch Position

- For those new to the iPhone scene or just buying their first iPhone, figuring out how to capture what is on-screen could be extremely helpful. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have two very straightforward ways to screenshot on the devices. iPhone Changed One Switch Position iPhone 6 and 6 Plus made a small change to the positioning of the phone’s sleep and wake hard button. The original iPhone 5 (in all variations) had the sleep and wake button on the top right-hand corner of the device. So, whether you were right or left-handed, using your forefinger to tap the key was super-fast and easy....   [tags: IPhone, IPod Touch, Mobile phone]

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Why Alex Should Not Pull The Rail Switch

- In the essay the “train switch dilemma” a single train car is rushing toward a group of five unknowing workers who cannot hear the train approaching. Another train worker (Alex) who is working at his summer job sees the train headed for the five workers but notices a rail switch which if pulled will divert the train to a different track, however if the rail switch lever is pulled it will kill the lone person working there. The rail switch presents the following moral dilemma: do nothing and five people die, or flip the switch and one person dies....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Morality, Ethics, Religion]

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Bait And Switch By Barbara Ehrenreich

- Bait and Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich takes a comical look at the troubles that plague "white collar" unemployed. This book offers an in-depth view of the Barbara Ehrenreich's struggle to get a "good job," which she defined as a job that would provide health care and an income of $50,000 a year.(6) This book was written in 2005 and is still up to date with the current unemployment problems. She uses her own experiences and observations for the reader to get an accurate picture of how hard it is for people who "did the right things" like going to college and are still unemployed for various reasons....   [tags: upper class unemployment]

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Why Alex Should Not Pull The Rail Switch

- In the story the “train switch dilemma” a single train car is rushing toward a group of five unknowing workers who cannot hear the train approaching. Another train worker, who we will call Alex is working at his summer job, he sees the train headed for the five unknowing workers. Alex notices a rail switch lever which if pulled will divert the train onto a different track, however, if Alex pulls the rail switch lever he sees that it will divert the train to a track with one lone worker surely killing the one standing alone....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Immanuel Kant, Human]

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Why Alex Should Not Pull The Rail Switch

- The Great Train Dilemma In the story the “train switch dilemma” a single train car is rushing toward a group of five unknowing workers who cannot hear the train approaching. Another train worker, who we will call Alex is working at his summer job, he sees the train headed for the five unknowing workers. Alex notices a rail switch lever which if pulled will divert the train unto a different track, however, if Alex pulls the rail switch lever he sees that it will divert the train to a track with one lone worker surly killing the one standing alone....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Immanuel Kant, Human]

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Ethical Analysis of General Motors Ignition Switch Scandal

- Organization Review General Motors was founded by William Durant on September 16, 1908. At its inception, GM owned only the Buick Motor Company, but acquired Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Pontiac within ten years of its formation. Demand for automobiles heightened between 1910-1929, allowing General Motors to set the standard for production, design and marketing innovation. GM diversified their selection and opened more than a dozen new plants outside of the United States. In 1927, the head of GM's design studio, Harley Earl, designed the LaSalle which marked the beginning of true automotive design as it was far less boxy than the Ford Model T....   [tags: Business Ethics Essays]

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How a Switch Has an Advantage ove a Bridge in a Network

- 1. Both Bridges and Switches work on the data link layer of the OSI Model. However, switches are more advanced. Discuss how a switch has an advantage over a bridge in a network then elaborate more on the technology implemented in switches to control broadcast domains (500 words). [25 marks] There are many reasons why switchers are used instead of bridges. The switchers nowadays are more effective than a bridge when are used in a network. Bridges, also known as transparent bridges, work in the Layer number 2 of the OSI model....   [tags: broadcast domains controls]

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Make The Switch Of Windows 10, Or Stick With Windows 8

- Make the switch to Windows 10, or stick with windows 8. That shall be the big question, nonetheless, before making a decision, make sure to read up on each to see which one would be a better fit. Let us talk about some of the reasons why Windows 10 works best for me. Similar to other Windows versions, it gives the upgrade free with many new features. However, it loses a few features like the original start screen, and start screen. Choosing to switch, or not is not really a big decision to make....   [tags: Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista, Microsoft]

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Transgender Is When An Individual Tries With Switch Genders

- Introduction I chose the topic of transgenderism. Transgender is when an individual tries to switch genders. Transgender comes from the Latin words trans, meaning “across.” Transgender literally means “across gender.” Many trans-individuals decided later on in their lives that they want to switch genders, and other people argue that they were born the wrong gender. Trans-people experience many difficulties throughout their lives. Switching genders makes their lives more challenging, because of many reasons....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Sexual orientation, LGBT]

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The Trolley Problem, by Judith Jarvis Thomson

- The Bystander at the Switch case is a fundamental part of Thomson’s argument in “Trolley Problem.” The basis of her paper is to explain the moral difference between this case, which she deems morally permissible (1398), and the Transplant case, which she deems morally impermissible (1396). In the Bystander at the Switch case, a bystander sees a trolley hurtling towards five workers on the track and has the option of throwing a switch to divert the trolley’s path towards only one worker. Thomson finds the Bystander at the Switch case permissible under two conditions: 1) first, that the same threat is diverted from a larger to a smaller group of people, and 2) second, that the means by which...   [tags: Bystander at the Switch]

