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The Silk Road Trade Route

- During 200 B.C.E. to 1450 C.E., the Silk Road changed from a simple trade route with Europe to an international business, and its political power shifted from the Chinese dynasties to the Mongols taking over the Silk Road; despite these political and economic changes, the Silk Road remained a trade route that facilitated cultural diffusion and exchange. Stretching beyond 4,000 miles and serving as a major trade route between China and western Europe, the Silk Road assimilated different cultures while establishing commerce over the regions....   [tags: China, Mongols, Commerce]

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Establishment of the Silk Route

- Currently living in the twenty first century we can take modern travel methods from airplanes, vehicles, trains, and ships for granted, altering our perception of the distance we travel significantly. These advanced distribution systems we now employ allow us to exchange culture, products, technology, and ideas by breaking down barriers, truly globalizing the world. Similar to the modern travel marvels we make the most of today, years ago before human’s relationship to machine, the silk route provided that ability to connect multiple countries....   [tags: Chinese History ]

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Oral Route and Drug Therapy

- INTRODUCTION: Oral route is the most important route for drug therapy (Roger E). Water insoluble drugs exhibits poor oral bioavailability, hence much more attention has been focus on the lipid based formulation. Lipids are the carriers for the delivery of drugs which has poor water solubility (Pouton CW). Various lipid based formulations like SEDDS, SMEDDS are used for enhancing the absorption as well as bioavailability of the poorly water soluble drugs (Yi T et al). The lipid vehicles that play an important role in the design and can lead to the success of drug delivery, which can control the absorption rate of drug....   [tags: drug delibery, lipid based formulation]

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United States Route 66

- Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Once a child gains mobility it is a constant exploration to absorb all they be able to. Bringing this exploration into the classroom is the focus of this lesson. It is created to both allow for investigation and to present their discoveries to others and share what they learned on their expedition. With educational funding as it is today it is difficult to take students out of the classroom setting to explore their world so it is up to teachers to creatively find ways to incorporate the outside world into the classroom....   [tags: United States, Travel, Cross Country, Road]

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History Of Route 66 As A Symbol Of Freedom

- Route 66 as most people refer to it today as “The Mother Road” stands as a proud symbol of the “ Road to Opportunity” (Scott Quinta). It is because of the construction of this great landmark that America had such a strong backbone during times of depression. It was a critical period for Americans with the Great Depression, World War II, and the Dust Bowl, it was if America couldn 't catch a break. Its population stood tall and did everything they could to survive and Route 66 was their to support them....   [tags: Dust Bowl, Great Plains, The Grapes of Wrath]

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Fire Safe: An Escape Route for Fires

- Do you have an escape route in case of a fire. If not, you should start working on one with your family. People can die because they don’t have an escape route. Here are some ways to get out of the house if it is on fire. First, you should always have a meeting spot. A good place is by your mailbox, street-light, fire hydrant, or an electric box if near. Second, talk about how to get out of the house if you’re upstairs, downstairs, or in the basement. Let’s start with the upstairs. If you’re in a bed-room with the door closed, check to see if the door is cool....   [tags: fires, ]

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I Took The Roundabout Route For Journalism

- I took the roundabout route to journalism. Before 2009, and my embracing the vocation in earnest, I had been a private tutor to little kids, a paid-by-the page typist and an IT support technician. I had even sold tea door-to-door on a sputtering moped. My then friends called me King of the long shot. From the early to mid-2000s, I was mostly a failing songwriter desperately hanging on the “dream” and taking any and every gig that would support my “habit.” I had a masters degree in marketing but hated the thought of being a suit....   [tags: Journalism, Newspaper, Pakistan, Advertising]

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Chemistry of LSD and Route of Access

- Chemistry of LSD and Route of Access Classification Pharmacologically, the commonly abused hallucinogenic substances may be divided into two major groups. The indolealkylamines, including d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), psilocybin, and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) bear a structural resemblance to the neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin). The phenylethylamines, including mescaline and the phenylisopropylamines such as 2, 5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine (DOM, "STP"), are structurally related to dopamine, norepinephrine, and the amphetamines (Gelenberg, Bassuk, Schoonover 1991)....   [tags: Chemistry Chemical Science Papers]

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Out Of Africa, The Nile Valley And The Northen Route

- Based on the research done by scholars before, it has proved that origin of human is from Africa. People are wondering the routes of the migration of hominid. This essay will discuss the result some anthropologist have found about this topic base on the research article “OUT OF AFRICA, THE NILE VALLEY AND THE NORTHEN ROUTE” written by Sarah Wurz and Philip Van, and “Getting “Out of Africa”: Sea Crossing, Land Crossing and Culture in the Hominin Migration” by Robin Derricourt. The first article reviewed the archeological and fossil record found in the “Out of Africa 2”, it talks about the Nile Valley specifically....   [tags: Human, Africa, Human evolution, Egypt]

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Cell Phones Have Turned Into A Vital Route For Americans

- Cell phones have turned into a vital route for Americans to convey, go on the web, and get to and share data. Another Pew Research Center report breaks down cell phone proprietorship and the dispositions and practices of cell phone proprietors, and also how these cell phones have turned into an essential route for a few clients to get to the web. The offer of Americans who claim a cell phone has considerably expanded since 2011, when Pew Research initially started looking at cell phone appropriation....   [tags: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone]

