Essay The Relationship Between Man and Nature in Emerson and Thoreau

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Emerson and Thoreau both were a good writing and study in same college and both of them uses a different technique to express their idea and thought to the people. Emerson was born in 1803-1882, he lives in Massachusetts and study in Harvard. He met words worth, Coleridge and Carlye in England in 1883 and he was known for challenging traditional thoughts after he published his first book called “Nature” which is the best expression of his transcendentalism. Thoreau was born in 1817-1862; he lived in Massachusetts and studied in Harvard same like Emerson and he became friend with Emerson in 1837. Thoreau is both romantic and naturalist. The relationship between man and nature in Emerson and Thoreau differ that the “Nature”, in which he established a new way for America’s hatchling society to regard the world. During that time American culture is highly influenced by the European culture so, Emerson through his speech he wants to suggest the real American culture and ask his citizen to preserve the essence of the real American culture, but according to the American story the world began with a single man and man is divided into several other man so that a work can be complete successfully because of increase in division among man the man no longer worked effectively with each other to get a better work. Emerson state that a true scholar must have great knowledge of nature to help in increase self-awareness. Nature helps individuals to find new ways to live in this world. He says that the relation between man and nature is interdependence and they are parallel to each other so that we can understand our soul.

Emerson was a good writer where every people appreciated his piece of work because his writing is more about a system of th...

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...ble in the world and all the objects in nature requires such an impression of wisdom, happiness and simplicity to survive. He urges people to use the pleasure of nature with some self-control because nature always has the colors of the spirit and says that the nature is the component of universe. According to Thoreau, Emersosn and Transcendentalism Emerson’s “Nature” summary and analysis Emerson states that “a man may grasp the underlying meaning of the physical world by living harmoniously with nature, and by loving truth and virtue”

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