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Good Bosses Switch Between Two Leadership Styles

- Jon Maner of the Harvard Business Review discusses the difference between two proactive types of leadership and their advantages and disadvantages in the article Good Bosses Switch between Two Leadership Styles. Jon compares the effectiveness of leaders who utilize dominance as a strategy versus those who use prestige. A dominant leader is described as someone who thrives off of feeling empowered and in control and are often respected by their coworkers an employees. Dominance is achieved by “asserting their role as the boss” and actively using fear and punishment as motivation....   [tags: Leadership, Boss, Management, Leader]

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Should Schools Switch Over to Digital Books?

- Long ago printed books were a technology in itself, people marveled at it that written scripts can be available in printed form and they can read and easily carry them instead of those baked tablet scripts or writing found on leaves and tree trunks. Books cultivated a culture, made discoveries, promoted imaginations and intellectual progress with their power to share and shape ideas. Printed books are a technology in itself and generations have learned and grown and is still growing with books in their hands....   [tags: intellectual progress, e-books, digital]

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AT&T 5ESS Switch is The Best in Telecommunication

- AT&T 5ESS Switch is The Best in Telecommunication The direction of this paper is to describe a telecommunications switch and show its purpose and multitasking abilities. This paper will use the AT&T 5ESS Switch to give a real world example of a top rated telecommunications switch. The end result will be an understanding of how a switch works and what it can do. Also, it will show why the AT&T 5ESS Switch is #1 in today's telecommunication world. SWITCHING In today's world a person should be able to pick up his phone and dial to almost anywhere in the world....   [tags: Papers]

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Macbeth And Lady Macbeth Switch Roles

- Throughout the play "Macbeth", two of the main characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth gradually exchange roles. Macbeth is the kind, caring one of the two in the beginning, but completely changes as the play goes on, as with Lady Macbeth. She starts out as an evil, vicious beast. She is an evil woman who is bond and determined to kill Duncan. At the end of the play this character feels guilt for what she has done and has taken the personality, which was that of her husband in the beginning.At the beginning of the play Lady Macbeth speaks and shows her shows how cruel and heartless she really is; "And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty"....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Does a Switch Have an Advantage over a Bridge on a Network

- Both Bridges and Switches work on the data link layer of the OSI Model. However, switches are more advanced. Discuss how a switch has an advantage over a bridge in a network then elaborate more on the technology implemented in switches to control broadcast domains. A network switch is a networking device that connects devices together on a network enacting a form of packet switching. It operates in the Data Link layer of the OSI model. It essentially acts like a multi-port network bridge that processes and forwards data....   [tags: broadcast & multiple collision domains]

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DC DC Converters to Suitable Applications of Coil Gun

- Acknowledgements The author would like to gratefully acknowledge the guidance and encouragement of Mr. Billy Chow, the Project supervisor who inputs further stimulated my interest to look more into issues related to simulation of circuit and nurture me with ideas to improve the design and testing process. In the successful indicates the correct direction of this project. Executive Summary The aim of project is to researches and analyses for DC DC converter to suitable application of coil gun. In this project, the DC converters have different type and characteristics....   [tags: software, circuits, switch]

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New and Improved Technology in Smarthphones

- Technology has become the voice of the 21st century. Inventors are constantly trying to come up with better and faster ways to improve technology. From google glasses to 3D printing the future of technology seems to be an unstoppable trend. Google has invented new gadgets from the Google glasses to the driverless car, now they are coming out with their own Smartphone to compete with Apple and Samsung. Project Ara is Google latest device. Google came up with this device after purchasing Motorola and its Advanced Technology and Projects Groups (TheGuardian)....   [tags: the grey phone, kill switch]

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Making the Switch

- The ambrosial aroma of cured ham mingled with the provocatively piquant scent of jerked chicken and conspired to undo my resolve. Enveloping my aunt’s kitchen with a hunger-inducing miasma that only I was immune to, dishes from Jamaica and America vied for my attention. I attempted to appease the cultures of both nations, settling with a plate of rice and peas, corn bread, and macaroni and cheese. Much to the surprise of my family, however, that was all that I ate. As usual, my family had no difficulty expressing their disappointment with me....   [tags: vegetarian, diet, culture]

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Mississippi Politics History

- ... Second, I believe that if Nash and Taggart can work together to produce something great, the Democratic and Republican parties of Mississippi can as well. I think it is interesting how Mississippi made the switch from a “Democratic surety to a Republican stronghold,” but I do think that the transition was foreseeable. In Mississippi during 1950s and 1960s, the political ideology of White Democrats was similar to the ideology of the Republican Party at the national level, not the national Democratic Party....   [tags: compaign, history, parties, switch]

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Debatable Issues in Human Cloning