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The Impact Of Facebook On The Company On A Path Dependent Route

- Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer is looking at a well-founded and healthy company. However, some poor acknowledgment of the importance of mobile advertising has set the company on a path dependent route. Sheryl, Zuckerberg, and the entire Facebook team now must compress time to capture the value of this market. While doing this, they are also focused on international productivity. Sheryl needs to have a theory to compete to gain and sustain competitive advantage. Facebook has many competitors such as Google, Twitter, and Microsoft....   [tags: Facebook, Marketing, Sheryl Sandberg, Advertising]

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The Slave Trade Route between Africa and North America

- ... Families were separated tearing relationships between loved ones. The Americans had taken advantage of powerless Africans by doubling the amount of people that were to be boarded on to the ships. Each ship was to carry a maximum of four hundred and fifty one Africans but the Americans had fit six hundred people. Buckets were scattered around the ships that had suffocated many children. Many of the Africans that were in these ships were primarily boys. Girls that were boarded were between the ages of 15 and older....   [tags: Middle Passage]

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Best Route for Economic Development for Poor Countries

- Whether liberal democracy, illiberal democracy or authoritarian rule is the best route to economic development for low income countries Introduction Democracy and economic development are two concepts that were not related initially, however, with the rise of democracies and the subsequent economic development there is an established correlation between the two concepts. The question that this paper will seek to address is “which is the best regime for economic development”. In responding tothis question it is significant to first distinguish between the different regimes that are available; liberal democracy, illiberal democracy and authoritarianism....   [tags: democracy, authoritarianism, polict]

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition:Mapping a Water Route to the West Coast

- President Thomas Jefferson had long considered a western expedition and the Louisiana Purchase increased the need for such an exploration and survey of the west . The main body of explorers, known as the Corps of Discoverers, was led by Captain Meriwether Lewis and his associate in command William Clark. Assembling the individuals to make up the Corps of Discoverers would prove to be less daunting than the hardships and challenges they would endure on their westward journey. Captain Lewis at age twenty nine and Lieutenant Clark who was four years older were both from upper class Virginia planter families and had become friends in the Army....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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Impact of Range Anxiety on the Route Choices Using ICLV Model

- Background Due to rapid economic growth, vehicle ownership is increasing worldwide, and at an alarming rate. As per the Global Vehicle Population report [1], in 2013 there is a 25% increase in private car transport since 1990. According to Ward’s Research, in 2009, global registrations were 980 million units and increased to 1.015 billion in 2010 (increase of about 3.6% in just one year). These numbers are significantly close to the projections made by Dargay et al., 2007 with vehicle ownership expected to cross 2 billion in 2030....   [tags: stress buffering behavior]

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Flood Hazard and Emergency Response Route Scenario in Olympia, Washington, U.S.

- Planet Earth is a miracle, an anomaly within our universe that allows for the growth of diverse natural organisms and beautiful scenery. However, with this great beauty comes natural hazards that can be detrimental to the continued survival of the organisms that inhabit the surface and oceans alike. These disasters can arrive with little warning and completely disrupt the operation of society. The need to plan for potential complex emergencies will continue to rise as long as natural hazards continue to occur along with the human population increasing and seasonal weather intensifying with climate change....   [tags: natural catastrophies, contingencies]

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Magellan's Recovery of a Lost Cause

- ... Mancall we can see the desire of Pigafetta to prove their voyage was worthwhile amidst the loss of four of five ships and only eighteen remaining men. One of the main narrative points by Pigafetta is ability of the crew to acquire food on the islands that they come upon. It is particularly important for him to show this crew having food because they want this new route that circumnavigates the globe to be feasible for future trading voyages. “We could well call that land the Land of Promise, because before finding it we suffered very great hunger, so that many times we were ready perforce to abandon our ships and go ashore that we might not starve to death” (140)....   [tags: voyage, spain, route]

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The Roles of the Ho Chi Minh Trail for the Victory of the North in the Vietnam War

- During the peak of the Cold War, the US and USSR were the two world superpowers, going head to head in proxy wars around the world. One of the most famous proxy wars was the Vietnam War, in which the technologically superior US army lost to the inferior North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Prior to the Vietnam War, the French IndoChina War ended several years earlier, in which the Viet Minh forces managed to push out the French forces, separating the country into two; the Communist North lead by Ho Chi Minh, and the South led by a French-backed emperor....   [tags: route, journey, attacks]

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UPS: Making Air Package Deliveries

- ... UPS selected Louisville has their hub for two reasons. First, because of its location as UPS can reach the majority of the US population within two or three flight hours. Second, Louisville Airport has a history of remaining open. Louisville was closed only one time due to snow since UPS built Worldport on location. “Worldport is the largest fully automated package handling facility in the world. The operation currently turns over 130 aircraft daily, processing an average of 1.6 million packages a day with a record 4.2 million packages processed on Peak Day 2012” (Worldport, 2013)....   [tags: performance, route, issues, marketing]

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Admissions Essay - My Long Route to Medical School

- Admissions Essay - My Long Route to Medical School I have always loved science and had planned a science career from an early age. However, life circumstances required me to follow a longer, less traditional route toward my goal, learning useful skills and gaining valuable experience along the way. From the time of my parents' divorce, when I was eleven, I have had heavy family responsibilities. Initially, these responsibilities included caring for my three younger brothers and sister, and maintaining our home, while my mother worked....   [tags: Medicine College Admissions Essays]

