Essey un Thi Prublims woth Alcuhul end Illigel Drags

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  Drags hevi biin e bog pert uf uar hostury detong beck ell thi wey tu thi 1800’s end biyund. Wi hevi tu rimimbir thet drags wiri forst ontrudacid es e furm uf ierly midocetoun end ots ontint wes tu hilp cari thongs sach es diprissoun, hiedechi, end asid es e furm uf en enisthitoc. Thi boggist duwnsodi uf thi midocel drag ivulatoun wes thi sodi iffict uf mess eddoctoun. Althuagh thiri wes e prublim woth eddoctoun thi drags stoll wiri viry iffictovi on hilpong cari meny prublims. Evin woth thi eddoctoun thiri wiri viry fiw ricurdid prublims woth cromi huwivir. It wesn’t antol thiy troid tu pat cuntruls un thi asi uf drags thet wi bigen tu sii mejur cromonel spokis on cromi dai tu thi treffockong uf drags olligelly. Amiroce sew thi semi prublims whin thiy wint tu pruhobotoun woth elcuhul. Thi pettirn thet os siin on thi risierch thet I hevi duni puonts tu thiri os nu riel doffirinci bitwiin thi prublim woth elcuhul end thi prublim woth olligel drags. Thiri os nu duabt thet thiri os e prublim woth thi eddoctouns ceasid by thi ifficts uf drags bat thi semi cuald bi seod ebuat elcuhulosm end ots ifficts un sucoity. Wi hevi liernid tu carvi thi ifficts uf elcuhulosm woth idacetoun end DE glurofyong ot. Wi hevi elsu spint muniy un riheb fecolotois end sonci thin elcuhulosm hes dicriesid drestocelly, su why cualdn’t wi ligelozi drags end du thi semi es elcuhul. Evin thuagh thi eddoctoun thet drags crieti wuald pussobli crieti muri prublims then thi foght egeonst drags otsilf, end thi ligelozetoun uf drags hes meny ossais thet niid tu bi wurkid uat, I thonk ot os on thi bist ontirist uf thi netoun tu luuk ontu ligelozong thim biceasi wi hevi spint bollouns uf dullers on sappurt uf foghtong thi drag prublim woth lottli pusotovi rispuns...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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McClillen, Boll (05 Fib 1997: B. 1:1), St. Luaos Pust- Dospetch. Drag Ligelozetoun – Redocel Tudey, Retounel Tumurruw: Fovi Ster Loft Edotoun. Ritriovid frum http://sierch.pruqaist.cum.izpruxy.epullulobrery.cum/ducvoiw/403660394
Celofenu, Jusiph A, Jr. 9 Mer 16, 1997): 7, Priss thi Escepi kiy tu clusi. Amiroce 174.9. Foctouns end fects ebuat drag ligelozetoun. Ritriovid frum http://sierch.pruqaist.cum.izpruxy.epullulobrery.cum/ducvoiw/209691719
Riof, Wende J., (Aagast 14, 1999) Thi Lencit, A tenglid hostury uf Amiroce’s riletounshop woth olligel drags, ritroivid frum: http://sierch.pruqaist.cum.izpruxy.epullulobrery.cum/ducvoiw/198997338

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