The Role of Government in the Philippines

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The Role of Government in the Philippines

Department Responsible

Department of Health (DOH)
-the Department of Health, is the main organization in the Philippines that is involved, responsible in the promotion of health. Their job was to ensure public health, to organize any programs that would help individuals to have optimum health. Make actions on emerging health problems, and make solutions to the same. To provide the necessary drugs and programs that would develop a healthy society. They are the one who acts as the shield of the nation from any health threats from other country in entering the premises.

Funds under the care allocation


National Health Insurance Act of 1995 (RA Act No. 7875)
- An act instituting a national health insurance program for all Filipinos and establishing the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation for the purpose.

Republic Act No. 9502
-An act providing for cheaper and quality medicines, amending for the purpose Republic Act No. 8293 or the Intellectual Property Code, Republic Act No. 6675 or the Generics Acts of 1988, and Republic Act No. 5921 or the Pharmacy Law, and for other purposes

Republic Act No. 8504- Prevention and Control of 1988
-Promulgating Policies And Prescribing Measures For The Prevention And Control Of HIV/Aids In The Philippines, Instituting A Nationwide HIV/Aids Information And Educational Program, Establishing A Comprehensive HIV/Aids
Monitoring System, Strengthening The Philippine National Aids Council, And For Other Purposes

Presidential Decree No. 996
-Providing for Compulsory Basic Immunization for Infants and children below eight years of age

Republic Act No. 8344
-An Act Prohibiting The Demand Of Deposits Or Advance Payments For The Confinement Or Treatment Of Patients In Hospitals And Medical Clinics In Certain Cases

Other Agencies Involved
- The basic agencies that is involved and a partner of the Dept. of Health (DOH) in the pursuit for optimum health, or assuring public health are PHILHEALTH and Social Security System (SSS). PHILHEALTH as we all know is an agency which role is to create a health insurance for every government personnel, and even to those who are not. With an amount being paid by an individual monthly or annually depending on the agreement of both parties, which in return will assume them of their health expenditures in the future.

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Also SSS a government insurance company deals with the same. But more likely SSS deals with larger range of roles not just on health but also with other programs. There are also these agencies that are hand in hand with the DOH and these are the private health insurance companies. There is also the National Nutrition Council which deals with the nutrition facts, research, information sharing and a lot more.

- The flow of funds of these agencies involved in the health care are from individuals that enrolled in this organization/company. An individual must pay a certain amount to be able to receive or benefit from these companies. Other than this government agencies have their own annual budget to be able to cope up with the current needs. Being taken from taxes of government workers and private institutions.

How it works
- When an individual is at need for health care, the government has to act as the mediator or may act in behalf of that person. When funds are in need that is the time the government reacts. Also the funds being raised in these organization are being used for further research and advancement of the knowledge, abilities and capabilities in dealing such.
Other agencies that provide this programs or insurances have to create a wide variety of actions and strategies in order to cope up with the needs. As we all know that this organization does not cater only a single person, therefore the funds flow not just also from a single individual. In ensuring an individual, the funds being used does not only come from several person but from everyone that has joined the company, which means a lesser burden for that individual, as he is being paid by his co-ensured person. And so is to the other individual involved.

Analysis of the flow
-the flow of funds of the health care system is not actually being provided by the government or the private companies, only, they act as the one who provides the programs to simplify or to lessen the burden of an individual, by simply disseminating the need of a single individual to every person that is a member. Though there are lots of these companies today, but they share the same views and action in dealing with these health care programs.
The government as the center of these organizations had to develop various types of programs to reinforce the needs of the citizen. Programs that helps in protecting and improving the health of every individual.


In every nation in the world, there is none to be found a nation that does not have this declaration. A declaration which occurred for several years. Though the government had lots of programs in dealing with these problems, we can say that it still depends on the individual involved. This declaration cannot work on its own, unless every individual acts to reinforce this declaration.
This war existed because of people who continued patronizing these things. And because government see this as a threat had to act in order to stop this continued growth of the problem. Sex, had been abused much as of this day. Take a walk on streets and you can find these women who continue to make use of this action as a money maker, a source of income, even in the Virtual world it can be found.
To deal with this problem, the government did make a law, to make this as a violation whenever committed. Lots had been captured yet still there are lots that exist. Also government tried to make a move by giving people lessons on how to prevent the spread of diseases through sex,, but still unfortunately, people just try to neglect it.
Drugs, as always, causes a lot of problems in the society. Most of these problems occur over people under the company of drugs. And as of this moment even with this laws that prohibits this drug, there are still people who violates. The government has PDEA or the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, which deals with capturing this drug lords, users and pushers, still drugs are everywhere.
The point is, whatever the government have in their minds to halt these violations, unless every individual does not act as a responsible citizen, still this things will continue to exist. Government will try and will always do its job to help, and its up to the people if they are willing to accept that fact and face the problem.

Value of Life and Economic Security

Life is priceless as we all know. Life is the reason why all this things around us exist. To enhance the quality of life lots had been developed. Today lots of research has been done to prolong life. Medicines been develop to treat diseases that could not be relieved before. Techniques in health care now are to sophisticated, as life had been valued the most.
Economic as well had received its value much as of life. Today were facing a great problem of economic which affects not just a single individual but every society that exist. And because it has been valued a lot, much has been done to react and give certain actions to face this growing problem.
Economic and life had something in common, and we can say that they are actually inseparable as of these days. Remember that to have a good economy there must be healthy individuals that could sustain its needs. In order for economics to grow we must not neglect its medium, the people. Sustainability does not only require funds, but also of manpower.
Economic security defines the kind of life involved in the society.

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