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How Differentiated Instruction Can Work and Fail in the Article Mapping a Route Toward Differentiated Instruction by Carol Ann Tomlinson

- This article, named “Mapping a Route Toward Differentiated Instuction” by Carol Ann Tomlinson, is about differention, which means to form or mark differently from other such things (Collins, 2009). This paper talks about the difference between the three teachers they gives and their teaching style. They all are different, but the paper talks about how they show good or bad differentiated tactics. The first two teachers did not do it right according to the paper but the last teacher had no complants....   [tags: teacher, plan, class]

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The Route of the Civil War

- ... It could have been speculated that the Southern men were "rough and tough" due to their upbringing. The south was also fighting a defensive war, meaning that they only had to focus on defending their territory. These advantages seemed to be enough to counter strong union forces until the battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg. This was the major turning point in the war. Under command of General Ulysses S. Grant, the Union took victory in the single most bloody battle in American history, killing almost a third of Lee's army....   [tags: equality, discrimination, slaves]

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Route March Rest by Vernon Scannell, Night Raid by Desmond Hawkins,

- Route March Rest by Vernon Scannell, Night Raid by Desmond Hawkins, The Battle by Louis Simpson - How do the poets communicate emotional or moving responses to war. What do these poems tell us about wartime life and the thoughts and feelings of civilians and soldiers. How do the poets communicate emotional or moving responses to war. The following essay will try to answer the question above. Using references and quotes from three wartime poems I will explain what they tell us about wartime life and the thoughts and feelings of civilians and soldiers....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Route Less Taken

- ... “आज मौसम कैसा है?” My years of proficiency in Hindi is acknowledged, yet the voice responds, “34 Degrees, Sir,” in exceptional English. I stepped outside my building and started jogging. It was a dark early morning, which was lucky as this was monsoon season; but I couldn’t be fooled. As I’d learned over the past month, it could start raining at any time in Kolkata. As puffs of breath collected in front of me, I passed through them, making progress with each exhale. I stuck to the main roads, as Kolkata was a city very difficult to map, but I wasn’t afraid of detouring through alleyways....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Urban Transport: Traffic and Transportation Planning

- AIM AND OBJECTIVES The aim of the project is to design and develop a novel web based application that can dynamically recommend the best route and estimate the travel time for urban transport. The objectives of the project are the following: 1) To utilize the real-time data being generated and captured from the GPS installed in MTC buses on selected routes in the city. 2) To analyse this data and to make inferences on the traffic scenario along these routes. 3) Efficient data structures and parallelized implementation of algorithms to be integrated into the existing design to improve the response time....   [tags: best route, gps technology, travel time]

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Privilege Route With The Treatment Of Persons With Disabilities

- The concept of privilege intersects with the treatment of persons with disabilities in many ways. In order to first understand how it intersects we must first define the word privilege. Privilege refers to the “rights, advantages and protection enjoyed by some at the expense of and beyond the rights, advantages, and protections available to others” (= , Ch 5). According to Peggy McIntosh, “We usually think of privilege as being a favored state, whether earned or conferred by birth or luck” (White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, 2)....   [tags: Disability]

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Anti-Angiogenesis: The Route to Preventative Medicine

- The study of angiogenesis has led scientists to develop methods of preventing the onset of deadly diseases. Dr. William Li quotes this study as “eating to starve cancer”, but we can also eat to starve obesity. One recently developed concept based on preventative care is anti-angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the tendency of blood vessels to grow in response to bodily circumstances. If, for example, an individual is injured and loses a significant amount of blood, the body will signal the growth of blood vessels in that specific area, thus increasing blood flow....   [tags: blood vessel, inhibitors, cancer]

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Globalization: The Route to a Better World

- In a debate of global economic practice, it is apparent that two main arguments develop. While some argue that our global economy is self-correcting and eventually all will balance out, others dispute that while some countries continue to climb the global economic ladder of success other less developed nations continue to sink and suffer from poverty, oppression, and economic failure. I personally believe the latter of the two. Such poverty stricken, economic plunders should be provided with some kind of help from the more advanced, economically stable nations....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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Globalization: The Route to Global Destruction

- Globalization is a confusing concept. For some it conjures up images of electronic communications: an email, global media, and popularization of mobile phones. For others it is about trade: the ability to buy coca-cola in rural villages in Africa. For yet others it is about misappropriation and greed: the suicide of Indian peasant farmers ruined by agri-business and genetically modified seeds. From now on, I will present the negative effects of globalization. ?gGlobalization?h is a very uneven process, with unequal distribution of benefits and losses....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' The Grapes Of Wrath '

- Amimah Tahir Honors English II Analysis Questions 1. In The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck analyzes characters deeply in his novel. These characters, throughout the book, develop different qualities and personalities. One of the characters that show this development is Tom Joad. Tom Joad, in the beginning of the novel, is shown to be selfish and self- centered, but as the story progresses, and the teachings and experiences gained from Jim Casy, he changes to a leader and a helper of the community....   [tags: The Grapes of Wrath, U.S. Route 66, Symbol]

