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The eukaryotic cell cycle, mitosis, is a succession of events that occur for the reproduction and growth of these multi-cellular organisms. Characteristic events in mitosis can divide the cell cycle into different stages, or phases. This paper focuses on the interphase of cell cycle, which is when DNA replication occurs, and the cell is engaged in metabolic activities to prepare itself for cell division. The idea that these two processes are related arises much controversy in what their relation is exactly. A few theories propose that the cell cycle dictates DNA replication, whereas others support that DNA replication dictates the cell cycle. However, more research on yeast cells have determined that some unknown mechanisms link these two processes together. The experiment did not find conclusive evidence that either one of the processes controls the action of the other.


A major concept displayed throughout our scientific paper is the metabolic cycle, more specifically, how yeast goes through metabolism. To better understand the metabolic cycle of yeast, a general overview of metabolism is needed. Metabolism is a blanket term covering all of the chemical reactions that occur in living cells. These processes are the basis of life, allowing cells to grow, reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond outwardly towards their environments. Metabolism is usually divided into two categories; catabolism and anabolism. Anabolism uses energy to build different components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids. Catabolism, on the other hand, is the process that yields energy, one example of that is the breakdown of food in cellular respiration. Catabolism is the process that is focused on in the pap...

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...hesize DNA, as two peaks begin to appear as some cells enter G2 of the cell cycle after going through the S phase, which doubles their DNA. In the reductive charging phase, you see the number of cells in G2 decrease as they enter Mitosis and become part of the G1 population as they half their DNA.

Cell Cycle Connection

In this experiment they used nutrient-poor conditions, in which the yeast cells acted as one unit. This means that the cells underwent replication simultaneously. Normally under nutrient-rich conditions, the cell cycles are random. By taking away the nutrients, the cells had to organize to utilize the nutrients available to sustain life most efficiently. Technically the cells divide up into two groups, where one is replicating while the other is not.


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