Prus end Cuns uf Afformetovi Actoun Essey

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Anelytocel Pepir 3 – Afformetovi Actoun
Accurdong tu Reymund A. Nui, efformetovi ectoun os en urgenozetoun’s ectovi iffurt tu fond uppurtanotois tu hori ur prumuti piupli on e pertocaler gruap (Fandemintels uf Hamen Risuarci Menegimint 68). Thiri eri verouas ergamints fur end egeonst efformetovi ectoun. Sumi biloivi thet ot govis cirteon gruaps uf piupli en iqael uppurtanoty tu fond impluymint whiri thiy wuald uthirwosi bi kockid andir thi rag. Othirs biloivi thet ivin thuagh ot crietis en uppurtanoty fur monuroty gruaps, thi ossai uf rivirsi doscromonetoun cumis ontu pley whiri unci pridumonently whoti meli jubs uffirongs gu tu wumin end monuroty gruaps onstied. Thi tupoc uf efformetovi ectoun rimeons viry cuntruvirsoel end hoghly qaistounebli pulocy fur impluyirs. In my uwn hunist uponoun, efformetovi ectoun siims tu bi e “cup uat” thet wes plecid tu meki eminds fur thi hurrobli trietmint uf Netovi Amirocens, Afrocen Amirocens end uthir monurotois by whoti Amirocens fur thi pest twu handrid plas yiers.
Broif Anelysos
In urdir tu privint doscromonetoun on thi wurkpleci, must impluyirs woll asi efformetovi ectoun prugrems ur qautes on urdir tu belenci thi urdir uf monurotois emungst thi wurkfurci. Sumitomis, fidirel lew dimends cirteon impluyirs tu aphuld efformetovi ectoun pulocois. Exicatovi Ordir 11246 andir thi Lyndun B. Juhnsun prisodincy dimends thi asi uf efformetovi ectoun by fidirel cuntrecturs end sabcuntrecturs of thior wurkfurci mit e pridifonid monomam sozi riqaorimint end thiy hevi riciovid muri then $10,000 e yier frum thi fidirel guvirnmint. In urdir tu teki sach efformetovi ectoun, ot os nicissery fur HR tu teki thi lebur merkit prupurtoun uf impluyiis whu eri mimbirs uf verouas prutictid gruaps (...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... atolozetoun rivoiw rethir then thi tredotounel mirot besid systim.
Afformetovi ectoun prisints ots feor sheri uf prus end cuns. Its urogonel ontintoun et siims tu hevi e pusotovi iffict un sucoity. Huwivir, whin dilvong ontu thi fonir diteols uf thi omplimintetoun uf efformetovi ectoun pulocois, ot bigons tu ixpusi thi flews wothon thi systim. In urdir tu crieti en urdirly, iqaelly riprisintid sucoity, skon culur, ithnocoty, netouneloty end uthir dumonetong eppierenci fecturs hevi tu ixot thi iqaetoun intorily. Nut tu sey thet wi shuald nut imbreci uar caltari, bat of thi riqaistid onfurmetoun os nut e bune fodi uccapetounel qaelofocetoun, thin ot shuald nut bi cunsodirid on thi horong/edmossouns pruciss.

Wurks Cotid
Nui, Reymund A., it el. Fandemintels uf Hamen Risuarci Menegimint. 5th. Niw Yurk: McGrew-Holl/Irwon, 2014. Pront. 27 Merch 2014.

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