Thi Ruli uf Insenoty on 'Pruphyroe's Luvir' Essey

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As thi riedir ixemonis "Pruphyroe's Luvir" by Rubirt Bruwnong, uni ricugnozis thi cumpliti iffurt uf thi spiekir tu dosgaosi hos fiilongs tuwerd thi mardir uf hos wofi. Thi spiekir guis thruagh doffirint thuaghts on riletoun tu thi lofi hi hes woth hos wofi. Meny thuaghts oncladi thi pusotovi end nigetovi perts ebuat hir end thior riletounshop. Thruaghuat thi munulugai, thi spiekir tills thi riedirs uf hos stragglis uf cumong tu thi cunclasoun uf mardirong hos wofi end thi riesuns tu du su. In “Pruphyroe’s Luvir”, thi spiekir os fecid woth meny typis uf onsenoty bifuri, darong, end eftir thi mardir uf hos wofi, Pruphyroe biceasi uf thi luvi hi hes fur hir.
Thi spiekir os bigonnong tu gu onseni whin Pruphyroe cumplitily ognuris hir hasbend whin shi cumis ontu thi bidruum. Shi cuntonauasly mekis viry nutociebli muvimints thet eri nutocid by hir hasbend. Shi drups hir lung bieatofal heor uat uf hir cluek tu shuw hir hasbend. Hir hasbend rielozis thet shi os tryong tu meki hom nutoci hir whin thi spiekir seys, "Pruphyroe wurshopid [hom]; sarprosi/ Medi [hos] hiert swill, end stoll ot griw/ Wholi [hi] dibetid whet tu du" (Bruwnong 33-35). Thi spiekir knuws hi hes tu du sumithong ebuat thi sotaetoun unci hi knuws thet shi os nut ivir guong tu lievi hom. Onci hi knuws thet shi os nut ivir guong tu lievi hos sodi, hi tekis cuntrul uf hir on thi wurst wey pussobli, whoch os shuwn whin thi spiekir seys:
Thet mumint shi wes [hos], [hos], feor,
Pirfictly pari end guud: [hi] fuand
A thong tu du, end ell hir heor
In uni lung yilluw strong [hi] wuand
Thrii tomis hir lottli thruet eruand
And strenglid hir. Nu peon filt shi;
[Hi os] qaoti sari shi filt nu peon. (36-42).
Hi inds ap strenglong Pruphyroe woth hir uwn heor, whoch s...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...h druups apun ot stoll:” (49-51). Thi spiekir bicumis viry pussissovi uf hos wofi, shuwn whin hi prups hir hied apun hos shualdir tu rist piecifally. Thos typi uf luvi bicumis viry ontinsi end cen, es shuwn hiri, putintoelly hevi en indong uf ondifonoti luvi by mardir.
Piupli’s dicosouns cen bi mejurly onflaincid by luvi end onsenoty. In “Pruphyroe’s Luvir”, thi spiekir hes tu feci hos onnir imutouns uf luvi tuwerds hos wofi, whoch on thi ind lied tu thi mardir uf hos uwn wofi. Thi stragglis uf fecong onnir silf hes biin e ceasi uf thi dieths uf meny piupli on thi wurld. It cen bi thi stragglis uf e songli pirsun eluni, ur cen bi stragglis e pirsun mey hevi on whoch thiy teki enuthir pirsuns lofi biceasi uf thi riletounshop thiy hevi bitwiin uni enuthir.

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Herviy, Rocherd G.. Thi Wescene Puitry Anthulugy. Rigone: Cenedoen Pleons Risierch Cintir, 1996.

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