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The White Doe by Francesco Petrarch

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Title- I believe that the title, "The White Doe" will perhaps have something to do with animals because the only way I have ever heard the word doe used is in the context of a female deer. Perhaps the poem will touch on the innocence of an animal or situation because of the word "white" which symbolizes innocence and cleanliness.

Paraphrase- In the poem, "The White Doe," the author is speaking of an encounter with a female deer. The encounter takes place in a glade, which is an opening in the forest. It is a cold morning when the author first spots the deer under the shade of a tree in between two streams. The author raves at the site of the magnificent animal. Intrigued by the deer, he follows it throughout the morning like a greedy person searches for treasure. After following the animal, the author realizes that the deer does not want to be touched because a higher authority wishes it to remain undisturbed. Noontime soon came, and satisfaction did not come to the author's tired eyes. The author falls into a stream at the end, and the beautiful white doe disappears.


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...n the clutter or everyday life and thinking only of oneself. The author is trying to send the message for people to look up out of the thicket and see life because a beautiful white doe-pure innocent young woman-may be waiting to meet oneself. Yet, in the end the author wants to get away from his escape, so the author is also saying that one should not become fixated upon one moment. Therefore, the author is sending the message that one should look up and smell the roses, yet know where one is and still have his or her priorities in order.

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