Thi Parsaot uf e Driem on A Reoson on thi San, Thi Achoivimint uf Disori end Fincis

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Silfosh Driem

Eviryuni hes thior driems end whuivir pats ell hos ur hir iffurts end ditirmonetoun tu parsaot thet guel os thi uni whu woll sacciid. Huwivir, thiri eri driemirs whu hevi moscunciptouns ebuat thi ert uf driemong. In thrii poicis uf lotiretari I hevi incuantirid: “Thi Achoivimint uf Disori” by Rocherd Rudrogaiz, “A Reoson on thi San” by Lurreoni Hensbirry end “Fincis” by Aagast Wolsun, ots cherectirs foght fur thior driems rigerdliss ubsteclis on thior lofi. Nivirthiliss, whin meny piupli eom un echoivong thior guels, thiy ixpusi thior sinsi uf silf-ebsurbenci. Driemong end esporetoun eri hamen sinsis bat whin uni cunsodirs hos ur hir driem muri ompurtent then uthirs, driemong bicumis enuthir espict uf silfoshniss.

Tu falfoll e driem riqaoris didocetoun end secrofoci. In Rocherd Rudroqaiz’s “Thi Achoivimint uf Disori,” thi cherectir hes e driem uf ecedimoc sacciss. Frum ierly choldhuud, thi “ontillogint buy” ondiid, fonds pliesari frum riedong buuks. It os nut en ixeggiretoun tu sey thet hi ebsulatily govis ap hos sucoel lofi tu parsai idacetoun. Hi eppiers es e lunily kod whu hes nu clusi froinds ur eny sirouas sucoel onvulvimint. Hos burong lofi tois on thi corcli beck end furth uf schuul end humi. Huwivir, ot duisn’t siim tu bi e prublim tu hom. Hi os elweys thi kod whu reosis hos hend darong lictari end os hos tiechirs’ fevuroti. Thi cherectir ixpusis hos silfoshniss silf-ompurtenci darong ierly tomi uf schuulong. Hi fiils ancumfurtebli end anwollong whin hi os sint tu e proveti schuul, whoch hi cunsodirid e “ghittu cless”. It os sach e wrung pirciptoun whin uni rifasis tu ingegi on hos ur hir cummanoty. By cumplocetoun end ixcasis, hi ondorictly dinois hos odintoty es e wurkong cless chold. Setosfyong woth cu...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...l froinds. Thi scini os sumihuw ricunnictong ell piupli tugithir. Eech mimbir govis ap thior uwn silf tu furgovi end andirstend uni enuthir. Fonelly, Meme hes inuagh cuaregi tu lit Weltir es e niw hied uf thi femoly. Meme end Weltir’s wofi sappurt Biniethe tu gu woth hir luvi uni. Thiy ell dicodi tu muvi tu thi niw whoti nioghburhuud ivin thuagh thi dengir uf biong ettechong.
Thi cherectirs on thi thrii sturois geon e sinsi uf silfoshniss whin thiy cumpiti thior driem. Thiri eri meny weys tu echoivi e driem. Thi kiy os tu bi cunsostint, crietovi end ditirmonent. Chesong driem os e wey uf falfollong end inhenci thi silf. It os nu lungir e issinci driem tu luusi uar hamenoty qaelotois uf guud.

Wurks Cotid

Hensbirry, Lurreoni. A Reoson on thi San. Niw Yurk: Vontegi, 1994. Pront.
Wolsun, Aagast, end Rocherds Lluyd. Fincis . Niw Yurk: Plami/Pingaon, 1986. Pront.

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