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Explore the Stylistic Conventions of Both - Notes from a Small Island -

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Explore the Stylistic Conventions of Both - Notes from a Small Island -
and - In Patagonia - and account for their different audiences.

Bill Bryson and Bruce Chatwin both participate in the ability to
Travel write. Travel writing is were one would travel and then list
in chronological order what they have experienced. Bill Bryson is
able to do this in an entirely different fashion, to Bruce Chatwin.

Bill Bryson was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951. Bryson settled in
England in 1977, and lived for numerous years with his British wife
and children in Yorkshire. Bryson then went back to America, but has
now returned to England. As well as writing ‘Notes from a small
Island’ Bryson has also written ‘down Under’ ‘Notes from a big
Country’ ‘A walk in the Woods’ ‘Made in America’ ‘Neither here nor
there’ and ‘The lost Continent’.[1]

Bruce Chatwin was born in Sheffield in 1940. After attending
Marborough School he began work as a Porter at Sotheby’s, which is an
auctioneer. Chatwin became one of the youngest directors at Sotheby’s
and then Chatwin abandoned his job to ...

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