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Hacking And The Ethical Implications Of Hacking

- In this report there are many different implications of hacking which would be discussed, about the social and ethical implication that hacking has on the society, and so through discussing many ‘For’ and ‘Against’ arguments this would allow the reader to finally be able to reach a conclusion. The structuring of the report will be as follows. Firstly, it will cover the aims and points of social implication of hacking, and then the ethical implications of hacking. This would allow being able to meet the aims of the report and identify many different sides of hacking both ethically and socially....   [tags: Ethics, Computer, Computer security, Computing]

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Implications of the Professional Project of Psychiatry

- ... Implications for Psychiatry After the above statement comes to light in the field of psychiatry for more than fifty years it remained a major point of debate because of its implications. One of the major implications for all stake holders is that madness is unarguably a “biomedical condition”. This stand has the underlying assumption that mental illnesses are caused by biological factors and like other sicknesses should be diagnosed and treated with medications. In line with this Wakefield (1992) defines metal dysfunction as the ‘failure of a mental mechanism to perform a natural function for which it was designed by evolution’ (as cited by Kendell, R.E., 2002).This was what led to deins...   [tags: mental health, interventions, practitioners]

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Implications of Determinism and Free Will

- Having the free will to write an essay on the “implications of determinism for our understanding of free will” clearly shows that we have the free will to write the essay and the implication for failure of not writing is our decision. Upon reading this essay the free will to decide to write the essay was decided upon by the writer. It was already determined before embarking on this course that an essay would need to be written. Therefore, as logic would have it, it would be irrational to say that determinism and free will are not compatible....   [tags: William James, Theory of Determinism, Decisions]

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The Strategic Implications of Web Technologies

- I. INTRODUCTION The web and the Internet as we know it today had experienced a vast trend of changes. In the early days of web technologies, the Internet was only comprised of simple web pages that displayed information, most of which were from scientific writings. As technologies become more mature, web sites were now able to display dynamic content, as well as to provide interactive elements on their web pages. However, there were no definite standards on how web technologies should be implemented, and thus the implementation of such advanced web technology features become quite difficult....   [tags: business, web pages, internet]

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The Therapeutic Implications of False Memories

- This paper discusses the current state of research into false memories and memory manipulation as well the therapeutic applications of this research. The paper describes studies that demonstrate the susceptibility of memory to change and influence to establish the viability of memory manipulation. Current and proposed applications of memory modification are described through the chronicling of research in the area. The ethical concerns of such research are discussed as well as potential subjects of future research....   [tags: how the mind works]

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The Implications Of Rti And Ebp For Slps

- The Implications of RTI and EBP for SLPs: Commentary on L.M. Justice was written by Teresa A. Ukrainetz. The purpose of the article was to review and comment on what L.M. Justice said in her article Evidence-Based Practice, Response to Intervention, and the prevention of Reading Difficulties. This article was also written to discuss how response to intervention (RTI) and evidence based practice (EBP) create a challenge for both educators and speech-language pathologists (SLP) when it comes to determining who qualifies for services and how treatment will be provided....   [tags: Reading, Educational psychology]

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The Economic Implications Of Minimum Wage

- The Economic Implications of Minimum Wage Legislation in Ontario by Owen E. Richason IV, Demand Media Minimum wage has been defined as ‘the smallest hourly wage that an employee may be paid as mandated by Federal law’. The minimum hourly wage of a country has a very deep effect on the economy of the country and its influences many aspects of a country’s economy. These minimum wages have been implemented to pull individuals out of poverty and hence decrease the poverty level and increase employment level....   [tags: Minimum wage, Employment, Unemployment, Wage]

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The Implications of Expressed Emotion in Schizophrenia

- The emergence of Schizophrenia can be attributed to many individual factors including biological causes, such as heredity and genetics, sociopsychological influences, like social class, and social factors, namely stressful life events. One particular opinion regarding the aetiology of this illness is Expressed Emotion: a concept which links directly to the emotional atmosphere in the caregivers home, and the feelings conveyed regarding the illness of the dependent (Whittick, 1993). When a Schizophrenic patient goes into convalescence, they are required to be in a stable environment which is low in expressed emotion, otherwise implications, including relapse, are more likely to occur (Vaughn...   [tags: Mental Health ]

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The Economic Implications Of The Community Policing

- Community policing has drawn attention from all across the United States with the recent tragic deaths of four individuals from police officers in New York, Baltimore, Cleveland and Ferguson, Mo. The economic implications from the financial downturn which the United States has experienced since 2007, has had significant impacts on community relations and policing. State, city and local municipalities all across the United States have faced severe reductions to budgets to support policing activities....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement, Economics]

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The Ethical Implications Of The United States

- The video reports the U.K. becoming the first nation to allow in-vitro fertilization using DNA from three people. The still experimental procedure is meant to prevent genetic mutations due to mitochondrial diseases such as maternally inherited diabetes and deafness, lymphoma, seizures, and neurodevelopment disorders. Dr. Margaret Moon, part of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics faculty, is interviewed to discuss her opinion on the ethical implications of the procedure amidst its legalization in 2015....   [tags: DNA, Gene, Mitochondrial DNA, Cell]

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