Resistance to the Imposition of Colonial Rule Essay

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Resistance to the Imposition of Colonial Rule
Africa was seen here to have been a victim of European invasion. The Europeans took advantage of the weapons they had, and the enmities that existed between some African states which made them seek alliances with foreigners as the Europeans. They would have combated the invasion through joined forces and a confederation had they known the European’s intention.
Patterns of Resistance
There were many resistances that were initiated with the goal of sustaining the sovereignty of many of the African states. Second, different political and ethnic groups, through their respective leaders participated in the resistance through their leaders to preserve their independence.
Military Resistance to Incoming Colonizers
There were notable attempts by some African leaders who led their army to oppose the invasion of these impostors. Such leaders include Mwase Kasungu of Malawi and Samori whose empire spread between Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. Also, many ethnic groups including Handi group in Kenya, Humbe and Biha in Angola among others, fought ...

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