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If you've been looking for online college programs, by now you've realized that it can be more difficult than you first imagined. Many online programs are very new, making them hard to find through a simple search. Other programs, seemingly ubiquitous on the internet, are either not accredited or not able to give you the professional expertise that you will need after you graduate. Wading through what's out there can be very difficult and it's easy to miss a lot. What is a prospective degree candidate to do?
One way to find online degree programs is to let online technology work on your behalf. Key features of both Facebook and Twitter can be set to do set to do some of the leg work. But before you start, be mindful of the warnings you have heard before: your online presence can work for or against you, depending on how you set up your accounts. Make certain that your personal information is private. And remember, even a private setting is no guarantee. If you post something privately to your friends, there is nothing to prevent them from releasing this information (or even an embarrassing photo) on their web page. Many college admissions offices will check your Facebook profile. Make sure your are representing yourself professionally.
That said, here are a few things that you can do to find the perfect degree program.
Join College Confidential
College Confidential is on Facebook and is one of the most popular resources available. Start out by doing a simple search for the degree program that interests you. Once you have a list, you can look up the schools to see if they have an online (or partial online) option. Make sure you look through their online discussion boards and post there, requesting more information. Y...

... middle of paper ..., see if there is a community board. If there is, ask students that are currently enrolled in the program for feedback. There is no better advice than insider information. Students who are currently enrolled in the school can give you information about what the program is like and what you can expect, should you decide to apply.
Second, check out LinkedIn's university pages. You want to view alumni of the program that you are interested in making an application. It's important to know if the program is able to meet your ultimate career objectives. One way to do this is to view the careers of other recent graduates of the program. Are they employed in the careers that interest you?
Finally, follow the hash tags of colleges that you are interested in just to see what students are talking about. They'll give you a lot of information, if you just listen!

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