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Tappan Zee Bridge

- Tappan Zee Bridge "A symbolic span over which Westchester and Rockland Counties will move virtually overnight, twenty years into the future" When Governor Thomas F. Dewey made this pronouncement in December of 1955, it does not seem as though even he knew how true his words would be. It took till 1989 and "Field of Dreams" to coin the phrase "If you build it they will come", but someone could have very well made the same observation during the 1950s in reference to Rockland County New York. Both of these statements cannot fully impress into the minds of readers that changes that came with the opening of a single roadway....   [tags: Road Route Roads Essays]

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Gary Ridgway Who Went On A Twenty Year Killing Spree

- This case is on Gary Ridgway who went on a twenty year killing spree. “The man whom cops would call the Green River Killer was to murder at least 49 women. Some investigators think he killed as many as 90, which, if true, would make him the biggest serial murderer in U.S. history. At his peak in '83, he was murdering as many as five women a month” (Mcarthy, 2002). This case happened throughout the eighties but he wasn’t caught until 2001 because of new technology with DNA testing which connected him to them in which he then admitted to the rest of the murders....   [tags: Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway, Washington State Route 99]

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The Ad Hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV)

- ... Nodes receiving this packet update their information for the source node and set up backwards pointers to the source node in the route tables. In addition to the source node's IP address, current sequence number, and broadcast ID, the RREQ also contains the most recent sequence number for the destination of which the source node is aware. A node receiving the RREQ may send a route reply (RREP) if it is either the destination or if it has a route to the destination with corresponding sequence number greater than or equal to that contained in the RREQ....   [tags: algorithm, nodes, routes, mobile]

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Effects of Surfactants on Suppository Absorption

- ... However, drugs may not be suitable to be delivered orally in some circumstances. Young children, elderly, those experiencing nausea, vomiting and unconscious patients, face difficulty or even unable to swallow the medicines [1]. In these cases, rectal route becomes a good alternative in drug delivery. Rectal route is also suitable for drugs that irritate the stomach mucosa when taken orally and for drugs that act locally at the rectum area and there will not be any fear about the acceptability of the taste of drugs in paediatric patients....   [tags: drugs, paracetamol, rectal]

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A Selfish and Lazy Society: The Scarlett Letter

- ... This is the pain that Dimmesdale is experiencing because of the guilt he has. If Dimmesdale took the harder route, he would not have to dwell on this sin. Hawthorne also implemented some irony into this situation. "for thy [Hester’s] soul's peace, and that thy earthly punishment will thereby be made more effectual" (Hawthorne 63). Dimmesdale says this to Hester when he was asks her to confess who her lover was. The ironic part of this is that Dimmesdale does not have peace in his soul, it was hypocritical....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, character analysis]

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Stable and Self Adaptive Routing for Mobile and Ad Hoc Networks Using Cross Layer Design

- ... CL-DSR proposes the link metric as the link instability index denoted by ‘ψ’ as the cumulative value of the average bit error rate and their path loss computed from received signal strength. The computation of average bit error rate is given by [12.Justus Ch. Fricke,, 2007]. A multihop route consists of ‘n’ number of nodes connected by ‘n-1’ number of links. The link stability index of link ‘m’ between the intermediate node Ni-1 and Ni is represented as Where is the average Bit error probability of link ‘m’ and is the path loss incurred when receiving the RREQ at the node ‘i’ from the source node....   [tags: routing algorithms]

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A Review on Alleviation of Blackhole Attacks on AODV Protocol

- In the paper [5] a solution to encounter black hole attack is proposed. Here, the AODV is modified. In order to check whether the route advertised exists and free of malicious nodes, the intermediate nodes should add the address of the next hop node in RREP packets. Once the source node receives the RREP packet, it finds the details of the next hop node and sends a Further request to the next hop node in order to verify the existence of the next hop node. The next hop node sends the Further reply packet to the source node to confirm the route information....   [tags: mobile nodes, RREP, MANET]

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Mobile Ad Hoc Network Temporarily Forms a Network without Support

- I. INTRODUCTION Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a self configuring infrastructureless network of mobile devices .MANET is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that dynamically form a network temporarily without any support of central administration. Mobile ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that establishes the network in absence of fixed infrastructure.MANET routing protocols possess two properties such as: 1. QUALITATIVE PROPERTIES. 2. QUANTITATIVE PROPERTIES. 1.Qualitative properties involves: • Distributed operation • Loop freedom • Demand based routing • Security 2.Quantitative properties involves: • End to end throughput....   [tags: qualitative, quantitative, protocol]

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An Ad-hoc Network: Individual Devices Communicating with Each Other

- ... A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is generally defined as a network that has many free or autonomous nodes, often composed of mobile devices or other mobile pieces, that can arrange themselves in various ways and operate without strict top-down network administration. There are many different types of setups that could be called MANETs and the potential for this sort of network is still being studied. One of the main problem in ad-hoc networking is the efficient delivery of data packets to the mobile nodes where the topology is not pre-determined nor does the network have centralized control [1]....   [tags: construction, hardware, data, nodes]

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Life Time Prediction of Node-to-Node Communication

- 1 Introduction Now-a-days any time anywhere connectivity was needed, which can be achieved by Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANET). Infrastructure less, self-organizing networks was called MANET. Nodes in a MANET can act as routers, able to forward packets to other nodes, within its transmission region. Designing a routing protocol for such a dynamic networks was a challenging task, due to frequent link failure, limited battery power, and mobility. Huge number of routing protocols has been proposed for MANET [1], different Criteria were used to classify those protocols....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Offering Anomymity Protection with Anonymous Location-based Efficient Routing Protocol

