Qualities Needed for Management in Today's Turbulent Business Environment

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How do you feel about having management responsibilities in today's world, characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and sudden changes or threats from the environment? Describe some skills and qualities that are important to managers working in these conditions.
Qualities needed for Manager
Management is a very tough job in today’s world of ambiguity, uncertainty, stiff competition and threatening environment. You have to be mentally and physically very strong to cope up the challenges posed by the current business environment. Following are the most important management skills and qualities needed for a successful manager.
Communication Skills
Communication skills are one of the most important management skills, needed for success and progress of any manager in the world. Manager who has excellent communication skills can effectively and successfully represent the company in front of outside audience and major stakeholders. Manager who has good communication skills can easily interact with other colleagues, senior management and other executives of the organization.
Planning and organizing
Planning and organizing is another vital quality needed for managers. If manager can do effective planning he can really contribute in the long term progress and development of his organization. Proper planning helps in useful and efficient use of the existing resources of the organization. After planning if you are not able to organize the things, this can really worsen your planning.

Manager should be a team man
Successful and effective management really depends upon your team management skills and abilities. If a manager can work in a team, then he can also expect a positive response from his sub-ordinates. Manager should lead b...

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