Reasons For The Outbreak Of The Civil War Essay

Reasons For The Outbreak Of The Civil War Essay

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Various reasons have led to the outbreak of the Civil War. The first one is the slavery. The North and the South have different opinions on whether the new states should continue to pursue the slavery system. The debate has intensified after the Mexican-American War when deciding whether the slavery should be allowed in this new territory (Corbett, et al, 429). To avoid further conflict, the Congress established the principle of popular sovereignty to let people in the new territories to decide this issue. But it did not work. In addition, the vocal abolitionist movement escalated the conflict between the South and the North (Corbett, et al, 429). Abolitionists believed the slavery was evil and took violent actions to reject the slavery. The government’s attempts to relief the tremendous conflicts had failed, and the war between the South and the North seems inevitable to determine whether to maintain the slavery.
The second reason is the economic difference between the South and the North. The South’s economy is dominated by agriculture, in which the tobacco and cotton were the main support to its economic growth (Zinn). So the economic development of the South needs sufficient labor force and the slavery helps to guarantee the labor requirements. The plantation owners have absolute power and right on their land and others need to be obedient towards these men. Obviously, the abolition of slavery will definitely influence the agriculture-led economy of the South as well as the status of some land owners and nobles who play the dominating role in the pro-slavery activities. On the contrary, the North has a good performance in launch the industry (Zinn). Besides, the racial diversity is more obvious in the North, which contributes...

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...orth. The North did not want to annex more slave states, while the South wanted to annex Texas for fear the Britain would annex Texas and restrain the development of slavery in the South. The conflict on the slavery issue sharpened increasingly and caused the sectionalism.
The Mexican-American War made the northern states more sectional in the fact that the northerners did not want to annex more slave states. They saw the war as bullying a weaker infantile country. The Southerners wanted to annex Texas because if they the US didn 't, they feared that Texas would be annexed by England which would effectively stop the spread of slavery in the south since England was the biggest abolitionist power at the time. The westerners, such as the Texans just wanted to be annexed with the US so that they would have access to the greater power and protection of the United States.

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