- ... Anonymous routing protocols are crucial in MANETs to provide secure communications by hiding node identities and preventing traffic analysis attacks from outside observers. Anonymity in MANETs includes identity and location anonymity of data sources (i.e., senders) and destinations (i.e., recipients), as well as route anonymity. “Identity and location anonymity of sources and destinations” means it is hard if possible for other nodes to obtain the real identities and exact locations of the sources and destinations....   [tags: broadcast, routing, manet]

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Roading Project Listed on the Auckland Transport Website

- Introduction This report was requested by Winston Hiliau, to discuss a roading project listed on the Auckland Transport website. Of all the given current and completed projects, I have chosen “Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street Upgrade” as my report topic. The New Zealand government has a $30 million budget to upgrade and widen Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street located between Clark Street and the intersection of New Windsor Road and Maioro Street. The project’s aim is to increase road safety and to provide an efficient road environment for all users....   [tags: civil engineering projects]

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Taking a Look Back at the Gold Rush

- On January 24, James Marshall, who was an American carpenter and saw mill operator, saw something that caught his eye. It was gold. “It made my heart thump, for I was certain it was gold,” he said. He was building a sawmill along the American River for John Sutter, a German Swiss pioneer. Marshall, then, hurried back to his workers to show what he had found. After showing his crew, he rushed to Sutter’s fort, which is now today near Sacramento,California. The two tried to keep the word of the gold on a low key, for Sutter feared that his plan with his mill would be ruined....   [tags: American history]

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Border Gateway Protocol: Origin Misconfigurations and Effects

- Introduction The Internet is a highly unstable and non-reliable network which requires a strong routing protocol. There are about 493870 routes on the Internet and the number is increasing every day (CIDR Report). Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the exterior gateway routing protocol used for routing over the Internet worldwide. BGP exchanges routing information between autonomous systems over the Internet. An autonomous system (AS) can be defined as network or group of routers that implement the same routing policy (Halabi, 96)....   [tags: internet, routing protocols]

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Gold: The Challenge of a Lifetime

- “Farmers mortgaged their farms, workmen downed their tools, clerks left counting-rooms, and even ministers abandoned their pulpits.” (Garraty, 1989, 432) When news of the Gold Rush reached the East Coast of the United States it was just thought to be a rumor. It was the middle of 1848 and the Mexican-American war had just ended. The United States was in debt and many people were also. There were not very many options for young men in America. Then in 1849 President Polk confirmed the discovery of gold in California and the Gold Rush was on....   [tags: Gold Rush, Gold Mine, California Gold]

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Handheld Mobile Devices

- Research has shown that use of hand held mobile phones while driving can increase the risk of crash by up to 23 times (Vic Roads, 2009). In an attempt to curb the number of people taking such risks, TAC launched a campaign to bring awareness to the problem of distracted drivers, many of whom are distracted by hand held mobile phones, commonly used to talk or text while driving. Considering the statistics regarding the chance of crash when engaging in such activities and the prevalence of the problem, TAC has launched the campaign with hope of creating attitude change....   [tags: Technology]

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The Legacy Of The Santa Fe Trail

- Stretching nearly 1,200 miles, the Santa Fe Trail was a monumental and influential trading route that spread from Franklin, Missouri, across the Great Plains to the mountainous town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It opened up a gateway to the west for many traders who hoped to make a living by selling their goods to the previously isolated areas of the current American Southwest. Some of the most profound impacts that the Santa Fe Trail had on the history of New Mexico include the exposure of New Mexican’s to the goods and economy of the United States, the trail’s strategic military location, and the conflicts that arose due to a difference in ideals and culture between the travelers of the trai...   [tags: United States]

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How Successful Are Antismoking Campaigns At Altering An Individuals Physical And Psychological Responses?

- In response to the research question, “How successful are antismoking campaigns at altering an individuals physical and psychological responses?”, the present sample size and investigation indicate that the method of advertisement does not make a significant difference in the heart rate or understanding score of participants. There is a minimal difference between central tendency values for the central and peripheral route of persuasion, with the central route having higher mean values than the peripheral route for both heart rate and understanding....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical significance]

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The Massacre of Captain John Gunnison and his Explorers in 1853

- ... He received his appointment to West Point Military Academy in 1833 on the recommendation of a family friend and then-Congressman Franklin K. Pierce. During his tenure there, he wrote prophetically to his parents that he “wished to accomplish the greatest amount of good in the least possible time.” He graduated with honors second in his class of 50 in 1837. Gunnison’s first assignment took him to Florida, where he served as an ordnance officer in the Florida War. In 1838, he assisted with the relocation of the Cherokees to Indian Territory....   [tags: historic turning points in American history]

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The Legacy Of The Santa Fe Trail

- Spanning nearly 1,200 miles, the Santa Fe Trail was a monumental and influential trading route that spread from Franklin, Missouri, across the Great Plains to the mountainous town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It opened up a gateway to the west for many traders who aspired to make a living by selling their goods to the previously isolated areas of the present-day American Southwest. Some of the most profound impacts that the Santa Fe Trail had on the history of New Mexico include the exposure of New Mexican’s to the goods and the economy of the United States, the trail’s strategic military location, and the conflicts that arose due to a difference in ideals and culture between the travelers of th...   [tags: United States]

