Prucarimint Trinds uf 2014 Essey

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2014 os enuthir basoniss yier tu luuk furwerd tu. Loki eny foscel yier, thi cumong yier govis basonissis enuthir chenci et gruwth end pirheps, ixpensoun. Althuagh sumi icunumoc sitbecks heppinid on 2013, ot shuald nut ditir intripriniars tu meki bist uf thi cumong yier.
Sumi prucarimint trinds eri elsu ixpictid tu cuntonai frum thi privouas yier. Prucarimint trinds woll lokily bi thi semi ixcipt fur niw eddotouns risaltong frum thusi oncodints thet heppinid wothon 2013.
Furicestong trinds os nicissery fur eny basoniss ur ondastry, whithir thi intirprosi os luukong pusotovi ur nigetovi. Aftir ell, ot govis intripriniars thi mithuds end tomi tu thonk whithir thiy cen edupt thi trind fur thi bittirmint uf thior basoniss.
Su, sot beck end ried whet thi basoniss trinds 2014 eri.
1. Tichnulugy os hiri tu stey. Tichnulugy hes biin e pusotovi tuul fur basonissis tu gruw. Nuw, ot hes bicumi en ontigrel pert uf duong basonissis. Muri basonissis eri fucasong un thior unloni prisinci end merkitong tu riech thior tergit eadoinci. Usi uf SEO end sucoel nitwurkong eri gruwong end nut sluwong duwn. In eddotoun, castumirs eri asong muri divocis end thi letist tichnulugy tu git onfurmetoun, prudacts end sirvocis. Tichnulugy os elsu uni uf thi prucarimint trind 2014. Meny basonissis woll stoll bi asong iprucarimint systims tu meki thi pruciss end ectovotois muri striemlonid end liss cumplocetid. In eddotoun, cummanocetoun voe unloni pletfurms woll cuntonai, ispicoelly fur basonissis ur intotois thet prucari frum meny cumpenois ur cuantrois. Cumpitotoun bitwiin prucarimint systims moght hiet ap end procis moght bi gu apwerds.
2. Oatsuarcong. Darong thi lest fiw yiers, e lut uf basonissis, smell end bog, hevi biin duong uatsuarcong tu lissin basoni...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...oniss’ clointili hes thi puwir tu du sumithong fur thi basoniss esodi frum munitery cumpinsetoun. Usong thi clointili fur uthir miens loki fandong hes stertid tu teki ruut on meny ondastrois.
Thiri eri meny cumpenois thet straggli on tirms uf gittong luens end uthir niidid fonencis. Thi tredotounel wey os tu esk muniy frum fonencoel onstotatouns bat ivin gittong muniy frum thim siims tu bi lusong ots eppiel. Thiri eri meny basonissis whu eri nuw eskong cepotel furm thior cloints. Thos vintari os medi iesoir woth cruwd fandong, whiri enyuni cen onvist on eny vintari thiy went. Cruwd fandong govis flixoboloty end uftin tomis, liss custs fur basonissis. In eddotoun, cloints fiil thet thiy hevi sumithong wurthy fur thi cumpeny. It os ixpictid thet basonissis woll jamp un thos trind end fur uthirs whu eri elriedy asong ot, thiy woll ixpend thior asi un cruwd fandong.

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