- Debatable Issues in Human Cloning With the implementations of new technologies in modern society, new ideas and discoveries have immensely influenced topics and issues that were never realistically thought of decades ago. Scientists have managed to switch their primary roles in humanity and are finding ways to portray themselves as the creators of a new human race. Cloning, the identical replication of an organism through the usage of genetic placement, has become a hugely debatable topics amongst Christians and scientists....   [tags: christian ethics, switch cells on and off]

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Is Code Switch A Blog On National Public Radio 's Website That Covers Race, Ethnicity, And Culture

- Code Switch is a blog on National Public Radio 's website that covers race, ethnicity, and culture. Launched in 2013, the blog consists of a team of reporters whom through a variety of features, news writing and personal essays, utilize identity as a lens to explore race and its relation to both current events and the journalist 's personal narratives. This past summer they launched the podcast of the same name. Hosted by Gene Denby and Shereen Marisol Meraji, the podcast features a diverse revolving cast of reporters, editors and guest contributors discussing news stories and the intersection of race, ethnicity and culture and how it impacts people 's lives....   [tags: Race, Black people, White people, Race]

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The Study Of Phenotypic Traits Caused By External Or Environmental Factors That Can Switch Genes On Or Off

- The Study of Epigenetics Epigenetics is the study of phenotypic traits caused by external or environmental factors that can switch genes on or off. This is in addition to the genetic sequence. Known/suspected causes of epigenetics are heavy metal, pesticides, diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, hormones, radioactivity, viruses, bacteria and nutrients. The processes of epigenetics are completely natural and essential to organism functions. However if they form improperly, they can be detrimental to health and behavior....   [tags: DNA, Gene, Homosexuality, Gene expression]

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The Switch to the Semester System

- Over the years, there has been debate about technical colleges converting from quarter systems to semester systems. Some people feel a semester system will be better than the quarter system. Apparently, the Technical College System of Georgia agrees and converts the technical colleges to the semester system. Now students who are on the quarter system have to transition to the semester system. Students will have to cope with the new academic calendar, courses, credit hours, tuition, and financial aid....   [tags: Education]

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Renewable Energy: The Switch is Now

- ... consumes the most energy. "The United States, by far the world's largest consumer of energy, used about 101.6 quadrillion Btu [British thermal units] in 2007, or 21% of the energy consumed worldwide" (Alters 15). The top five energy consuming countries, the U.S., China, Russia, Japan, and Germany, all combined use 51% of the world total energy supplies, the U.S. accounting for almost half of the consumption. Although some scientists have predicted the U.S. will have switched from fossil fuels to green energy by this time, there has been no change....   [tags: addressing dependance on fossil fuels]

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Narrative Essay: The Switch

- "Mom Mom Mom, please tell us a bedtime story!", Connor begged excitedly. "It is getting late guys, I am not so sure", reasoned the mom. "Ughhhh but you promised last night you would tell us one tonight!", whined Ali. The mom finally gave in and pulled up a chair. The children got quiet fast and huddled together under the covers in anticipation. The mom took a deep breath knowing that the kids would have a hard time processing the story that was about to be told. "I was seventeen about to turn eighteen graduating in a month when my life completely flipped upside down", the mom began....   [tags: dialogue, bed time stories]

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Philosophy: Two Differetn Types of Utilitarianism

- John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) was one of the leading British moral philosophers of the nineteen-century (Feinberg, 596). As presented in class, Mill’s principle of utility is known as the greatest happiness principle which is defined as “actions are right as they tend to promote happiness and wrong as they tend to promote unhappiness” or in simple words “right actions maximize overall happiness” (Feinberg, 597). Mills definition of happiness is seen as “pleasure absent of pain” (Feinberg, 597). There are two different types of utilitarianism: act and rule....   [tags: switch case, fat man case, kant]

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The Character Switch Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

- At the beginning of the play “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, Macbeth illuminates a heroic character. Conversely, when the reader is introduced to Lady Macbeth one learns Macbeth may not be the heroic person he may seem. The way Lady Macbeth describes Macbeth it appears as if he is a coward and not as heroic as previously learned in the house. As the play proceeds, Macbeth is no longer a heroic character and Lady Macbeth is not as ruthlessness as she was at the start of the play. In the play, “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” written by William Shakespeare two of the main characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, experience a role reversal....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature ]

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Grades of Wrath: Why Schools Should Switch to a Pass/Fail Grading System

- Once a person graduates from law school, before they can begin working as a lawyer they have to take a test called the Bar. The test is not graded with A’s; B’s, C’s, D’s, or F’s and instead is graded by the pass-fail system. Once the test is graded it shows that the person either passed the Bar or failed the Bar. What is important with the Bar is that persons passes which indicates the competency of their understanding of the material to use it in the real world. Whereas the current letter grading system shows who understood the material....   [tags: Education]

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Perspectives of Love in Thomas Wyatt's They Flee From Me, and Edmund Spencer's Amoretti

- In past poetry, love and romance has been interpreted in many ways but mainly in a form known as sad and heartbreaking experiences. During the sixteenth century and times before that, many authors expressed love as gloomy and also wrote in the favor of men. Two interesting portrayals of love are in the sonnet “They Flee From Me” by Thomas Wyatt and collection of sonnets “Amoretti” by Edmund Spencer. In these poems, love is described mostly in two opposite ways. While “They Flee From Me” portrays men as the victim to women and their deviousness, “Amoretti” takes an opposing turn from how most poetry of that time wrote about love by celebrating it in a positive and joyful way....   [tags: Misogynist View, Role Switch]

