The Reasons Behind The Civil War Essay

The Reasons Behind The Civil War Essay

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While there were many other reasons behind the Civil War, slavery was a part of this. But how much did slavery actually matter to the war? There were many different ways that slavery got involved, starting with the reasons for the South’s secessions. The South defended the idea of slavery and feared what would happen when the slaves were free. After the war, however, when slaves were free, they were in more danger than anyone else.
To begin with, the South attempted to defend slavery before, and during, their secession to try and describe their reasonings for fighting in the war. One of the main ideas in that argument was the idea of slaves helping the economy. In all honesty, the south depended on the slave 's’ labor and help. Had there not been anybody working the fields, many of the plants would die and their would be little to no profits. Unlike the north who had many workers and people available, the South was full of a few large families and slaves. If the slaves were freed, they would not willingly work for free, therefore cutting the profits of the plantation owners and hurting the overall profits. Not only this, but the north was being to tax the south more and more. The South threatened that the North would not be able to continue to work in factories and would lose their jobs and supplies if the slaves were freed due to the lack of help on the plantations. Instead of considering that idea, the North simply pushed the thought away.
Another few ideas the South had over the topic was that the slaves were better cared for then they would be on their own, also the topic of religion. For example, many people stated that people in the bible, such as Abraham, owned slaves. Considering how influential the bible was during tha...

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...of the Southern Black Codes, a collection of rules and codes that limited the rights of African Americans. After and during the ending of the Black Codes, congress created the Thirteenth through Fifteenth amendments, all of which attributed to freed slaves. The Thirteenth amendment was the amendment that ended slavery all together in the United States. The Fourteenth amendment protected every citizen born in the United States and the Fifteenth amendment prohibited people from (not allowing) African Americans their right to vote. While this did work and allowed African Americans there well-deserved freedom, many people were still racists and disgruntled many of them until 1964, even though few people are still racist to this day. However, the slaves were freed and allowed their right to vote and contribute to their country, the one thing they wanted from the beginning.

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