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Sassouma Berete and Sogolon Kedjou in The Epic of Sundiata - Mothers play a very influential role in a young mans life. Even though Sogolon Kedjou and Sassouma Bérété both had an impact on there son's life, their character traits were at different ends of the maternal spectrum. Despite minuscule similarities Sogolon Kedjou and Sassouma Bérété were depicted in direct contrast in the epic Sundiata. When comparing the two Sogolon Kedjou and Sassouma Berete both did what they thought would help to get their son's to become king. Sogolon knew everything that Sassouma was capable of doing to hurt her family, so she came up with the idea to leave the kingdom....   [tags: The Epic of Sundiata] 837 words
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Sundiata - Epics Sundiata was written in Africa. Gilgamesh was the oldest one written. Other works include the Iliad and the Odyssey, which were written by the blind prophet Homer. What do all these works of literature have in common with each other. The similarity that all these works of literature have is that they are all epics. What does this mean. What is an epic. The definition of an epic is that an epic is a long, narrative poem with a hero that goes on a quest. What is the hero. Well, the characteristics of a hero is that they all go on a quest, which is a long, arduous journey, he usually descends to the underworld, and many other traits are possessed that determine if a hero is an epic hero....   [tags: essays research papers] 961 words
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Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali - The great Machiavelli once said, "Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times." Indeed, the study of history is important as history does seem to repeat itself. Many people in today's society learn about the past from textbooks and other books, as these are of easy access. Is this really the best way to learn about the past. The people of ancient Africa did not think so, as they had special people called "griots"who passed the people's traditions and history down orally from generation to generation....   [tags: D.T. Niane] 1008 words
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Sundiata and God's Bits of Wood - Sundiata When I was finished reading both Sundiata and God’s Bits of Wood I had a better understanding of the strong relationship between the African people and their leaders. Even though Sundiata and Ihamim Bakayoko became leaders by different means, they displayed a lot of similarities. Sundiata was a king, so the people had to obey him because of his status. However his subjects did not follow him for that reason, they listened to Sundiata because he was a good leader. As a wise African leader, Sundiata ruled in consultation....   [tags: Essays Papers] 1035 words
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Africa's Political Mastery - Before the arrival of the colonial masters, Africans had a political heritage. This was a way of practicing politics, political attitudes, and political institutions that were passed from one generation to the next generation. Chinua Achebe and D.T. Niane authors of Things Fall Apart and Sundiata respectively, demonstrates how politics was practiced during the pre-colonial period. In Chinua Achebe's book, Things Fall Apart, the people of Umofia were disturbed by their enemy which was a call for war rather; they decided to handle the matter diplomatically by sending an embassy....   [tags: Book Reviews] 822 words
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Trade Routes and Religion - ... After Islamization these castes held out many of their pagan practices and became feared for their occult powers, though they occupied an inferior social position and kept their own villages. Hence in this book smiths are often mentioned as being great sorcerers or soothsayers The soothsayers are described as “The French word is marabout, but it is used in west Africa to mean Muslim cleric or divine, or even someone who is merely very religious, as the distinction between clergy and laity is not marked” These new beliefs started a blending of ideas and cultures that was welcomed....   [tags: history, knowledge]
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Origin and Fate of the Empire of Mali - Origin and Fate of the Empire of Mali Introduction In its peak, the people of Mali occupied land as far west as the Atlantic Ocean. They also traveled as far east as Gao, the capital of the Songhai, as far south as the Niger bend, and as far north as the Sahara desert. They built a great empire between 1240 and 1337 that underwent a course of slow decline until the seventeenth century. History The empire of Mali originated from a small country known as Kangaba. Its people where known as the Mandingo (they have also been called the Malinke and the Mandinka)....   [tags: World History]
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The Biggest Influence on The Lion King - Hamlet or the Epic of Son-Jara? - The Lion King is Disney's most successful movie to date. Many believe that the Lion King is Disney's only original movie; the only movie not previously a fairy tale from one country or another. In fact, The Lion King is in on based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Disney writers conceal the basic character archetypes and simplified storyline in a children's tale of cute lions in Africa. On the other hand William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was based on the Epic of Son-Jara or Sundiata. This lead to the debate is the Lion King based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet or the West African story, the Epic of Son Jara....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]
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Searching for Assata - Searching for Assata I thought long and hard about the type of creative project I wanted to do for my Gender & Society class. This project is a really cool one, in which gender and the things I learned in class would be combined. At first, I was going to interview four teenage African-American girls about their experiences about being Black and female in this society. Due to technical difficulties (raggedly camcorder), I was not able to complete that task. Then I thought about doing a feminist critique of Scarlett O’Hara, the main character from “Gone with the Wind” but that type of thing is for a ten-page paper, not a creative project....   [tags: essays research papers] 1201 words
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Your search returned 9 essays for "sundiata":

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