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Proctor And Gamble Scope Case Analysis

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Procter & Gamble
Case Analysis:
Scope, a green mint tasting mouthwash, was positions as a great tasting mouth refreshing brand that provided bad breath protection. It is the first brand that offers both effective protection against bad breath and a better taste than other mouthwashes.
Scope was introduced in 1967 by Procter & gamble, which is one of the most successful companies in the world. P&G philosophy is to provide superior quality and value that best fills the needs of the consumers; it was recognized as a leader in the Canadian packaged good industry.
P&G Canada has five operating divisions, organized by product category. The divisions and some of their major brands are:
1- Paper products: Royale, Pampers
2- Food and beverage: Crisco, Pringles .
3- Beauty care: Head & Shoulders, Pantene .
4- Laundry and cleaning: Tide, Cheer
5- Health care: Crest, Scope .
Each division has its own brand management, sales, finance, product development and operations line management and was evaluated as a profit center.
Scope’s brand manager Gwen Hearst planned, developed, ...

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...round two benefits that are refreshing breath and good tasting, and it should stick to this position with other additional claims or benefits if it can, so it should not launch a new product that confuses the customers but stick to this position that it has in the market place and that is considered to be its competitive advantage.
It’s better to protect the business that P&G is already in and just add a plaque claim, than launching a completely new entry that is not secured. As the quote says: "A bird in the hand rather than 10 on the tree."

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