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Conditions for Profitability in Online Newspapers

- Conditions for Profitability in Online Newspapers Introduction Today online newspapers are delivering a lot of assets into their news sites without gaining from them. They have to discover methods to attain profit from them in order to support them. Recently there has been a switching from print to multimedia, i.e. news is only a component among other services at the news sites and is given as audio and video likewise[1]. Transformation to web brought more opportunities for newspapers, such as competing with broadcast media in presenting breaking news in a more well timed manner....   [tags: switch from print to multimedia]

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A Short Note On The System Hardware Configuration

- 3.1 System Hardware Configuration The modern traffic intersection is a blend of various controllers, sensors and networking devices. In the ITS, which plays an important role in the safety and traffic management, the traffic signal controllers are a core component. This project uses the Econolite Advanced System Controller Series 3 (ASC/3-2100) model, which is currently installed in many intersections. It provides NTCIP compliance and most advanced and innovative traffic technologies. The proposed hardware architecture of the ETSS is shown in Figure 3.1....   [tags: Traffic light, Traffic, Green, Network switch]

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The Swatch Group

- The Swatch Group: Competing In An Increasingly Global Market For Watches Nicholas Hayek and Ernst Thomke formed the Swatch Group (the Group) in 1983 by merging two bankrupt watch-making groups. The merger gave the Group ownership of many of the Switzerland’s dominant watch brands. Swatch, their first product initiative, was so successful that it helped pull the squandering Swiss watch industry out of a slump. In June 1999, with its 14 brands, the Group was the world’s largest watch manufacturer (in value terms)....   [tags: Business Management Marketing Essays]

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A Study On Swatch Touch Zero One Report

- Swatch Touch Zero One Report Swatch as a watch manufacture company was established 1983 by Nicolas Hayek, and their main products are quartz watches, also sell some mechanical watches. Until 2014, it already hold 18.3% of market share. (Tesla, 2014) But with the development of new technologies, smartwatch has become more popular than traditional watch. As a watch manufacturer, they have to stick with science and technology development, and understand what consumers interested in. (Sharp, 2013, p.186,187) Therefore,in August this year, Swatch as one of the watch leading industry has launched their first smartwatch in US, China and Switzerland, which is called touch zero one....   [tags: Marketing, Marketing research, Volleyball]

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Swatch and the Global Watch Industry

- Swatch and the Global Watch Industry In the 1980's, Swiss watchmakers began to realize they needed to change their business model to fit into a new global market place. They needed to not only change their views of the market but the infrastructure of watch manufacturing. In order to compete on a global level they needed to improve their technology, design products that would appeal to new markets and be able to compete with other companies on quality and cost....   [tags: Watch Industry Business Market]

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- Case 2 Analysis Swatch Watch U.S.A.: Creative Market Strategy TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 3 BACKGROUND 4 SWATCH® ANALYSIS 5 Marketing Strategies 5 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 7 REFERENCES 9 ABSTRACT Switzerland was an industry leader in the watch market up until the 1970’s when the digital watch was introduces to consumers. The digital watch was inexpensive to manufacture and could be produced in mass. It created a whole new market by making watches inexpensive enough for all classes of people....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Competitive Environment One main competitor was Timex They designed a simple low cost cheap watch that was made up of new alloy bearings. By having this new material it made automated production easier. The Timex watches were priced at a low rate and were marketed to be disposable. The were priced to low and they were made so that they couldn’t be opened they made for not aftermarket repair or sales of parts. At the end of the 50’s one out of three watches bought in the US were a Timex. In 1970 with the introduction of the Quartz technology changed the market place once again....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Preventing Unauthorized Equipment from Entering a Network

- This informational report will explain and guide you through the process and plan that will be implemented to prevent any unauthorized equipment (including external rogue switches) from entering the network. In addition we will be implementing the spanning tree protocol to eliminate any layer 2 loops and ultimately causing a network storm. First I’d like to begin by going into detail about the VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) IEEE 802.1q. I will initially enable all the VLANs on the only designated VTP server mode, and then configure the trunking protocol 802.1q between the switches allowing all the VLANs on that trunk....   [tags: security, password, vtp]

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Choosing the Correct Networking Devices

- ... The newer Ethernet hubs devices are much smaller compare to the older devices. This is because the older device are larger in size as they contained a built in fans for cooling the unit. Conclusion Hubs are very convenient to set up network for small business or home because it is very convenient and affordable. Several companies and manufacturers produce hubs in varying port configurations. Hubs are suitable to work with old style of broadband or dial-up Internet service. Switch Switch is a device than enable a connection to switch from one port to another....   [tags: hub, router, repeater]

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Transfer Pricing: Performance Evaluation Issues

