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It is said that technology is turning our world into a global village, and this is true to some extent but even now if we move from one city to another, one can feel the difference in language, culture, life style and many more.
In my case I moved thousand of miles from my country, Pakistan. The differences are unimaginable.
I was born in a very big house with 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, big lawns in front and back, servant quarters and couple of servants serving my family. This wasn’t like this because we were filthy rich or millionaires. It simply portrays a middle class home in my country.
My grandmother was used to wake up before sunrise and opened all the windows and doors for fresh air, and for the voice of rooster. Then she was used to sit on a very low table with lots of colorful round pillows, directing servants what to do and peeling vegetables or cleaning rice. The house was cleaned from top to bottom everyday. For lunch a long red and white-patterned tablecloths was laid on the floor and all the ladies in home use to eat together. My mother use to make bread in a special underground oven.
Men usually came home by the evening and dinner was an important event since everybody was supposed to be there for it.
Things haven’t changed a lot now. I grew up in a very conservative city where girls have fewer rights and are raised with the concept that our essential goal is to get married and serve our husbands, making sure our household runs in the best way po...

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