The Reasons Behind The Nazi War Essay

The Reasons Behind The Nazi War Essay

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Most often, hunting is defined as a sport; occasionally hunting will become a necessity for survival. However, there are those who hunt for a different prize, a Nazi. While numerous Nazis were prosecuted in Nuremberg, some managed to escape to sympathetic countries. Nearly seventy years after World War II has ended there are still those who wish to bring escaped Nazi’s to justice. Although some would wish to continue the search, the remaining Nazi’s living in secrecy should not be hunted down and prosecuted because it benefits no one and is best left alone.
While some believe that bringing former Nazi’s to justice is a noble cause, it is a task where the negatives far outweigh the positives. Finding individuals that have remained hidden for so long, would be a monumental task that would be extremely costly. Numerous Nazi’s escaped persecution after the war, in fact it has been estimated that, “there are about 4,000 . . . possible defendants” (Ambrose). However this amount is derived from those estimated to have escaped, after seventy years it is likely that many of those four thousand have died or will very soon. Thus, a search for an average Nazi would likely end in a graveyard somewhere in Argentina, Brazil, or Canada. Even if a suspected Nazi were to be found alive and tried, it would be difficult to come to a conviction. After seventy years, virtually all eyewitnesses have passed away, and most of the documentation destroyed or lost. Additionally, proving that an individual was guilty of a greater crime would be nearly impossible. It is safe to assume that those still alive would have been in their early 20’s during the war and had only been simple guards and low ranking officers, likely guilty of no greater crime. Considering...

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... ancestor should be brought to light to thoroughly shame an individual, and while this may hold some merit if the individual was especially cruel or lived secluded and alone, it does not hold if there is a family that will suffer from it. It simply is not worth it to continue the hunt considering what is on the line for innocent families and Germans, when so little is to be gained.
After examining the outcomes of Nazi hunting, it is clear that the cons far outweigh the pros, and that those who wish to continue the hunt have far more to lose than they do to gain. It is no longer a necessity to hunt down 90 year old men for being products of their environment. If the hunt for ex-Nazi’s continues it will not be viewed as fixing the problem, but rather dwelling on a dark chapter that cannot be corrected but should serve to remind men of the horrors within themselves.

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