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El Dorado: The Nicaragua Canal

- Trade routes have unsurprisingly played a major factor in the world’s economy and history: thanks to them we found out that the world was round, for example. What’s more, this discovery resulted from an accidental encountering with the Americas, en route from Europe to Asia. While the New World became the destination for major exchanges for centuries subsequently, new trading routes to Asia were still being searched. Eventually, finding a route that could connect the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean was imperative, especially during the time of the gold rush, when many people wished to get to California....   [tags: alternative commercial routes]

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A Heuristic Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in Home Automation

- The paper proposes a greedy-algorithm heuristic routing (GAHR) protocol and an A* algorithm for route finding thereby evaluating them with conventional routing protocols to overcome their disadvantages and to make them more suitable for Home Automation. There are certain unique characteristics which Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) possess and they are described in the paper as follows: 1. Easy deployment and reduced installation cost 2. Good scalability 3. Easy integration with mobile user devices Before designing a routing protocol for WSNHA there are some requirements the protocols should satisfy and some of which are discussed in the paper: Improved energy efficiency, low storage and alg...   [tags: algorithm, devices]

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Life On Campus Is Better Than What I Expected At The Governors Complex

- It’s been a month since I moved into college, life on campus have been great for me. The living community is better than what I expected at the Governors Complex. The university has the number one dining inside the SUNY College system for four consecutive years. The living community let students feel like they are at home. Besides dorm life, we have very amazing academic programs. I am very happy with my professors, most of them try to keep the lectures interesting. But like everything else, the university have imperfections, the university stampedes are what I think is the flaw of the school....   [tags: Public transport, Bus stop, Bus, Bus transport]

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The Effects Of Social Psychology On A Person 's Internal Homeostasis

- Social psychology is the study of how interpersonal relations affect people, and thus, the environment in which they live. The external world can significantly impact a person’s internal homeostasis. Every individual has experienced situations which has made him feel various emotions; however, not all people react the same way to these situations. One of the best ways to observe social psychology first-hand is to watch presidential debates. In the first of three 2016 Presidential Debates, voters could watch presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respond to both each other, and to the moderator, Lester Holt, regarding a series of questions discussing the future of America....   [tags: Sociology, Psychology, Presumptive nominee]

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The Three Major European Superpowers ( Spain, England, And France

- The three major European superpowers (Spain, England, and France) had similarities in their motives to navigate the Atlantic Ocean; essentially they differed in their methods of utilizing the New World, and their impact on the indigenous people of the Americas. The evident similarities of Spain, England, and France, where their initial pursuits to find the trade route to India and make wealth off of it. The superpowers fluctuated in their means of utilizing the New world when they had to make something from nothing....   [tags: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, United States]

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The Sensational Salsa Company : A New Brand Of Salsa

- In the world of party chips and zesty dips, the Sensational Salsa company has created a new brand of salsa flavor. Having believe that they have created a culinary masterpiece, the company has already produced a mountains worth of their new salsa flavor. However, when they begin selling the salsa, they were shocked when the statistic showed that many children and adults did not enjoy the taste of their new flavor. Devastated by the news, the Sensational Salsa company deployed a questionable tactic to persuade more people into buying their salsa and change their attitude towards their product: they plan to pay off parents to lie on Facebook about how much they enjoyed the salsa....   [tags: Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory, Cognition]

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Resource Aware Node Authentication Framework for Secure MANET

- MANET comprises mobile nodes, which are links to each other by wireless connections without any base infrastructure. MANETs are vulnarable to security attack due to thier features such as autonomus nature, infrastructure-less network and multi-hop communication. Therefore every node in MANET must be secure; node security can be provided by using node authentication techniques. Every node in manet consists of resources such as battery power, bandwidth, memory to keep routing information. These resources provided by MANET node are limited resources....   [tags: Computer Science, IT]

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Foreign Direct Investment Of Retailing : Foreign Investment

- FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN RETAILING : Foreign investment is investment in an enterprise by a Non-Resident irrespective of whether this involves new equity capital or re-investment of earnings.  1995 – World Trade Organization’s general agreement on trade in services, which include both wholesale and retailing services, came into effect.  1997 – FDI in cash and carry (wholesale) with 100% rights allowed under the government approval route.  2006 – FDI in cash and carry (wholesale) brought under the automatic route....   [tags: Retailing, Supermarket, Shopping mall]

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Insulin Pumo- Diabetes

- ... This route is so promising because the lungs have a larger surface area, which is good for absorption of insulin. A study has been conducted for inhaled insulin. The results from the study show that inhaled insulin produces the same results as insulin delivery via multiple daily injections and insulin pumps. The biggest improvement was patient satisfaction. Patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes said they would prefer to use inhaled insulin when compared to multiple daily injections (Owens, 2003)....   [tags: disease, high blood sugar, insulin, blood]

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Improving China's Image Through Advertisement

- 4.2 Creative advertising to create the image of a strong brand Research Question 2: Can China create international advertisements that would be conducive to advancing its global image and make use of soft-power. It has been well established by marketers and economists that a successful ad campaign is able to localize to the target audience and communicate messages in-line for the respective society. Advertisements often sell more of a “concept” of an ideal goal—that concept can vary slightly or dramatically from country to country, but its importance is undeniable....   [tags: International Market, Soft-Power]

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Does the Way We Act Affect How We Think or the Other Way Around?

