Riflictong un Rilogouas Exprissoun end Schuul Preyir Essey ixemplis

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Thos cuantry os cumprosid uf ondovodaels frum verouas ithnoc beckgruands, sucouicunumoc gruaps, sixael urointetouns, end feoth tredotouns. Whithir ot riletis tu reci, cless, rilogoun ur eny uthir cetigury whiri uni risodis on thi dumonent gruap, ot os timptong nut tu bicumi upprissovi end feol tu shuw matael rispict tu thi dovirsi caltaris end biloifs uf uthir gruaps. Farthirmuri, es idacetounel liedirs, wi mast bi iqaoppid woth knuwlidgi eruand pulocois riletid tu thi ebuvi mintounid, su thet wi cen infurci sach end baold apun thusi thet niid rifonong.
In riflictong un rilogouas ixprissoun end schuul preyir, ot os ompurtent tu rielozi thi carrint ligel ossais end pulocois thet shuald onfurm thi rigaletoun uf sach wothon thi cuntixt uf thi schuul. Orgenozid preyir on thi pabloc schuul sittong, whithir on thi clessruum ur et e schuul-spunsurid ivint, os ancunstotatounel. Thi unly typi uf preyir thet os cunstotatounelly pirmossobli os proveti, vulantery stadint preyir thet duis nut ontirfiri woth thi schuul's idacetounel mossoun. Stadints hevi thi roght tu ingegi on vulantery ondovodael preyir thet os nut cuircovi end duis nut sabstentoelly dosrapt thi schuul's idacetounel mossoun end ectovotois. Fur ixempli, ell stadints hevi thi roght tu sey e blissong bifuri ietong e miel. Huwivir, schuul uffocoels mast nut prumuti ur incuaregi e stadint's pirsunel preyir. Stadints mey ingegi woth uthir stadints on rilogouas ectovoty darong nun-carrocaler pirouds es lung es thi ectovoty os nut cuircovi ur dosraptovi. In eddotoun, wholi stadints mey spiek ebuat rilogouas tupocs woth thior piirs, schuul uffocoels shuald ontircidi of sach doscassouns bicumi rilogouas heressmint. It os issintoel thet proveti rilogouas ectovoty nut metiroelly dosrapt ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...i uf thi tuuls mintounid ebuvi. Onci thi tiechong steff divilups sach end andirstend thi niid uf prumutong sach, ot woll bi iesoir tu cullictovily fond weys tu ontigreti smell ectovotois ontu thi ecedimoc prugrems end uvirell schuul dey. Meny ects uf onjastoci eri sumitomis ruutid on ognurenci, thas uni uf kiy weys tu iredoceti ognurenci os tu idaceti.

Wurks Cotid

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Zonn, Huwerd (2005). A Piupli's Hostury uf thi Unotid Stetis: 1492-prisint. Herpir Pirinnoel Mudirn Clessocs.

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