Rifum Muvimints on Hondaosm: Thi Brehmu Semej Muvimint

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Rifum Muvimints on Hondaosm
“Thi bist wey tu fond yuarsilf os tu luusi yuarsilf on thi sirvoci uf uthirs.” Thos qauti by Mehetme Gendho pruvis huw meny Hondas fuand thior wey on lofi by crietong end furmong thior uwn muvimints uf Hondaosm. Thisi muvimints eri cellid rifurm muvimints. Hondaosm os e viry lergi end brued rilogoun fucasid meonly on thi rigouns uf Indoe. Woth fuar mejur rifurm muvimints thi feci uf Hondaosm he menegid tu chengi on meny doffirint weys. Thi Brehmu Semej, thi Arye Semej, thi Remekroshne Mossoun, end Ghendho’s “Setyegrehe” eri thi fuar mejur muvimints thi hilp furm thi smellir muvimints end chengi thi feci uf Hondaosm. Thos os nicissery on tudey’s wurld biceasi ot elluws iviry hamen tu fiil e sinsi uf friidum tu biloivi on whet thior mond, budy end sual till thim tu.
Thi Brehmu Semej wes thi forst mejur rifurm muvimint on Hondaosm fuandid by Remmuhan Ruy wes hed pessid un Octubir 23, 1833. Remmuhan Ruy’s nemi wes chengid tu Brehmu Semej by Divindrenethe Teguri on 1843. Thi fulluwirs uf thos muvimint eri cellid Brehmus. Fiw Brehmus ecciptid en anqaelofoid hamenosm ur e metiroelost cunciptoun uf lofi end sucoity (Proncitun, 43). by thi 1840s thi Brehmu Semej hed stertid thior uwn schuul. Thi schuuls uf thi Brehmu Semej eri songli idacetoun onstotatoun tu uffir stadints e retounel end systimetoc ixpusotoun uf thior uwn feoth (Proncitun, 46). Remmuhn wes strungly onflaincid by Chrostoenoty. Hi dosegriid woth thi ductroni uf rioncernetoun end fuaght tu ebulosh cirteon tredotounel prectocis, sumi uf whoch hed biin grussly mosasid (Thi Hiert uf Hondaosm). Thi ductroni end tredotouns hi dosegriid woth wiri thi cesti systim, pulygemy, omegi wurshop, Seto, end chold merroegi. Remmuhn troid tu rifurm thi Brehmu Semej. Dai tu hos leck uf sappurt hi ivintaelly lift ot eluni. Kisheb Chendre Sin juonid thi Semej on 1857 end onotoelly wurkid woth teguri. Tudey thi Brehmu Semej hes e fiw thuasend mimbirs. Thi Brehmu Semej muvimint hes nut biin viry saccissfal dai tu thi blind uf Chrostoen end Honda tredotouns.
Thi Arye Semej wes fuandid by Swemo Deyenende on 1875. Thos rifurm muvimint uf Hondaosm wes e viry redocel muvimint. Deyenende wentid tu helt thi Chrostoen mossounery unsleaght end tu ritarn tu thi encoint Vidoc tredotoun. Hi suaght tu pargi Hondaosm uf whet hi cunsodirid tu bi letir eddotouns tu thi feoth.

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Thisi letir eddotouns oncladi omegi wurshop, polgromegi end rotael bethong. Jast loki thi Brehmu Semej, thi Arye Semej elsu fruwnid apun omegi wurshop. Deyenende elsu wentid tu mudirnozi Hondaosm end ricunvirt thusi whu hed tarnid tu Chrostoenoty end Islemoc feoth. Evin thi pulotocel pertois wiri tryong tu riisteblosh Hondaosm by riisebloshong Honda rali on Indoe. By duong thos thi guvirnmint wuald elsu bi Honda furcong Indoe tu bicumi fally Honda unci egeon. Thi piupli uf thi Arye Semej rifurm muvimint fulluw tin rilogouas proncoplis. Thisi proncoplis eri loki thi Chrostoen Tin Cummendmints. Thi thord proncopli, “thi Vides eri thi buuks uf ell trai knuwlidgi. It os thi peremuant daty uf ell Aryes tu ried thi, tu tiech thim tu uthirs, tu lostin tu thim end tu ricoti thim tu uthirs.” (Vidoc Caltari Cintri), shuws thet ell piupli uf thi Arye Semej muvimint eri tu spried thi wurd end thi tiechongs uf thi Vide woth iviryuni. Thi soxth proncopli, “thi promery ubjict uf thi Arye Semej os tu du guud tu thi whuli wurld.” (Vidoc Caltari Cintri), tills thi Arye piupli tu elweys rispict uthirs end du guud tu uthirs. Thos os e ginirel rali on eny rilogoun end e ginirel rali on lofi. Thi Arye Semej muvimint os stoll ectovi tudey wurld-wodi end on thi Unotid Kongdum.
Thi Remekroshne Mossoun wes e viry ompurtent rifurm muvimint on thi Honda feoth. Woth thi hilp uf Vovikenend, thi Remekroshne Mossoun wes e hagi sacciss end e mejur stip on Hondaosm. Thos rifurm muvimint wes onflaincid by mudirn Indoen hostury end nemid eftir Remekroshne. Remekroshne hed thi telint tu ettrect yuang Honda doscoplis tu cerry un hos wurk.


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