- Transfer Pricing: Performance Evaluation Issues The switch should be supplied to the northern division since it seems that there is excess capacity in the southern division. This is due to the decreased cost of the switch when dealing with the northern division. The external demand for the switch seems to be constrained and for this reason, the southern division should take the opportunity and maximize on the available opportunity (Abdallah, 2004, p. 109). The cost of production has been factored in the price of the switch and despite the deceased profit margin; the southern division will not incur any losses....   [tags: Division Critique]

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Interconnection Devices Are Used For A Modern Network

- Interconnection devices are commonly needed in a modern network, from the interface that allows one computer to communicate with two or more computers. There are few examples of interconnection devices such as hub, switch, and router. Hub A hub is a common connection point for devices in a network. It is generally a small, sometimes flat, plastic box with many ports on the back. There are numerous ports so that you can connect many computers. It has LED lights that light up in the front so you are able to identify when it 's in operation....   [tags: Computer network, Router, Local area network]

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Questions and Answers About Networking: Subnets and Hub

- ... Having long broadcast there is increase the no. of collisions so the traffic will increase the speed of data transfer is reduced. With sub-netting traffic will reduce and speed will Inc. Q2: Explain the important to choose switch compare to Hub. Ans :- Ans Ethernet switches and hubs together network file servers, printers and workstations are used for each device connected to the network to a hub and a switch node is called the main difference between how the nodes communicate with the network....   [tags: internet, ethernet]

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A Report On A Volkswagen Engineering Employee

- A Volkswagen engineering employee “deliberately conspired to manipulate tests run by a multitude of government agencies to mask emissions” (Lippe, 2015, para. 3). Furthermore, this action was allegedly a decision made solely by one engineering employee who was attempting to create an ignition switch of lower cost in order to save corporate costs (Lippe, 2015). In addition, when the ignition was switched off, the airbags failed to deploy, adding additional threats to the Volkswagen vehicle (Lippe, 2015)....   [tags: Business ethics, Ethics, Volkswagen]

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Guide to Using Prediction in Pokemon

- ... Infernape nearly stands ZERO chance against Swampert on Omega. So you opt to switch out, and you decide to go with Venusaur, a Grass-type, which resists Swampert’s Ground and Water moves. Your opponent hits you with Surf, which doesn’t do anything against Venusaur, because you switched out. Now comes the prediction part. If Venusaur uses a Grass-type move, which is 4x effective against a Water/Ground Pokemon, that’s basically a guaranteed KO. Assuming your opponent isn’t stupid (if he/she is stupid, then don’t even read this guide, because you’re going to win regardless), he knows that....   [tags: switching, battle, metagame]

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Communication Technologies : How Do Networks Communicate?

- Communication Technologies How do networks communicate. A computer network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to transmit data, computer networks and networked devices pass data to each other along data connections. Networks communicate by sending data packets between each device. Data is transferred in packets. There advantages of having a network over standalone are that (1)The network allows communication between PCs so data can be transferred between the PCs so no physical copy’s will be needed so another user can see the data....   [tags: Computer network, Network topology, Star network]

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The Justifications Of Network Design

- Table of Contents  Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------  Physical diagram-------------------------------------------------------------------  Logical diagram --------------------------------------------------------------------  Assumptions------------------------------------------------------------------------  Justification...   [tags: IP address, Subnetwork]

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- ABSTRACT In this paper, we will conduct a comparison on Fast Ethernet Network Switches and Gigabit Ethernet Network Switches offered by 3COM. We will review a few specific components, as well as compare features, pricing and preferred usage. DEFINITION In order to have a greater understanding of the terminology and descriptions offered in this paper, we must first understand what a network switch is. A brief definition of a network switch is a computer networking device that connects network segments....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Relationship Between Resistance, Potential Difference and Current in an Electric Circuit

- Experiment 1 Aim: To test the influence that the potential difference will have on the current of an electric circuit. Investigative Question: What would the effect of the change in potential difference have on the current of the circuit, if the temperature in the circuit remains constant. Hypothesis: By decreasing the resistance in the electric circuit we will be increasing the total potential difference in the circuit and will therefore directly strengthen the current in the circuit. The relationship between potential difference and current strength will be directly proportional....   [tags: physics, electrical engineering]

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Should the U.S. Invest in the Research and Use of Alternative Energies?

- ... Why would they spend the money obtain and transporting fossil fuels when they could produce safe, simple, and renewable energy. It is obvious that the U.S. should be spending more money towards the use of alternative energies. All the pollution currently be released into the atmosphere could be prevented by switching to the alternative energies listed above. This has been looked at by experts and they believe it has the capability to be reached by 2040 if the U.S. government and the people of the U.S....   [tags: solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, hydogen]

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Writing An Article : Self As Writer

- UNIT -1: SELF AS WRITER Being an International student and coming from a country where English is not the primary language, writing has always been challenging me. I have not written much in my life other than for school or college purpose. Whenever I was given a task to write and present something, it used to be very challenging for me. According to me, Writing does not have particular form or shape. It can differ by situation, tone, emotion, need, and goal. Writing is a daily thing for most of the people....   [tags: Writing, Writing process, Linguistics]

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Changing Energy Supplier FAQ

- Switching Energy Supplier - FAQ If you’re considering switching energy suppliers the uSwitch switching service is here to help you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:- • What does uSwitch do. • Will switching energy suppliers really reduce your energy costs. • What’s the process for switching supplier. • What’s the process for switching supplier. • Will my energy supply be interrupted. • Should I contact my existing supplier if I decide to switch. • How do I check who my current supplier is....   [tags: uSwitch switching service]

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How Do Networks Communicate?

