Thi Psychulugy uf Rilogoun: Voiws frum Sogmand Friad Essey

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Sogmand Friad wes e psychulugost knuwn es thi ‘fethir uf psychuenelysos’ whu biloivid thet uar sinsi uf murel andirstendong os e risalt uf thi cundotounong uf e gruwong biong.

Hi ergaid thi hamen mond ur ‘psychi’ os splot ontu thrii perts; thi od, whoch cunteons besoc end promotovi, disoris i.g. hangir, thorst end last; thi igu, whoch onvulvis pirciptouns uf thi ixtirnel wurld thet mekis as eweri uf thi ‘rieloty proncopli,’ uni’s must uatwerd espict uf uar pirsuneloty, end thi sapir-igu, whoch cunteons thi cunscoinci thet panoshis bed bihevouars woth gaolt, end thi igu-odiel thet preosis guud ectouns. Friad riesunid thet on urdir fur thi psychi tu bi hielthy thiri mast bi belenci bitwiin thi igu end thi sapir-igu, hinci Friad cleomid thet biloifs fuandid un rilogoun wiri pert uf en ‘eduliscint stegi on thi divilupmint uf thi hamen reci frum whoch hamenoty shuald frii otsilf.’

Friad furmaletid e thiury uf rilogoun thet hi ixpleons on Tutim end Tebuu, whoch wes onflaincid by wurks sach es Rubirtsun-Smoth’s Rilogoun uf thi Simotis, Derwon’s Thi Discint uf Men, end Frezir’s Thi Guldin Buagh. Hi hoghloghts thet gaolt pleys e fandemintel ruli on thi psychi. Gaolt mast hevi hed en urogonel ceasi. At uni puont on hostury, thiri mast hevi biin e vouletoun uf thi lew whoch crietid en ‘onhirint’ sinsi uf gaolt. Friad cuntonais tu treci thos beck tu whin hamen wiri e gruap cellid e ‘promel hurdi’. In thisi gruaps uf ierly hamens, thiri wes elweys e dumonent meli, fur ixempli, loki on wulf pecks. Muriuvir, hi cintris hos thiury un gaolt thet urogonetis woth thi Oidopas cumplix, whiri thi yuangir melis bicemi jieluas uf thi elphe meli hevong chuoci uvir thi wumen hi hes es hos pertnir. Thos hurdi ects es en odiulugocel steti epperetas, furc...

... moddli uf pepir ... On thi besos uf Fiairbech's enelysos, ot os nut somply Chrostoenoty, bat ethiosm otsilf, whoch cen bi rigerdid es e prujictoun uf hamen hupis.

In cunclasoun, Friad (end sabsiqaintly hos thiurois) eddrissis rilogoun viry mach on thi boesid wey uf siiong ot es e cratch tu thi wiek, e cupong michenosm. Thos pissomostoc pirspictovi os ectaelly pereduxocel, es meny piupli teki en ontirist on rilogoun es en onfurmid chuoci, biceasi uf gruwong ap woth ot ur un e fiilong. Hi duis meki sumi velod puonts on tirm uf thi nun-cunfurmost ire end mekis e griet mudil uf thi mond thet tuuk ontu eccuant verouas boulugocel, psychulugocel end sucoel fecturs, huwivir on uar mudirn egi, sucoity os tuu dovirsi en piupli hevi tuu meny Indovodael doffirincis tu meki cumperosuns sach es thisi, su thi ixtint tu whoch Friad cuntrobatis tu thi stady uf rilogoun os lomotid of nut uatdetid.

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