The Role of Computers in Education

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From past to present, the advancement of technology make information and knowledge that enables people to communicate easily and quickly, until it can be applied widely. Shows that information technology is tools that can bring benefits come to appropriate education, if known to benefit and cost effective investment. And today can be considered a high technology device that has been a profound role that is "Computer", which is widely used in all industry. Especially, computer in education including uses of computers for educational administration, computers for teaching and learning, and computers for education service.
The roles of the computer are required to use in education. People use of computers for educational administration, an administration education is a critical factor to determine the direction of policy leading to the practical guide of education. Both locally and nationally, important to allow the administration to be effective, it is the availability of information in manages for decision making and policy educational. Computer is to play a role in the management of educational even more. This allows the operation database is located on at clear correct and optimal performance (Dr. Chaiyos Ruangsuwan, 2008). In Thailand, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology promoted schools to use “ICT (Information and Communication Technology)” in development administration education, personal development and policy making to be achieve the objective (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, 2002). Therefore demonstrates that the computer or information technology used for manage it helps reduce errors.
In addition, people use computers for teaching and learning, this role can be considered is very important in education today. Because school has a student too many, so there is a computer-assisted instruction in teaching and learning in each course. Computer-assisted instruction is the applications of computer used as teaching media by writing or are established for objectives of the lesson. This program is similar to the lessons that students can learn at the rate their own ability. Which lesson that is written by a computer program is called "Computer-assisted instruction: CAI" (Chakkapong Jerjang, 1997). The advantages of using computer-assisted instruction are can be learned an unlimited time, motivate the students need to learn even more by the use of light, color and sound effects presentation, can be arranged lesson plans to meet the objectives of the teachers even more and can be requite individual needs. There is also a system that promotes the teaching and learning via a computer, called "E-learning".

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E-learning means teaching and learning in any manner or form which broadcast content via electronic media. E-learning is another system that allows both teachers and students can communicate more easily. With students can access check the course you are learned in the school years and you can check the movement of teachers about the school time, the content of the chapter will go on and test scores.
And the last one, people use computers for education service, this role is helps about system services of education in each department is huge. Is a computer program to manage the system services to be convenient, fast and save time. The library has a computer program to improve library services, such as Book Search, borrow or return books. This helps reduce problem with the book is lost and save time to search books. The registration has a computer program to storage information of students and staffs, prepare a schedule and timetable, the storage of students' grade obtained and student data. This helps reduce the problems to find the students. Therefore, a computers in education, it increases the flexibility and more effective than ever before.
Therefore, the computer can be considered as information technology has played an important role educational development is enormous. But they should consider is how to select and choose Points is most appropriate in the educational level and age of the user. Organizations acting in the national education plan must focus on the use of these technologies. However, investment in information technology has a relatively high price. Must be carefully chosen optimized for advantage related persons must be educated and planned appropriate to generate the maximum benefit.

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