- How do networks communicate. A computer network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to transmit data, computer networks and networked devices pass data to each other along data connections. Networks communicate by sending data packets between each device. Data is transferred in packets. There advantages of having a network over standalone are that (1)The network allows communication between PCs so data can be transferred between the PCs so no physical copy’s will be needed so another user can see the data....   [tags: Computer network, Network topology, Star network]

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Voluntary Switching Between Identities Dissociative Identity Disorder

- My article is titled: “Voluntary switching between identities in dissociative identity disorder: A functional MRI case study” and written by R.L. Savoy, B.B. Frederick, A.S. Keuroghilan and P.C. Wolk. The article is about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and it used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). DID is when one person has multiple personalities, or alters, in one body. The alters are their own person, with their own characteristics, age and even gender. In this article, one participant had an adult, child and baby personality....   [tags: Dissociative identity disorder]

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Lower Body Workout For Women

- Lower Body Workout for Women - Vanish your trouble spotsLadies are you looking for a lower body workout for women specifically. I have done workouts to target specific areas of my body to trim down and shape up. We all have so called "trouble areas" - it 's frustrating and depressing when you don 't fit into your clothing the way that you want to. We all want to look great and feel confident in our clothing. I promise going shopping for clothes can be fun again!. To get there, you need to work out less than you think....   [tags: Muscle, Physical exercise, Exercise, Health club]

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What Makes A Bunn Coffee Maker Can Make A Full Pot Of Coffee

- A Bunn Coffee Maker can make a full pot of coffee in just 3 MINUTES. How 's that for fast. I admit it: I am a coffeeholic. I drink coffee morning, noon and night. I drink it when I get up. I drink it immediately before bed. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting and waiting for a coffee maker to make a pot of coffee. With other brands of coffee makers, the cold water that you pour in has to be heated each time you make a new pot. This takes time, sometimes up to 10 minutes or more, depending on the brand....   [tags: Coffee, Coffee preparation, Coffeemaker]

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Research on what Cables are Mostly used in the US

- In this task, I was required to search on what cables that are mostly used in my country, like Fiber Optic, Copper Cable, Cat-6 and more. And for this task 1, I choose the Cat–6 cables for my assignment. This Cat6 cables is commonly referred as category 6, which it standardized the cable for Gigabyte Ethernet and for others Physical Layers that is backwards compatibilities with the category. STAFFING OIL & GAS DEPARTMENT PETROCHEMICALS DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT RECEPTION 4TH FLOOR 3RD FLOOR 2ND FLOOR 1ST FLOOR GROUND FLOOR In this task, there are 4 departments for a new 5-storey company building that would need to install the computer and telephone networ...   [tags: fiber optic, copper cable, cat-6]

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The Trolley Case : The Original, Bridge, Loop, And Bomb

- There are several variants of the trolley case: the original, bridge, loop, and bomb, in which the doctrine of doing and allowing (DDA) have answers for. Each of these cases deal with different situations in which, for some people, may be hard to give a moral response. In this paper, I will discuss the verdicts of what the doctrine of doing and allowing gives for each of the four trolley cases. First, I will explain what the doctrine of doing and allowing is and then give an answer for what it states about each case....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Nuclear weapon, KILL]

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Codes Of The Present Day Lives Of African Americans

- Code-Switching in the Present Day Lives of African Americans In today’s society Code-Switching can be found in every aspect of an African Americans Life. In the classroom, work place, and many more. When in the workplace setting an African American must constantly be aware of their action and what they say: They must alter their speech, minding their grammar, purging their conversations of any slang, to overcome racist presumptions that they are uneducated and less intelligent. And they much engage in a kind of mental gymnastics… (Jones & Shorter-Gooden, 2003) The problem here is that African American have to somewhat live double lives....   [tags: African American, Black people, White American]

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Control Panel On The Front Side Of The Car

- The control panel is securely fastened onto the right side of the driver’s seat while the panel on the left side of the seat is reserved for a monitor for exterior cameras and car health. The dimensions of the right panel will be a 12-inch by 24-inch table to house the multiple controls functions of the car. The left panel that holds the monitor will be a simpler design of an 8-inch by 12-inch table holding a monitor on the front side. Our team has decided to place the control panel onto the center of the car next to the driver seat as the most important control functions are easily accessible while the chair is rotated facing the backside of the car....   [tags: Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics]

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The Nsa 3600 Has A Multi Core Design

- The NSA 3600 has a multi-core design to confirm deep-packet inspection with scaling for future growth (“SonicWall NSA 3600”, n.d). The firewall lowers the cost of ownership with easy development, configuration, and maintenance that helps achieve deep security within the university. In order for the university to provide internet to the campus, the university must have a router that delivers cutting edge routing. The university is suggested to obtain a Cisco ASR10001 Router priced at $6,499.00 (See Table 1)....   [tags: Ethernet, Category 5 cable, Category 6 cable]

