Push and Pull Factors for Chinese Immigrants Essay

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Push and Pull Factors for Chinese Immigrants
In many cases throughout America’s history immigrants have settled here for many different reasons. In conclusion these reasons were known as push and pull factors. Push factors are factors that repel migrants from their country. And pull factors are factors that attract migrants to move. In my main immigrant group which is the Chinese, there were several push and pull factors that I will be mentioning. First, some of the push factors that were included in my group were the fact that there were a lot of disasters. For example there was draught, poverty, a famine, and floods were also included in these disasters. To state these factors more specifically, it was around the 1840s and 1850s when China faced these disasters. In the fact of the draught, it was a place called Henen that suffered this tragic event. Then two years later that’s when the famine struck Guangxi. The flood affected many provinces such as Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangsu which was caused by the Yangtze River. These factors killed and injured a lot of people, as a result numerous amounts of them settled in the United States. On the other hand Chinese also came to the United States because of pull factors. Which I mentioned before that it is a factor that attracts a migrant to move. The things that attracted them to the United States were the fact of having better jobs, education, health, and economic funds. But the most important and major factor that lured the Chinese to the U.S was the California gold rush. The way that they have obtained their information on the opportunities that America held were from random people, advertisements, and last but not lease the most important way that they learn was by trading vessels. Th...

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...lems in the U.S. Some of the problems they faced was the fact of them couldn’t speak English, that made it harder for them to cooperate with Americans. And that’s one of the reasons why they had Chinatowns. Chinese people had brought many different kinds of customs to America, such as food, technology, and festivals. They have introduced many variety of food to the United States such as Chinese fried rice, egg roll, and many more. Also they have introduced many popular festivals such as lantern festival, and dragon and lion dances which is basically Chinese people who dresses in huge dragon and lion dances. One of Chinese success stories is the fact they have been a big factor of the United States. Most of the inventions that we have now were created by Chinese people. For example, the compass it was created by Chinese, they also invented paper and printing, and toys.

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