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Wellfare Reform

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     In the past twenty years, welfare fraud and abuse has become an overwhelming problem. Large numbers of people are living off the government alone, with no attempt of finding work. Our welfare system is out of date and needs to be slimmed down. Congress needs to eliminate the mindset of Americans that welfare can be used as a free ride through life.

No matter how liberal or conservative, all politicians agree that welfare costs could be greatly reduced if abuse and fraud were eliminated. Welfare was first introduced in the 20’s as a program to help people get through the depression. The government created many public works jobs to employ the thousands that lost their jobs. At the time it was a great program but seventy-five years later, major reforms are necessary to eliminate the widespread abuse and fraud. Today, the U.S. spends well over three hundred billion dollars a year on welfare.(Federman 5) That is up over a hundred billion dollars from ten years ago. Almost five million households receive benefits under the primary federally funded program, AFDC. For some recipients, government aid is a temporary substitute through hard times. But half of all welfare recipients will stay on welfare for more than ten years, and many for life. “The fate of their children is also bleak: a child raised on welfare is three times more likely than other children to receive government aid as an adult.”(LeVert 34) Current benefits include cash benefits provided by the AFDC. The nati...

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...t some major problems face Clinton. Can enough real as opposed to make work jobs be created? Can they be created at a reasonable cost without disturbing the low wage labor market? Can and will the limits be enforced?(Clinton 23) These are all questions that only time will tell.

     The current reforms are being proposed at a time when the last ones are still far from being fully funded, or implemented. Congress has been in favor of requiring people to work and enforcing time limits for twenty years but they’ve never backed it with enough money. If it were up to me, all welfare abusers would be contained and forbidden to breed, therefore eliminating the abuse problem in two generations, but…. That’s one reason I’ll never be president.

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