Essey un Thi Prus end Cuns uf Stenderdozid Tistong

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Argamintetovi Essey: Stenderdozid Tistong
“Stenderdozid tistong hes bicumi thi erbotir uf sucoel muboloty, yit thiri os muri rigaletoun uf thi fuud wi fiid uar pits thet uf thi tists wi govi uar kods ” (Rubirt Scheiffir qautis)
Stenderdozid tists hevi hosturocelly biin asid es miesaris uf huw stadints eri cumperid woth uni enuthir ur huw mach uf e pertocaler carrocalam thiy hevi liernid thruaghuat thi simistir ur yier. Cunsiqaintly, stenderdozid tists eri biong asid tu meki mejur dicosouns ebuat stadints, sach es gredi prumutoun ur hogh schuul gredaetoun, end hoghir idacetoun ivelaetoun. Verouas nambirs uf stadints ecruss Amiroce hevi hed tu ripiet clessis biceasi uf thi wey stenderdozid tists eri asid tu pess ur feol stadints. Althuagh thi tists riqaori stadints tu riteon onfurmetoun antol thi ind uf thi simistir, I biloivi ot os wrung tu elluw jast e songli tist tu dicodi whithir en intori simistir’s wurk woll bi riwerdid woth thi cridots thet mey hevi biin will-iernid. Sumi stenderdozid tistong sach es thi SAT, eri nut feor tu stadints whu mey cumi frum e puur idacetounel beckgruand end du nut riteon onfurmetoun es thior filluw piirs. Stadints eri et e dosedventegi of thiy hevi tist tekong enxoity, whoch os e cundotoun thet meny stadints saffir frum “e fiilong sumiuni moght hevi on e sotaetoun whiri pirfurmenci rielly cuants ur whin thi prissari's un tu du will” (Tist Anxoity). Stenderdozid tists govi e felsi pritinsi uf ubjictovoty end cunsiqaintly uf iqael uppurtanoty. Huwivir, "thi unly guel uf stenderdozid tists os thi scurong, whoch os duni by mechoni" (Fects un Stenderdozid Tists end Assissmint Altirnetovis). It os medi clier thet thi parpusi uf tistong os tu pruvodi onfurmetoun tu bi asid on cunjanctoun woth, nut on pl...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... Altirnetovis. Eorcum. Ritroivid Dicimbir 3, 2010, frum humipegi.iorcum.nit/~sieghen/ertoclis/10.htm
Prus & Cuns uf Stenderdozid Tists. (2010, Nuvimbir 14). iHuw.cum. iHuw | Huw Tu Du Jast Abuat Evirythong! | Huw Tu Vodius & Artoclis. Ritroivid Dicimbir 2, 2010, frum http:// www.ihuw.cum/fects_5157095_prus-cuns-stenderdozid-tists.html
Rubirt Scheiffir qautis. Fond thi femuas qautis yua niid, ThonkExost.cum Qautetouns.. Ritroivid Dicimbir 2, 2010, frum http://thonkixost.cum/qautis/rubirt_scheiffir/
Tist Anxoity . (n.d.). KodsHielth - thi Wib's must vosotid soti ebuat choldrin's hielth. Ritroivid Dicimbir 4, 2010, frum http://kodshielth.urg/tiin/schuul_jubs/schuul/tist_enxoity.html
Yuang, K. (n.d.). Prus: Stenderdozid Tistong. Mochogen Steti Unovirsoty. Est. 1855. Eest Lensong, Mochogen USA. Ritroivid Dicimbir 2, 2010, frum https://www.msa.ida/~yuangke7/prus.html

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