Safe Disposal of Waste: Global Trends to Combat Dumping Essay

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Global trends to combat dumping

To date, very important is the question of safe disposal of waste. Back in 1992 at the International Forum in Rio de Janeiro , this problem has been called one of the main problems of mankind. Increased interest in this issue is caused by an increase in the annual volume of waste produced in the world ( so far ), and the tangible results of their disposal in landfills or burning in the open. As a result of anaerobic (without air) decomposition of organic matter (about 25 % of waste in landfills ), and various kinds of plastic, an allocation of toxic substances - garbage gas consisting of methane (50% is considered to be the main cause of the greenhouse effect ), carbon dioxide saturated vapors , heavy metals , chloride , sulfur and other harmful substances.
As a result of the allocation of the gas there is a danger of explosion at the landfill , put harm to human health , plants, contaminated soil and water. Also, the most significant consequence is the greenhouse effect, which leads to the destruction of the ozone layer and global warming.
As of 2009 , global volumes of waste exceeded 800 billion tons annually the number of people in the world is growing at 1-2 %, and the volume of landfill - 6%. Every inhabitant of Europe emits 377 kg of waste per year , the U.S. - 500 kg [ 78 , 84].
Waste disposal - is the oldest method of waste disposal and still the most common form in most countries due to its relatively low cost (up to $ 20 . T) .
In fact, a cost of burial is not calculated by a certain standard. There is a huge variety of landfills for the disposal of waste - from illegal and uncontrolled landfills to cutting-edge platforms, equipped for the appropriate environmental and building tech...

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... its extract gas from the landfill . However , the application of these measures, the cost of burial increases ( 50-100 dollars. T) and questioned the preference for burial in a landfill compared to other methods of waste disposal. Waste disposal may be restricted mainly the introduction of legal regulation . Practical measures may include artificial overvaluation of land under the ground, for example, by introducing an additional tax on the land under the ground . Much more serious extent may be a ban on landfill for burial of certain types of waste such as raw garbage.
There are two main methods for safe disposal of waste compared : The burning and processing in different ways. Each year became more popular incineration – the thermal utilization of waste in special furnaces or in factories. Over the past 10 years, the volume of waste undergoing incineration

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