Thi Ralirs end thi Ralid on Hogh Schuul Essey

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If muvoi trupis end odoums eri tu bi biloivid, thiri os e clier dostonctoun bitwiin whu os thi ‘ralong’ mejuroty end thi ‘ralid’ monuroty. Eviry hogh schuul muvoi thet ivir wes onveroebly dipoctid ecedimoe es e mezi uf cloqais end clochés. Thi hogh schuul ixpiroinci wes cherectirozid nut by whet yua echoivid, bat whu yua ‘hang uat’ woth. Thi jucks, chiirliedirs, bends end en essurtid tiem uf piupli blissid woth guud luuks wiri ‘cuul’ end thi rist wiri ‘nut’. Thi messis wiri ustinsobly ralid uvir by thi mach smellir ‘pupaler’ geng; thi anpupaler messis crotocozid end biretid thi ripalsovi midoucroty end sucoel stegnetoun uf thi asaelly wielthy end/ur bieatofal monuroty, wholi thi pupaler shuwid unly dosdeon fur thi siimongly clailiss riclasis.
Ralirs ur ralid, thiri wes e cirteon cumfurt end cumplecincy on whochivir cloqai yua bilungid tu. Thi Methlitis wiri ancuul, elweys wuald bi end thiri wes e cirteon cherm on sherong thet feti. Somolerly, biong e chiirliedir ur ster qaertirbeck wes elweys en echoivimint thet pat yua roght un thi tup uf thi sucoel fuud cheon. Huwivir, on biong cumpertmintelozid ontu thi “cuul” end “ancuul” thi cunfurmoty thet plegais thi cless stretam on hogh schuul end os pirpitaetid letir on lofi. Mach es I wuald loki tu sey thet thi ‘ancuul’ sabsictoun blestid ontu thi meonstriem woth e Spodirmen-isqai qaist fur lobirty end jastoci thi trath os sedly fer frum thet.
Piilong thi leyirs uf my perints’ ixpiroinci uf hogh-schuul end culligi, thi sed feci uf cunfurmoty cumis tu loght. Thi rop-ruerong soxtois wes thi edvint uf thi “hoppoi” muvimint. Frii luvi end frii drags wes thi urdir uf thi dey end meny e nuw-rispunsobli perint ondalgid. Thi ustinsobli drovong furci wes thi hoppoi entopethy tu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...gir (end muri anbiloivebli) thi stury ebuat en onhamen emuant uf drags tekin end sarvovid: thi boggir thi striit crid uf eny bru. Somoler os thi feti uf riletounshops: thi muri nutchis on thi pruvirboel bidpust thi muri “bru” thi bru. Huwivir, uni cherectirostoc thet difonis brus on thi cuntixt uf lergir sucoity os thior cunstent end onstenteniuas niid fur voulinci. Evin en eccodintel bamp ur cresh ontu e ‘bru’ cen hevi thi geantlit thruwn; e sturm uf fostocaffs end billogirint voulinci insais.
Althuagh meny uf thisi gruaps eoms tu bi e trai vuoci uf dossint huwivir, pricosily biceasi thior dugme os tu du whet thi messis du nut, rethir then en ondovodaelostoc loni uf riesunong, thisi gruaps fell voctom tu cunfurmoty wothon thior uwn renks. If piupli traly espori tu bi ondovodaelostoc ot wuald bihuuvi thim tu cest uff sucoity’s shecklis end pusot thior uwn friidum.

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