- There are billions of people on this earth with each person connected by the interconnected thread of thinking. Although, there are many different cultural and economic differences between each one of these individuals, not one person can deny that there are always similarities. These similarities connect humanity with the way that all of humanity is able think and have their actions influenced by said thinking. The question that arises from thinking is how exactly it is able to affect a person....   [tags: thinking, acting, humanity, cognitive dissionance]

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The Public Transit Service Cache Valley Transit District

- One of the most debated topics in Cache Valley today concerns the public transit service Cache Valley Transit District. Specifically the fact that CVTD is one of the few purely Fare-Free services in the nation. This mean that it costs the passenger nothing to ride the bus service. A person could board a bus in Richmond (the northernmost area serviced by the regular CVTD service) and ride clear to Hyrum (the southernmost) without having to pay a single cent. They could ride every route that services the core area of Logan for an entire day and not have to worry once about paying a fare....   [tags: Public transport, Bus]

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Project Management Theory

- ...    3. Change 2: Additional Station The second change is to include an additional station at Madeley, to the west of Newcastle – under –Lyme, Staffordshire. 3.1 Project Management Theory 3.1.1 Theory (3-step model) Lewin’s 3-step model conceptualises change as a process with three phases, one, unfreezing, two, moving and three, refreezing. The first step for this project would be communicating with those affected by the change to begin a process of re-education thus increasing the receptivity of the client system and balancing the social forces....   [tags: risk management, change control]

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The Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate System

- Today's society relies heavily on roads, and today just about all roads are paved, and we have the convenience of Interstates and US Highways to travel on. Before Dwight Eisenhower's Interstate System, and before the United States Numbered Highway system, there were no standards to which roads were built, most were not even paved, there were no required numbering systems, and ones that did exist were not organized in efficient ways. The US Route System, and later The Interstate System, have promoted massive growth, easier travel, greater tourism, and easier logistics in the United States....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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The Future Of The Army Engineer

- The Future of the Army Engineer The events of September 11, 2001 fundamentally changed the landscape of the United States Army. Among all the branches the Army Corp of Engineers has seen the biggest changes to its mission set. The engineer mission of providing mobility, counter mobility, and survivability to the maneuver commander transformed into a pure route clearance mission as the improvised explosive device threat in Iraq and Afghanistan became more pronounced. There is a need within the engineer community to shift back into pre 9/11 mission focus and reteach the fundamental skills....   [tags: United States Army, Military]

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History fo Euclid Avenue Corridor

- History of Euclid Avenue Corridor Euclid Avenue, referred to as “Millionaire’s Row” from the late 1800s to the 1920s, is one of the oldest corridors in Cleveland, Ohio. This corridor has undergone a number of redevelopment projects in the past century, as the city itself transformed from a commercial town in the 1800s, to the industrial city it is today. Large areas of the Euclid Avenue corridor were demolished in the 1960s, as part of a series of urban renewal programs. These programs were established to revitalize office and housing markets in downtown Cleveland and to further encourage development of University Circle, a neighborhood of cultural, educational and medical institutions, lo...   [tags: Millionaire's Row, Cleveland, Ohio]

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The Process Of Systems Thinking

- Senge opined that the process of systems thinking is critical for one to comprehend the dynamic complexity of a social system (Palaima & Skarzauskiene, 2010). Thus, when one applies and adapts the principles of systems thinking in one’s organization as in the case of the present learning team, it is usually beneficial. For instance, it assists the team to comprehend a complex problem much easier as well as the interrelationships of the different parts and the different cause –and –effect cycles associated with such a problem....   [tags: Balanced scorecard, Strategy map, Systems theory]

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Wayfinding in Zero Visibility

- Wayfinding in Zero Visibility Every day, firefighters across the United States place themselves in the IDLH atmosphere of structure fires. These incidents are among the most dangerous to firefighters, and therefore should be the incidents we are most prepared for. On structure fires, we have three main priorities. In order they are life safety, fire control, and property conservation. With life safety being our top priority, we place all our efforts in ensuring that task is achieved. This means that firefighters are constantly working to improve technology and methods for life safety....   [tags: fires, incidents]

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The Silk Road

- Long before there were trains, ships and airplanes to transport goods from one place to another, there was the Silk Road. Beginning in the sixth century, this route was formed and thus began the first major trade system. Although the term “Silk Road” would lead one that it was on road, this term actually refers to a number of different routes that covered a vast amount of land and were traveled by many different people. Along with silk, large varieties of goods were traded and traveled along this route both going to and from China....   [tags: Chinese History ]

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Do Humans (Homo sapiens) Maximize the Number of Food Items Per Foraging Run? A Test of the Marginal Value Theorem

- Abstract Organisms such as starlings and honeybees appear to forage based on the marginal value theorem. This experiment tested whether humans could forage in like manner. An equal number of students took long and short routes to the foraging patch and collected simulated food items in a way that simulated diminishing marginal returns. Data on travel time, foraging time, and number of food items collected were collected. The data differed significantly from the calculated optimal values. This may be a result of low number of trips between the foraging patch and the simulated dwelling....   [tags: Sociology]

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Cherokee Native American Indians and the Trail of Tears

