History of Throgs Neck and Maritime College Essay

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History of Throgs Neck and Maritime College.

“In September 1642, John Throgmorton , with 35 families applied to the Dutch authorities in Niew Amsterdam for permission to settle in. Permission was granted in October 1642, and the conlonists settled on the long neck lying south of what is Eastchester Bay today and named it Throgmorton’s Neck after their leader. By the time of the American Revolution, the name had been contracted to Throgg’s Neck. Throgmorton and his colony thrived for short time, for in the later part of 1643, the Siwanoy Indians attacked the colony and destroyed it. Eighteen persons were massacred. Fortunately, at the time of the attack, a passing boat managed to land at the Neck and helped the remaining colonist to escape to safety. Throgmorton escaped but didn’t return to his colony after the massacre. “ (Hamilton, Harlan. Throgs Neck Light. 1-2)

Fort is built at Throgs Neck.

“As New York City developed into the nations largest seaport and business center, the strategic value of Throgs Neck as a site for defense of the seaward approaches to the city from Long Island Sound became apparent. Construction of a fort was considered in 1818, and on July 26, 1826, the federal government purchased fifty-two acres of land from William Bayard. Construction of a fort began in 1833 with I.L. Smith as the architect. New England stone masons erected the thick walls of the fort using granite blocks ferried down from Greenwich, Connecticut. Irish laborers did much of ...

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