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Interview with William Golding

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Interview with William Golding BBC Studio.

Present: Leanne Le Poidevin and William Golding

Leanne Le Poidevin is interviewing William Golding about his book,
Lord Of The Flies.

Leanne: Good afternoon Mr. Golding.

Mr Golding:Good afternoon to you.

Leanne:As we all know, Lord of the flies is about lots of boys trapped
on an island. What was the reason of putting just boys on the island?
Why were there no girls?

Mr Golding:At the time of the book, it was the war. Fighting and
arguing was going on around us, and it seemed as though nobody was
really sane anymore. It started off as being happy and positive, and
ended up being complete madness. Women were at home, doing the
housework, cooking food, you know? They didn't really have a choice in
anything. To be fair, they didn't really have much of a part in
everyday life. This is the image that I tried to portray on the
island. I felt that if I'd have put girls on the island, the book
would not have been so action-packed. Girls have a strange habit of
making the atmosphere a lot calmer, and I did not want this....

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