- Cherokee Native American Indians and the Trail of Tears What made the Cherokee culture distinctive towards others in the Trail of Tears time period was that they had a more peaceful, harmless outlook on the situation. In 1814, Andrew Jackson who would eventually become the President of the United States, had his and his whole army’s lives on the line in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend to the British forces when the Cherokee allied with them to win the battle. Surprisingly, 16 years later when Jackson was President of the United States, he made the deciding decision on the controversy of whether or not the Cherokee deserved their land....   [tags: the trail of loss and adversity]

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Motor Deficits Reported in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Motor deficits are often reported in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children with ASD frequently display clumsy gait, imbalance, and poor manual dexterity and coordination (Dowell, Mahone, & Mostofsky, 2009). Difficulty with skilled motor gestures, referred to as apraxia or dyspraxia, is also observed in and is actually one of the most consistently reported motor problems in children with ASD (Dziuk, Gidley Larson, Apostu, Mahone, Decnkla, & Mostofsky, 2007). Yet it is unclear whether children with ASD have a form of apraxia/dyspraxia, or whether their motor deficits can be explained by problems with basic motor skills....   [tags: skills, neurons, apraxia]

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Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Mobile Networks Help Security

- Energy awareness for computation and protocol management is becoming a crucial factor in the design of MANET protocols and algorithms. Because of mobility, we need the support of scalable routing strategies and these protocols try to consider the path duration in order to respect some QoS constraints and to reduce fake neighbor position for route discovery. Often energy saving and path duration and stability can be two contrasting efforts and trying to satisfy both of them can be very difficult because such a process can be easily abused or disrupted by adversarial nodes....   [tags: neighbor, communication, attacks]

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Christopher Columbus : The Discovery Of The World

- Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. He committed his life to being an explorer and a navigator at an early age. He went on many trading expeditions in the seas of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. On a certain expedition to the islands of Khios, he came the closest he would ever get to the continent of Asia. On Columbus’ first voyage, he almost lost his life. Columbus also went on many other voyages to Africa to gain knowledge about the Atlantic current, that flowed east and west from the Islands of Canary....   [tags: Christopher Columbus, Spain, Atlantic Ocean]

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Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Mobile Networks

- Introduction Wireless networks have gained immense popularity since its advent in 1970s and even more prominently since the last decade. Mobile wireless networks currently have two implementation architectures: infrastructured networks infrastructureless networks[1]. In the network architecture for Infrastructured networks, there are fixed wired gateways, known as base stations installed across the desired coverage area. A device within the network connects to the nearest accessible (the one with the strongest signal) gateway....   [tags: wireless network, Ad hoc systems]

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The XYZ Ltd Booking Information System Website

- The XYZ Ltd Booking Information System website was then created to simulate the train ticket booking process and used this relational database to insert records into other tables. This website can be seen as an example of online transaction processing (OLTP) system, often simply referred to as transactional systems. They are designed to process small, quick, interactive workloads for which users expect a fast response time. (Root, R., & Mason, C., 2012) Figure 3.1: Screenshot of XYZ Transport Limited’s website 3.4 DATA ETL (EXTRACTION, TRANSFORMATION AND LOADING) ETL as a BI concept means Extract, Transform and Load....   [tags: train ticket booking process]

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A Report On The Airline Industry

- Introduction The Airline industry is a constantly changing environment. Economic regulations, deregulations and regulatory enforcements are key players of the changes we see happen, which can make it very difficult to sustain a long term business within the industry. One of the many ways airlines try to sustain their business or services, in order to cope with these changes is being able to maximise and maintain their revenue sources; and one of the many ways they do this is by increasing their passenger numbers; this can be done through advertisements of new routes or a proposed route destination; and so, the purpose of this report as a route development officer for Flybe, is to outline al...   [tags: Airline, British Airways, London Gatwick Airport]

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Achievements of the African Empires and Cities Before the Arrival of the Europeans

- In Africa, there were achievements in the empires or kingdoms and their cities before the Europeans arrived and took control. In the Kingdom (Empire) of Axum they developed a trade route. In the Kingdom of Ghana they had characteristics of powerful nations today. In the city of Timbuktu they had great morals and developed the center of Islamic Art. There are many other things that Africa achieved in. In the great empires of Africa they developed many things. In the Axum (Aksum) Empire (Ethiopia, in present time) they developed a trade route that stretched of Asia to Africa and back....   [tags: africa, African History, ]

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Routing Information Protocol: A Survey

- Abstract: - As we can see today the new technology provides many facilities and fast communication, such as internet. We must think how the information transfers from the source to the destination. In fact, there is a device who mange this operation and called router, this device explore the path from the source to the destination in low cost. However, In this report we will go to present one of the most popular algorithm use in the routing its Distance Vector algorithm which is the basis of the well-known Routing Information Protocol (RIP) then we will go to explain how this protocol works what is the problem, and how we can manage this problem and solve it, when use this protocol ....   [tags: Technology, Communication and Network]

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Questions and Answers about Baggages

- Q1- What is the carry-on allowance. Passengers can bring only on bag as a carry on with the following dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm. The weight goes from 5 kg for economy class and 10 kg to club economy and international flights Q2- How does Aerolineas Argentina Handle Special Items. Passengers that desire to transport fragile and big equipment on the cabin will have to buy additional seats with 12 hours in advance. Human organs can be transported under request of the I.N.C.U.C.A.I. (Central National Institute Unique Coordinator of Donations and Implants)....   [tags: airlines, weight, equipment]

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