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The United States Should Convert to IFRS

- The changes in IFRS will affect some slight modifications to significant amendments of principles. It can affect different areas of financial statements and information. For example, extensive disclosure requirements, financial statements and how specific elements will be recognize and measured. Those elements are financial instrument and employee benefit (IFRS, 2012). I think that it would be beneficial for United States to switch to IFRS, but I think that SEC should not vote to switching to IFRS after companies spend millions of dollars on converting from GAAP (Maryland)....   [tags: IFRS Accounting Standards]

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Home and Corporate Security

- Home security has become as much of a security risk as corporate security in today’s times. With wireless technology and small network devices become more popular, the need for security becomes more important. Looking at levels of security in homes and corporate environments are blending into the same. One now has to deal with internet in the refrigerator, home computers, hand held devices and the list can go on, smaller devices are now moving into the corporate environment and replacing some areas of desktop and even laptop computers....   [tags: technology, firewalls, internet]

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Implementing a New Wide Secure Wireless Network at Brigham Young University Hawaii

- ... We will be installing 8 Access Points per floor which would be sufficient to cover the entire floor, there is also a printer connected to the floor switch. Students can even use their personal Wireless Devices to send print to the Printer. The network coverage is designed to ensure smooth handoff for all wireless users. Network Segmentation Segmentation divides the network into smaller units, hence reduces the amount of traffic on a network. Also it limits the amount of access granted to someone, to what that person needs to know....   [tags: network security flaws, access point]

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How the Temperature is Controlled Into the Cabin in the Aircraft

- HOW TEMPERATURE IS CONTROLLED INTO THE CABIN IN THE AIRCRAFT AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM (M2): HOW COLD AIR IS PRODUCED FROM THE AIR CYCLE MACHINE The normal mode is based on the pack temperature demand, which corresponds to the lowest zone temperature demand coming from the Zone Controller. The pack controller sets the pack temperature demand to 20°C as default value, that is, if there is no demand signal sent by the zone controller. The limited pack temperature demand is then compared to the actual temperature measured by: • the pack temperature sensor (8), • the pack discharge temperature sensor (10)....   [tags: air cycle machine, air conditioning system]

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The Differences Between Mind, Body, And A Person 's Identity

- Daniel Dennett’s essay “Where Am I?” tries to argue against dualism. In this essay, Dennett tackles the difference between mind, body, and a person’s identity. Dennett’s views seem to be of empirical monism. In his story, Dennett has his brain removed and preserved in a vat. His body stays alive, and radio transmitters make it so he can still function. Dennett starts to question who “he” is and where he is. When Dennett first goes to look at his brain, his first thought is that he is outside of the vat, looking at his brain....   [tags: Mind, Philosophy of mind, Soul, Dualism]

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Network Lab Design for Kolej Professional Mara Beranang

- ... OBJECTIVES • To redesign the previous network design • To develop a network connection that work more better • To provide an easy way in monitoring their network performance and accessibility. SCOPE This project will finish in 4 month and the maintenance will be 6 month in order to make sure the project is really successful and the implement design working well. PROPOSED METHODOLOGY Planning Planning what should do to make the network more efficient and gather all the people that will involve in this project....   [tags: college, computers, design, plan]

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APA Codes of Ethics: 3.05 Multiple Relationships

- APA Codes of Ethics: 3.05 Multiple Relationships Introduction The relationship between a therapist and their client is a very important. However, too many relationships with a client can be potentially harmful to the client as well as the therapist. American Psychological Association (APA) Codes of Ethics 3.05a deals with how to ethically handle multiple relationships. A dual or a multiple relationship exists whenever a counselor has other connections with a client in addition or in succession to the counselor–client relationship (Moleski & Kiselica, 2005)....   [tags: counseling]

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Text Talk in Students’ Formal Writing

- Several decades ago, “Ain’t ain’t a word” was a favorite litany of English teachers everywhere, and they sang it whenever that offending word cropped up in a student’s speech or writing. Today, however, ain’t is a word firmly entrenched in dictionaries, nonstandard, but a word nonetheless. Now, looming on the horizon is something which may make language arts teachers long for the days of ain’t – text talk. Text talk, or text speak, is the language of abbreviations, acronyms, and emoticons people use when communicating through short message service (SMS) on their cell phones, or when instant messaging and emailing each other, and it is beginning to creep into students’ formal writing....   [tags: Language ]

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Bilingual Speakers: Is Code Switching Bad?

