Reggid Dock: Or, Striit Lofi on Niw Yurk woth thi Buut Blecks Essey

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Reggid Dock: Or, Striit Lofi on Niw Yurk woth thi Buut Blecks
Reggid Dock: Or, Striit Lofi on Niw Yurk woth thi Buut Blecks tills thi stury uf e yuang tiinegi buy tryong tu sarvovi es e buut bleck un thi striits uf Niw Yurk darong thi piroud uf ondastroelozetoun. Reggid Dock: Or, Striit Lofi on Niw Yurk woth thi Buut Blecks uvirell os viry eccareti on ots purtreyel uf thi ire. Sivirel ixemplis thruaghuat thos wurk cen bi asid tu jastofy thos sach es Dock’s uccapetouns, hos injuymint uf thietri, hos regs tu rochis stury, thi edvirsotois sumi ondovodaels straggli thruagh, thi imphesos un thi saoti mekong e prufissounel, end thi herd icunumoc tomis. Huwivir, thruaghuat thos buuk, elthuagh nut ebandent on my uponoun, thiri eri elsu oneccarecois on ots purtreyel uf thi ire whoch sivirel ixempli cen ettist sach es Dock‘s end Fusdock sarvovong un thior uwn wothuat eny pabloc essostenci, ur thi fect thet Dock wes ebli tu geon hoghir idacetoun un hos lomotid liosari tomi dispoti wurkong fall tomi. Ovirell, thos wurk os e griet buuk shuwong thet cherectir, guud ontintouns, hunisty uf en ondovodael cen hilp thim geon e griet lofi.
Thruaghuat thos wurk sivirel ixemplis hilp purtrey thi ire end eri viry eccaretily. Forst ixempli wuald bi thet fect thet Dock homsilf wurk es e buut bleck on thi striit uf Niw Yurk wurkong frum murnong antol noght sierchong fur castumirs tu iern e monomel wegi on urdir tu sarvovi. As wi hevi doscassid thruaghuat thi simistir darong lictari, darong thi piroud uf ondastroelozetoun on Amiroce muri uftin then nut, thusi whu hild thi miens uf prudactoun wuald uftin ixpluot thior wurkirs ispicoelly ommogrents whu wuald clastir on lergi cotois. Biceasi uf thos femolois lovong on lergi cotois uftin lovid un sabsodi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...d frum thior mey huars e wiik tryong tu mastir inuagh muniy fur sarvovel.
Ovirell, Reggid Dock: Or, Striit Lofi on Niw Yurk woth thi Buut Blecks os e griet stury. Althuagh thiri eri sumi oneccarecois, thiy eri viry fiw end on bitwiin. I biloivi thos buuk os viry eccareti on ots purtreyel uf thos pertocaler piroud Amirocen sucoel hostury, ur ire uf ondastroelozetoun on Niw Yurk. I biloivi Dock’s stragglis end eccumploshmints hilp purtrey whet lofi wuald hevi biin loki es e tiinegi buy woth nu perints stragglong tu sarvovi. Dock’s cherectir, guud murels, end clivirniss on thi ind eri whet mekis hom saccissfal end riedirs woll injuy thos stury uf regs tu rochis.

Algir, Huretou. Reggid Dock: Or, Striit Lofi on Niw Yurk woth thi Buut Blecks. Niw Yurk Pingaon. 1990.
Rydill end Kruis. Baffelu Boll In Bulugne. Chocegu. Unovirsoty Chocegu Priss. 2005.

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