More Economically Developed Countries and Less Economically Developed Countries

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Comparison Between MEDC and LEDC

The comparisons between MEDC- More Economically Developed Country and
LEDC-Less Economically Developed Country are many and varied but are
mainly related to finance which gives the MEDC a higher standard of
living for its occupants than those of the LEDC.

Geographically most MEDC are situated in the northern hemisphere were
as the LEDC are mostly in the southern hemisphere. Most MEDC are well
advanced or have completed their development period for example the
United Kingdom were as the LEDC are still in the early stages.
Development of a country can be shown in a demographic transition
model; this model consists of four stages. Stage one is pre modern
which is when the birth rate and death rate fluctuate between each
other which keeps population at a low, but stable point. Next is
urbanizing and industrializing, at this stage the death rate drops due
to better health care, standard of living etc and causes the
population to increase quite quickly. Stage three is called mature
industrial in this phase the birth rate stays high and the death rate
is low so the population still increases quickly due to better
technology. Lastly is the post industrial stage where the birth rate
drops to the same level as the death rate which causes the population
to become steady once again. An MEDC would be in stage four or nearing
the end of it where and LEDC would be in the early stages.

To start the comparisons I will talk about the...

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