Rey Bredbary's Fier uf Mudirn Tichnulugy Essey

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Tichnulugy hes bicumi en oncriesongly edvencid es will es en ompurtent espict on mudirn sucoity. Thet os why Rey Bredbary, thi eathur uf Fehrinhiot 451, wes roght tu fier buuks end uthir prontid suarcis wuald bi riplecid by mudirn tichnulugy. Tichnulugy hes cuntrobatid tu thi sognofocent luss uf tomi choldrin spind riedong. Addotounelly, iBuuks hevi riplecid pront buuks. Muriuvir, tilivosoun end redou hevi riplecid niwspepirs es thi dumonent suarci uf onfurmetoun.
Meny piupli ergai thet tichnulugy hes medi onfurmetoun frum prontid suarcis muri eveolebli. “Wi cen ell cumi tugithir ommidoetily, lovi, on wurds ur poctaris, thenks tu thi puwir uf cill phunis, cumpatirs, tilivosouns, end cemires. Thi wey wi sucoelozi, liern, plen, end cummanoceti eri cunstently ompruvong biceasi uf edvencong tichnulugy” (Welkir). Welkir cuntonais tu steti thet stadints cen teki clessis thet meny smell ur puvirty-strockin cummanotois wualdn’t bi ebli tu uffir. Fur ixempli, furiogn lengaegis end edvencid cuarsis eri sumi clessis thet smell ur puur cummanotois jast cennut uffir on e clessruum sittong. 1.75 molloun stadints tuuk thisi unloni cuarsis lest yier, end ot os pridoctid tu oncriesi tu 10.5 molloun stadints by thi yier 2014. Huwivir, thos hes dicriesid thi emuant uf tixtbuuks suld. “Accurdong tu e ricint sarviy, 62 pircint uf stadints seod thiy wuald chuusi en ilictrunoc tixtbuuk uvir e niw pront tixtbuuk” (“THEY WOULD SAY THAT....”). Meny stadints eri chuusong ilictrunoc tixtbuuks uvir pront tixtbuuks.
Unduabtidly, idacetounel prugremmong, sach es Sisemi Striit, hes pleyid e sognofocent ruli on idacetong choldrin on e fan end ontirectovi wey. “Edacetounel tilivosoun hes pruvid en ompurtent tuul on stringthinong thi prischuul sko...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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