- In various societies, people use several different languages in conversations between their friends, family and peers. Especially in Singapore, it is not an unfamiliar phenomenon to hear two or more bilingual speakers speaking and code switching between the language English and Chinese, English and Malay, English and Tamil or even Standard English and Singaporean English to each other in a natural and effortless manner. In this line, I have mechanistically relate speech varieties with “codes” and despite having a vast variety of definitions to choose from for code switching; I have decided to use Heller’s definition....   [tags: singapore, heller, confusion]

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Effect Of A Changing Injection Time

- The time required to reduce the shelf to ejection temperature is 16.6 seconds. To determine quality based on ejection temperature reports, the uniformity of ejection time, as well as the gradient between temperature sections should be analyzed. In Figure 4. With the exception of the gate, the ejection time ranges from around 14.92 to 16.36 seconds, with the majority of the ejection temperature within the “orange” region of 15.2 seconds. The small range in temperature denotes a uniform cooling, meaning a better part quality....   [tags: Thermodynamics, Temperature, The Trial, Function]

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Executive Functioning

- Executive Functioning Executive function is the ability to use thought flexibly to guide actions (Doebel & Zelazo, 2013). It is the process that serves to monitor and control thoughts and actions, including attention regulation and response inhibition (Carlson, Davis, & Leach, 2005). Executive function develops early in childhood and changes in ability between the ages of three and five years (Doebel & Zelazo, 2013). Inhibitory control, a key component of executive function, is the capacity to inhibit thought processes or actions that are not relevant to the goal (Carlson, Davis, & Leach, 2005)....   [tags: attention regulation, childhood, inhibitory]

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Digital Block For A Fucntion Generator

- Digital Block Design Design introduction The Digital Block is the heart of this digitally controlled function generator. Symmetry and frequency variation is direct result of the design of this block. In this design the emphasis was on simplicity and some target specifications at the top of the frequency variation were compromised in order to achieve greater simplicity. This design achieves 28 frequencies in the range of 100Hz to 100kHz. Whilst the 17 frequencies from the range 100Hz to 10kHz are symmetry variable in five steps from 0.1 to 0.5....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Literary Elements Ilustrated in Chinua Achebe's Poem, Refugee Mother and Child and in Kassabova's Refugees

- In the poem Refugee mother and child written by Chinua Achebe and Refugees written by Kapka Kassabova, an important idea of loss is conveyed by using interesting language techniques such as simile, alliteration and metaphor. They both link to the idea of the abstract loss and Achebe, itself, links to physical loss. As the catholic dominated province of Biafra attempted independence from the Muslim dominated central state the civil war broke in 1967. Achebe writes from a 3rd person perspective as he observes the overall mood of sadness and despair as mothers watch, grieving, at the imminent loss of their children....   [tags: literary techniques, literary response]

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How A Circuit Switched Networks Be Preferred Over A Packet Switched Network

- 1. A circuit switched network should be preferred over a packet-switched network if the data flow requires a certain amount of guaranteed bandwidth. This is owing to the fact, that circuit switched network reserves a distinct path for the different end to end communications, whereas in packet switching the total available resources at any point of time are shared equally between all the users that involve in packet transfer. 2. The five-layer protocol stack that is used by the Internet in mentioned below Application Layer: It concerns with the proper running of applications, communicates with network layer and it resides on the end systems....   [tags: OSI model, Internet Protocol Suite]

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Manufacturing Polymer Components

- Manufacturing Polymer Components The outer casing is formed out of polystrene through the process of injection molding. The procedure begins with the mixing of polymer pellets with plastic agents and colourants. This mixture is then heated under 1000 atmospheric pressure to liquefy the polymers so they can then be injected into the cast mold via an injection plunger. Before this process can occur the two halves of the mold must be secured together and attached to the injection molding machine....   [tags: injection molding, ]

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Broadcasting in the UK

- Broadcasting in the UK Introduction: Broadcasting, the transmission of information by radio or television, is a major factor affecting the television industry today. Broadcasting is currently achieved through analogue, a system that has existed since television began in the 1940’s and 50’s. "Analogue converts sound and pictures into waves, which are then transmitted through the air and picked up by our rooftops or indoor aerials." But, because of rapid technological advances in the modern era, analogue will soon be obsolete, and is presently in the process of being replaced by digital broadcasting, the new form of broadcasting that "turns pictures and sound into computer language, which c...   [tags: Television TV Antenna Digital Essays Papers]

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Homer 's The Souls Of Black Folk By F. E. B. Dubois

- Double Consciousness in Black-ish Situational comedies, or more commonly sitcoms, are traditionally rife with common themes and lessons, as they are made to mimic life in short, nicely packaged thirty-minute episodes. As these sitcoms represent life, they often also depict sociological concepts that are applied to real life. Black-ish is a sitcom that focuses on a modern, middle class black family. In particular, the episode “Switch Hitting” deals with the concept of double consciousness and directly interacts with it....   [tags: Black people, African American, Negro]

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Cultural Code Switching : Straddling The Achievement Gap By Jennifer Morton

- The article I chose to research is entitled Cultural Code-Switching: Straddling the Achievement Gap by Jennifer Morton. It was published in September 2014 and placed in the journal of political philosophy, with regards to education as well. The goal of the article was to point out the inequality that comes with the educational achievement gap and how to begin to fix the issue that has arisen. Morton explains that political, institutional, and structural factors lead to the segregation of poverty in minority communities because of their lack of access to educational and health service, reliable public transportation, and job (Morton 275)....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Culture, The Culture]

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