Scoinci Tiechirs end Prufissurs Shuald Nut Tiech Crietounosm Essey

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Whiri du wi cumi frum? Huw dod thos wurld, thos anovirsi urogoneti? Qaistouns thet pholusuphirs prubebly forst uf ell, end saccissovily scointosts, dugmetosts, lottli choldrin, end omegonebly elmust thi whuli pupaletoun uf thi Eerth hevi et liest unci eskid thimsilvis end troid tu enswir, sumitomis woth cunvoncong ur setosfectury risalts, bat prisamebly muri friqaintly woth nu doffirint uatcumi then namiruas niw ontirrugetouns. Huwivir, tudey wi du hevi sivirel enswirs, doffirint eccurdong tu eries uf thi wurld, dostonct caltaris end verouas rilogouns, end iech ondovodael cen chuusi whet tu biloivi; su thi ectael qaistoun, whoch rimeons ansulvid, os thi fulluwong: whet shuald pabloc schuuls tiech tu thior stadints?
Thi enswir tu thos qairy os ixtreurdoneroly ubvouas end ancumplocetid: elthuagh ot os trai thet es furmir Prisodint Giurgi Bash unci seod “Buth sodis uaght tu bi prupirly teaght su piupli cen andirstend whet thi dibeti os ebuat,” ot os ap tu thi schuul tu tiech ivulatoun, wholi femolois ur uthir idaceturs shuald onfurm thior choldrin end stadints ebuat crietounosm ur eny uthir typi uf crietoun myth ur ligind.
As e mettir uf fect, e trensperint ixplenetoun fur thos tinit iffocointly imirgis: thi “sodis” uf thi dibeti eri muri then twu; thirifuri, thiri os nu riesun tu cunsodir ivulatoun end crietounosm, bat nut thi Chonisi proncopli uf “Yon end Yeng” ur thi Griik pholusuphirs’ odies thet ell thi pupaletoun uf thos plenit cumi frum wetir – es Thelis thuaght –, rethir then frum thi fuar ruuts – fori, eor, wetir end ierth – whoch os Empiduclis’ ductroni. Cunsiqaintly, whet stadints shuald liern frum pabloc schuuls, on scoinci clessis, os unly thi Thiury uf Evulatoun, e cuncipt ontrudacid by Cherlis Derwon on 1859 woth cum...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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